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   Chapter 170 Daddy's Underwear

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6280

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Just because of these words, Nancy felt like her heart was being squeezed.

This was something she had never expected.

She had thought about leaving him and going separate ways, but she never thought that she would easily gave in just because of his words.

Charles noticed the emotional fluctuation of Nancy.

Well, this little girl must love him. Otherwise, why was she so entangled?

He reached out his hand, and gently grabbed Nancy's hand and rubbed it. "I'm fine. You don't have to be sad, okay?"

Nancy nodded and took a deep breath.

"I'm not sad. Your eyes got hurt, so you need to have a good rest. If it doesn't hurt so much, you can go to bed early tonight." Nancy took the ice bag and said.

"Didn't I just say that as long as you serve me, I won't feel any pain?" After saying that, he pulled Nancy into his arms.

"Your eyes are hurt, Charles. What are you doing?" Nancy drew her arm back, afraid that she would accidentally touch Charles' eyes.

"I've told you I'm fine." Charles took the ice bag from Nancy's hand and put it away.

Nancy was so nervous that she didn't dare to move.

Charles got close to her and said, "My eyes were hurt, but not somewhere else. Why are you so nervous?"

After that, he landed his finger on the tip of Nancy's nose and scraped it gently.

"Wherever you get hurt, you need a rest. Do you understand what I mean?" Nancy tried to persuade him, "If you do too much exercises, your eyes will also be tired. I'm a doctor and you're a patient. You should obey the doctor unconditionally."

Charles didn't know whether Nancy was fooling him or not. He blinked his eyes hard. Sure enough, his eyes were numb and painful.

"Okay, I won't do it. But you can't go. I want to hold you!" Then, he put his hands around Nancy's waist.

He rested his head on her shoulder affectionately, breathing her

put it on the table.

"Auntie, it's just a small gift from me." As Winnie spoke, she glanced at Jay.

Jay didn't say anything to her. He had lost a lot of weight since his grandpa fell ill.

After staying there for a while, Jennie asked Winnie to go back. "Winnie, go back. There are more bacteria in the ward. Don't get infected."

"Well, aunt, if you need any help, just tell me." Said Winnie thoughtfully.

"Yes, we will." Jennie said. Then she looked at Jay and said, "Jay, you go to see Winnie off."

"Oh, no, auntie. I can leave myself." Winnie refused in a hurry.

Jay frowned in displeasure. He disliked these things. It was not a big deal, but women made it complicated.

"Let's go. I'll drive you home." Said Jay indifferently.

"All right." After saying goodbye to her, Winnie walked out of the ward.

At this time, Doris came over.

She hadn't seen Jay for a long time. Since she was available today, she bought some fruits to visit Landon.

With sharp eyes, Winnie found Doris earlier than Jay did.

She suddenly sprained her ankle and shouted "Ah", hanging herself in the arms of Jay.

"What's wrong with you?" Things happened so fast that it was out of Jay's expectation. So, he didn't get it at all.

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