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   Chapter 171 Everyone Likes Rich Men

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So, Jay supported Winnie immediately.

"Jay, my feet hurt so much." Although she did it on purpose, she did twist her ankle, so it was surely painful.

Jay bent over to check her feet.

In this way, Winnie almost fell into the arms of Jay.

Doris' face changed dramatically.

What was Jay doing?

He was accompanying another girl in the excuse of taking care of Landon.

The fruit was scattered all over the floor. Doris turned around and left.

An apple rolled directly to the feet of Jay. He looked up and saw the stubborn figure of Doris. Needless to ask, he knew that Doris must have misunderstood them.

"Jay, my feet hurt so much!" She twined her arms around Jay's neck.

"Massage it by yourself. I have something to do here." Then, he pushed Winnie away and rushed after Doris.

As Doris walked into the elevator, she pressed the close button right away when she saw that Jay was approaching.

"Damn you, Doris! Why didn't you wait for me?" Jay shouted and headed for another elevator.

But when he came out of the elevator, Doris had already walked to the parking lot.

He ran after her quickly.

"Doris, wait for me!" He grasped her by the arm, out of breath.

"Mr. Jay, do we know each other?" Her voice was as cold as ice, and her eyes were colder.

"What? Are you crazy?" Jay asked angrily.

"Go to your Winnie! I'm not familiar with you. Go away. Leave me alone!" After being depressed for such a long time, Doris finally broke out.

She abruptly pushed away Jay and staggered to her car.

"You stupid girl, I did nothing, what's wrong with you?" Shouted Jay.

"You two were hugging each other. You say you did nothing? Do you call it something after you have gone to bed?"

Her yell attracted all people's attention.

Jay was infuriated. He pulled Doris into his arms.

His kiss was so affectionate that she couldn't utter a single word, but jus

ng you." Jay shook his head and sighed.

"I don't want your kindness. Let go of me!" As soon as she finished her words, she pushed Jay away, grabbed her bag and left without looking back.

After taking a look at the reporters at the corner of the dark, Jay went out to chase Doris.

He did it to the journalists on purpose.

He guessed that his mother would see this explosive news tomorrow.

He wondered how she would react!

Doris was running on the street without destination. She didn't know where she should go?

The weather was gloomy and it was changeable in summer.

Doris felt that her marriage with Jay was like a joke. How could she be the wife of Jay? She was more like his toy.

"Jay, you son of a bitch, I curse you, shit luck all your life!" It rained heavily outside after Doris finished her words.

It was raining heavily when Jay came out.

There were few pedestrians on the street, and occasionally one or two of them ran into the shops by the roadside to shelter from the rain.

Only the silly girl, Doris, was walking in the rain.

'Damn it! Is she crazy?'

The car door was slammed with a thud. Then, Jay stepped on the gas and caught up with her.

However, Doris ignored his car and walked in the rain in a fit of pique.

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