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   Chapter 187 Where Is Your Home

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6950

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Nancy's heart sank. In her impression, Charles was a little sultry, not knowing much about amorous feelings, and not good at flirting.

Look, she must have misunderstood him. This man was really coquettish.


This word was a praise for middle school students, but it didn't sound good on more than 20 years old people.

She smiled with self-mockery.

She went to the bathroom and took a shower.

Looking at the bottle of unopened perfume, she opened it and sprayed a little.

She wiped her hair with a towel and saw herself in the mirror. She looked sexy.

Well, she was more feminine.

She didn't comb her hair, thinking that maybe Charles would like it.

What happened to her today?

Why did she always think of him?

Is it her ovulatory period?

Right, everyone was born with desire. Although she was a doctor who knew human structure, desire was not something that a doctor could control.

She opened the wardrobe and looked at the rows of clothes.

Many of the packages hadn't been opened, and the clothes were bought for her by her assistant. In fact, she didn't have much time to pay attention to her dressing.

Now, she just wanted to show it to Charles.

Therefore, she found a black see-through dress. It was the first time that she had worn such a sexy dress. She blushed and felt embarrassed.

Whether she admitted it or not, deep in her heart, she had an urge to please him.

With a professional book in her hand, she leaned against the headboard to read.

She checked the time from time to time, thinking that it was an hour's drive from here to the hospital, and Charles would come back soon.

However, what she didn't know was that something happened to him when he came back.

After buying the medicine, he called Doctor Li and asked her to go downstairs to get the medicine and then asked her the name of the person on duty in the pharmacy tonight.

He texted the name on his mobile phone and called President Hobart to ask the staff on duty to come as soon as possible.

Hearing tha

, he felt pity for her.

"Okay, come on. I'll drive you home."

The girl got into the car happily.

"Where is your home? Please tell me!" Charles asked.

The girl said a very remote place.

Charles had never heard of it.

He clicked on the navigation and found that it was twenty kilometers away from here. Fortunately, it was not quite far.

Charles drove the girl away.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the night was getting deeper and deeper.

On the The Strip, the pedestrians were almost invisible, and even the cars were very rare.

Fortunately, the address the girl said was about to arrive.

However, he didn't notice that the girl sitting in the back seat secretly tore her clothes.

If he had known that the girl was a blackmail, he would never have gotten off the car to save her.

And he wouldn't let her sit in the back seat of her car, either.

But he didn't know.

The woman secretly leaned over from the back, half naked, and leaned against Charles. Then she raised her mobile phone and took photos secretly.

Then she quickly sent it to her wechat moments, with a sentence: help, I met a lascivious man!

Charles, who was concentrating on driving, had no idea of this at all.

"Miss, the address you said has arrived..." Charles stopped the car, but the woman wrapped her arms around his neck unexpectedly.

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