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   Chapter 174 When Is The Baby living In Mommy's Belly

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6314

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Luckily, the elevator door opened at this time.

Many people went into the elevator.

Anna Wang kept her head up and stood in the middle of the elevator. Nancy felt uncomfortable to see her so arrogant.

So she stepped aside.

She had never liked to mess with people, let alone an arrogant woman.

However, the elevator was crowded with a dozen people.

And Anna stepped on Nancy's foot.

Her heels were about ten centimeters high, and when she stomped them down hard, the pain was immense.

"Ah!" Nancy cried out in pain.

"Dr. Nancy, what's wrong with you? You look painful." Anna pretended that she didn't know what had happened on purpose.

"It's all your fault. Don't pretend you did nothing!" Doctor Li stepped forward, wanting to argue with Anna.

However, she was caught Nancy. "I'm fine. You should all go."

Since Nancy came back from abroad, she suffered a lot. She was really tired of it. She knew that it was Anna who stepped on her just now. But it was just meaningless to argue?

"Doctor Nancy is so reasonable and just different from a nurse." Anna proudly said and then raised her head to walk away.

"Doctor Nancy, how is your foot?" Doctor Li hurried to help her.

"I'm fine. You should go home now." Nancy managed to force a smile.

"Well, I'm leaving, Director Nancy." She was worried and glanced at Nancy before leaving.

Nancy hobbled towards her car.

And she drove home in pain.

Charles had taken the kids back.

He was shocked when he saw Nancy limping.

"What happened?" Scolded Charles with a little anger.

This woman always couldn't take care of herself. Why did she hurt herself after a day's work?

"Someone stepped on my foot. It hurts." She limped to the sofa and sat down.

She took off her shoes and found her foot had been swollen.

The two little kids rushed out.

"Mommy, what'

nciled with Jay?" Nancy removed Doris' hand from her arm and asked earnestly.

"Well, Jay doesn't divorce me, I can only live with him!" Said Doris.

"Silly girl, don't know that he loves you so much?" Nancy giggled.

"Nancy, is every man like girls wearing makeup?" Asked Doris.

"It's hard to say." Nancy spread her hands. "Men are strange creatures. How could I understand them? Don't think too much. Just keep your man. Don't let him go to other women!"

Doris smiled evilly, "Let me tell you. From now on, Jay will never dare to find another woman!"

Nancy looked at Doris' confidence and felt a little confused.

A leopard cannot change its spots.

Could the famous playboy, Jay really stop? Could he love only one woman?

The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt?

"What did you do?" Nancy asked curiously.

If Doris wanted to play tricks, Jay couldn't defeat her.

"I knew you didn't read the news. My influence was spread all over the world. How could you know nothing? Oh, Nancy, are you really my bestie?" Doris stared at Nancy with contempt.

"What do you want to say?" Nicole was even more confused.

Yesterday, Doris was outraged. But now, she behaved like a real warrior.

Did she rebirth?

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