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   Chapter 175 Dance

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"Search my name and read the news yourself." Doris tossed the phone in Nancy's hand.

Confused, she turned on the phone and typed Doris' name.

When she saw the news, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Doris hit a mistress in the Fang Group. The daughter of the Wang family has an affair with Jay and will be in trouble."

"You went to catch the mistress?" Nancy lightly punched Doris. "Do you really think you are the lady of the Fang family? You are, but the public doesn't know that."

"Humph! That bastard made our marriage a secret and got me pregnant. Since I'm pregnant, he should be responsible for me!" The situation had driven her off the wall.

"Tell me, how did you deal with Winnie?" Nancy put her arm on Doris' shoulder.

"I was alone at home last night. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I wanted to divorce him, but he didn't agree and even ran out. It was ten o'clock but he still didn't come back. I went to his office in a fit of anger, and then I made a great fuss about it..." she replied concisely.

The truth was, the situation was more complicated than that. She just decided to simplify it.

After knowing that Winnie became Jay's secretary, Doris rushed into his office raging mad.

She didn't look like a pregnant woman at all.

A security guard blocked her way. "Excuse me, did our CEO make an appointment with you?"

Her eyes grew darker as she stared at him. "You don't know who I am, do you? I'm Doris, Jay's wife. Go ahead and have a good look at me!"

shouted Doris, pointing at her face.

The guard smiled awkwardly. "Sorry, I don't know."

But this woman was too barbaric. Could she be the wife of his big boss?


"Please wait for a moment. I'll contact my president now to check if he has time."

Doris snatched the mobile phone from the bodyguard's hand and threw it on the ground. "If you dare to tell him I'm here, I'll ask him to fire you tomorrow

dance gracefully. She let Jay's arms snake around her waist, as she rested her hands on his shoulders.

Jay didn't feel anything but awkwardness.

"Miss Winnie Wang, please take off your clothes."

Doris' voice killed the excitement she was feeling.

"What?" Clueless, she frowned at Doris.

"Just do as I say. Don't ask," said Doris impatiently.

"You are insulting me, you know..." Finally, she realized that the woman in front of her was humiliating her on purpose. She turned to Jay with sad eyes.

"It's useless to look at me." Knowing her wife, even he was not able to stop her.

"Doris, I know I was wrong. Please let me go. I promise I will never bother Jay again." Winnie was smart enough to realize that Doris had the power to ruin her now.

"But you've been bothering him for a long time now. You have to atone for your mistake. Take off your clothes and dance until I tell you to stop. Otherwise, resign from Fang Group. Make a choice."

Before Doris could finish her words, Winnie began to take off her clothes. "Fine, I'll do it."

Left without a choice, Winnie took off her clothes while dancing.

When Doris ate, she was dancing.

Until Doris fell asleep, she continued dancing.

Jay carefully sat next to her. He held his breath to avoid infuriating Doris.

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