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   Chapter 177 The Thief

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6499

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'Since the kids are not at home, I can stay with Nancy in the cottage in the suburbs for one night.' thought Charles.

It was quiet there and Nancy could take a rest.

In a new environment, everyone felt better.

Without thinking too much, Nancy agreed.

Charles bought some food and came early to pick up Nancy.

He kept looking at the time on his watch. What was special about being a doctor? Once there was an operation, it would be a rush hour.

When the doctors and nurses in the hospital gradually got off work, Nancy was still in the ward building.

It was already dark outside.

Charles took an umbrella and walked into the outpatient building. He wanted to go upstairs and check when Nancy was off duty.

Also, he need to go to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Nancy came out of the elevator and walked down the stairs with the help of Doctor Li.

Nancy had thought that Charles would pick her up. But as he was a busy man, it was possible that he had something urgent to deal with. So when she went downstairs, she didn't see him, and then she hailed a taxi with Doctor Li.

When Charles came out from the washroom and went upstairs, Nancy had already left.

In a hurry, Charles ran to the ground to catch up the taxi, but he didn't know where the taxi was going.

Since Doctor Li's apartment was nearby, the taxi driver would send her home first.

In this case, Charles had no clue of the taxi looking for it for a while, so he gave up and drove to the villa in the suburb.

It was getting darker and the rain was heavier.

Nancy was really tired after a whole day's standing.

She leaned against the seat and was about to fall asleep.

She didn't know how long it took before she arrived at the villa.

It was dark and gloomy.

"My lady, I don't think there is anyone living here." The thirty year old driver looked at the villa in the heavy rain and was afraid. He looked

him as a thief.

But he was happy to hear Nancy call him "husband"!

Charles smiled cunningly, "I'm a thief, and you're a beautiful woman. What else do you expect me to ask for?"

No matter how stupid Nancy was, she could hear his ambiguous tone.

Nancy breathed.

"Well... I want to discuss a matter with you. I'm here to look for my husband. Can you go to a woman who hasn't been married? My husband won't allow you to do that. If you offend him, perhaps he will kill you!" Nancy rolled her eyes and said in a good temper.

"I just like you. What should I do?" His smile deepened. It was fun to tease her.

Then he gave a dominating bite to Sophia's lips.

"Well..." Nancy turned her head away, but there was rain on her face, eyes and mouth.

Charles became more and more unscrupulous. It never occurred to him that kissing Nancy in the rain was such a wonderful thing.

Nancy waved her hand to resist, "Help! Charles!"

'Charles is here. Why doesn't he come to me?

What the hell is he doing?'

Suddenly, she recalled the big bang and then there was no Charles' voice.

Was Charles killed by the thief?

Thinking of this, she became more afraid.

"What have you done to Charles, you bastard? If you kill him, I will never let you go! " Nancy shouted.

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