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   Chapter 188 Pregnancy Depression

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Charles suddenly turned around and saw the girl's clothes was half off. "You molested me. You are a bad guy!"

Charles was a shrewd man. He knew that he met a blackmail as soon as he heard this girl's words.

"What are you talking about?" Shaking off the girl's hand, he quickly opened the door and got out of the car.

But at this moment, several police cars suddenly rushed over.

When the girl heard the sound of the police car, she suddenly got out of the car and fell to the ground. Her clothes were in a mess.

She looked like she was dying.

It was the first time that Charles had met an ungrateful person. He knew what he would face next.

The first thing he thought of was to call Jay.

At this moment, Jay just returned home. He first went to Bobby's room to have a look, and then went to Nadia's room to have a look. After seeing that the two children had fallen asleep, he went back to his bedroom.

Doris had already lied down. When she saw him, she turned over with her back to him.

After kissing her belly, he stood up and wanted to go to the bathroom

"Hey, Jay." Doris suddenly sat up and stared at him angrily.

"What's wrong?" He took off his tie and asked in an indifferent voice.

"Why did you kiss my belly instead of me?" Asked Doris, touching her belly.

"What? Is it wrong for me to kiss our baby?" Landon's condition was unstable, so as Jay's mood.

"Of course. Without me, where is our baby?" Thinking of Winnie, Doris was full of anger, so she was eager to be valued by Jay.

But what did he mean just now?

He only kissed her belly?

In other words, in his heart, there was only a child, and no place for her?

Since they got married, she felt that she couldn't understand him more.

She couldn't figure out whether this guy

d thing!"

"But it's very uncomfortable to be followed every day. Even when I go to the bathroom, I feel like someone is staring at me." Doris said with a sad face.

"Just ignore him. If I were you, I would ignore him. It's mainly because you're pregnant. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't have asked anyone to follow you!"

"Nancy, do you think I'm more important than the baby to him?"

Nancy was stunned. She had never thought about this question.

"Doris, your baby is not born yet. Are you jealous of your own baby from now on?" She said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

She knew that some men would be jealous of their children after their wives gave birth to their children and felt unfair, but she had never heard that women would be jealous of their children.

Doris was a weirdo.

"No, I didn't. I just think that Jay values his child more than me!" Doris said with a bitter smile.

"You are a doctor. Don't get depressed during pregnancy. Adjust yourself." Said Nancy worriedly.

"I will." After ending the call, she thought that she must not suffer from pregnancy depression.

She could feel that since she was pregnant, he had paid attention to the baby, not her.

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