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   Chapter 186 Worry About Him

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When she was cooking, she deliberately dawdled.

She was thinking about how to be perfunctory to him.

How could she draw a picture that didn't look like her. She didn't want to arouse his suspicion.

"Nancy, are you going to starve me to death?" He couldn't wait any longer and went into the kitchen.

"I want to cook more dishes. Let's have a good dinner, okay?" Said Nancy absent-mindedly.

"Okay, let me help you." After saying that, he washed his hands. And then he began to wash vegetables.

"I will have a classmate reunion the day after tomorrow. Do you think I should go or not?" Nancy said casually.

"Why not? You haven't seen your classmates for so many years. Don't you miss them? " Charles asked.

"It's just because we haven't seen each other for so many years that our classmate relationship has faded away. It's meaningless to see each other." Said Nancy.

"It's up to you. If you don't want to go, then forget it. I'm afraid that you will be dragged by Doris. " Charles knew what kind of person Doris was.

That girl liked to join in the fun. At that time, even if Nancy didn't go, she would definitely be dragged by Doris.

"You are right." Said Nancy.

She had been absent-minded and nervous. She hoped that he could forget about painting.

However, as soon as they finished dinner, he said, "I'll wash the dishes. You can go to the study to draw."

Nancy sighed helplessly. It seemed that she couldn't sleep without drawing tonight.

So she reluctantly went to the study.

She took out the painting she hadn't finished and skillfully drew it.

Her hobby had been drawing since she was a child.

"You make a mistake. It should be like this." Not knowing when Charles came behind her, he put his arm around her shoulder, grabbed her small hand with his big hand and began to draw on the drawing board.

Soon, the outline of Nancy appeared on the painting.

With sweat in her hand, she stopped drawing.

"What's wrong? Why don't you draw? " Charles asked curiously.

She r

nts must be injected or taken orally.

No one knew what would happen if the inflammation was not diminished in time.

If it was serious, it could cause osteomyelitis and lifelong disability, which was very terrible.

"I'll go with you."

Charles had changed into pajamas. He looked at Nancy's foot and said, "I'll go. Your foot hasn't recovered yet. It's not a big deal to take the medicine. Why do you follow me?"

"Then drive slowly on the road!" Said Nancy.

Worry flashed through her eyes.

Although it flashed away, it was still captured by the careful Charles.

He raised his hand and clasped the back of Nancy's head. He gently kissed her forehead and asked, "Are you worried about me?"

"Yes. After all, you do this for my patient, so it's normal for me to worry about you, isn't it?" Nancy said vaguely.

"Thank you for your concern. I will be careful." At this moment, a sense of satisfaction welled up in his heart.

He was satisfied with her care.

He walked faster than usual, whistled and jumped downstairs.

Leaning against the banister, she looked at the back of Charles and smiled gently.

After changing his shoes in the hallway, he turned around and saw that Nancy was still looking at him. He blinked at her and said, "Go back to your room and wait for me."

She waved her hand at him.

He blew her a kiss.

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