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   Chapter 173 The Fate

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Jay looked at Nancy helplessly.

"Doris, don't be silly. Look, people are watching us. If the first baby is aborted, it will do a lot of harm to your body. You probably will never be pregnant in the future. Just think about it. How terrible it is for a woman to not be a mother?" Nancy tried to persuade her earnestly.

"That's right. Doris, please listen to Nancy. The baby is a small life. It's our duty to take care of it. We have to act responsibly and you can't just abandon it. Please, let's go back!" So far, Jay was still dizzy. Although he didn't expect Doris' pregnancy, he was still happy.

But earlier, just to comfort his grandfather, he asked his mother to lie to him that Doris was pregnant.

Now that Doris was actually pregnant, would her mother think that he and Doris had conspired to cheat on her?

Finally, both of them left the hospital. Then, Nancy returned to the Second Pediatric Department.

Now the Second Pediatric Department was much better developed than the First Pediatric Department, and Jessie put on a cold face whenever she met Nancy.

She gave a look as if Nancy owed her a lot of money.

However, Nancy was busy every day, and she would not fuss over these things.

But unfortunately, she bumped into Jessie as soon as she walked out of the elevator.

"Hello, Dr. Nancy," Jessie said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, in her usual way.

"Hello, Director Jessie!" It was rather perfunctory.

"Right. So, Dr. Nancy is now the director of the Second Pediatric Department. Well, if you hadn't reminded me, I would have actually forgotten that. Director Nancy, yeah, I'll remember to call you that." As she spoke, she raised her hand and slapped herself on the cheek.

"Director Jessie, what are you doing? There isn't any difference whether you call me either Dr. Nancy or Director Nancy. You can call me whatever you like. Don't make yourself so embarrassed!" Nancy said and wanted to leave.

But Jessie was in no mood to let her go. She followed her like a shadow.

"No, you can't say that, Director Nancy. That's just unfair. You are a well-known genius in our hospital. To put it bluntly, you are superior to others. I admire you

d in Jessie's eyes.

That was exactly what she wanted.

She never had the ability to stand up to Nancy, but Anna Wang definitely had the ability to do that.

Anna's father was the powerful CEO of the Wang Group and her family in the city couldn't be underestimated.

Besides, Anna Wang's educational background was outstanding.

In Jessie's eyes, as long as Anna was there with her, it was a just a piece of cake for her to defeat Nancy.

On the other side, Nancy had already known about the arrival of Anna Wang.

But, she didn't care about it.

New doctors would join every now and then.

That was quite natural. She didn't need to worry about it.

She wasn't eager to meet Anna Wang, but she didn't expect to see her in the elevator after work.

Nancy didn't know her. So, she just smiled to greet her.

Since there were so many doctors and nurses in the municipal hospital, no one could recognize all of them.

However, her behavior was taken as a neglect by the sensitive and arrogant Anna Wang.

"Are you Nancy?" Anna Wang looked up proudly and called out her name.

"Yes, I am," she replied calmly. She still didn't realize what she had done wrong.

She just gave Anna Wang a sweet smile.

"I'm Anna Wang. I'm new here. Don't you know me?" Anna Wang suddenly raised her voice.

"Nice to meet you, Dr. Anna," she greeted politely. Nancy was at a loss for words. Apart from greetings, she couldn't think of any other words.

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