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Doris was in a bad mood. She sat behind the taxi with her in her arms. Her mind went blank.

Landon was about to die. How could she face Jennie who didn't like her?

Finally, the taxi driver's voice rang, "Beautiful lady, here's the place you said."

"Thank you." She paid the bills and went off the car.

After entering the inpatient department of the hospital and inquired about Landon's ward number, she bought a basket of fruit and a bunch of flowers in the supermarket and went to the ward.

She guessed it right, that Jay didn't want her to come. He knew that Landon liked Doris, but he also knew that his mother didn't like her.

It would only make their relationship worse if she came!

Therefore, every time Landon asked to meet Doris, Jay refused him in an excuse.

"Grandpa, Doris is pregnant now. She is so agitated that she can't get out of bed, so she can't come here," explained Jay.

Since the baby of Fang family was the most important thing for Landon, he would not insist Doris to come. "Do everything according to my will."

"Okay, we will do as you ordered." Whispered Jay.

"Will Sarah come back and say goodbye to me?" Landon was not reconciled at all.

"I've called her. She tried to come back as soon as possible!" Said Jay, telling the truth.

Landon sighed deeply, "I miss her!"

"Call her now!" Eric couldn't help saying.

"Don't push her. She needs some time to come back!" Sighed Landon.

"Yes, we all know grandpa's mind." Jay held Landon's hand and comforted him.

"Jay, I know you are ambitious and bold. Treat Doris well. I like that girl. I know you love her, too!" Landon reminded Jay in a weak voice.

A devious glint flashed in Jay's eyes. After a short hesitation, he replied, "Yes, grandpa."

"Doris, Doris..." Landon was the first person to see Doris standing at the door. He reached out and tried to sit up.

Jay looked back and saw Doris standing a

d forbearance.

"What do you think, Jay?" Doris asked for advice from Jay. She didn't expect to be framed by him. She didn't want the money.

"You can just take it. It's grandpa's gift for our baby," said Jay in a very gentle voice.

"All right." Paul responded reluctantly.

Mr. Zhang showed the transfer contract to Doris. She took over the pen and signed her name on it.

Landon smiled with satisfaction, "Jay, Doris."

They stood in front of Landon and called him at the same time, "Grandpa."

Landon replied. He took Doris' and Agnes' hands and put them together. "You two should be fine."



They knew each other and cooperated well.

"Then I can rest assured." It seemed that Landon had used up all his strength to finish the sentence. He lowered his hand and fell into a coma again.

The ward was in a mess.

"You go back first!" Said Jay to Doris.

"Go. Don't make more troubles here!" Said Jennie hatefully, staring at the document in Doris' hand.

She knew that Doris' purpose of coming here was to get money from Landon!

The most critical point was that she had got the fund and stock of many companies from Landon. By these money, Doris would be rich and glorious for a lifetime.

This was intolerable for Mr. and Mrs. Fang.

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