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   Chapter 158 It's Definitely Not A Joke

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6179

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What Landon said was just like a bomb exploding in the air. Looking at everyone's face, they were flabbergasted.

After a while, Winnie shrieked and broke the silence.

"Grandpa, you must be kidding, right?"

Shouldn't grandpa be on her side? Why would he agree to let Jay marry Doris?

Her mind was like a mess and she couldn't think.

"Yes, grandpa must be kidding!" Jennie emphasized.

"Ahem!" Eric's face turned red with fright. He patted his chest, coughed and stammered, "Dad! Please don't make such unreliable joke again. I can't bear it! "

"I'm not kidding. I'm serious," said Landon seriously.

As soon as his words came out, Jay couldn't stay calm anymore.

He just wanted to get rid of Winnie with the help of Doris. He didn't really want to marry her at all?

No, No. He had once considered it.

But it all happened so fast.

So he said, "Grandpa, marriage is a big deal. I haven't thought it over yet. Let's talk about it later!"

"What?" Landon pulled a long face and said, "Now you have two choices. One is to marry Winnie as soon as possible, and the other is to marry Doris. Which one do you make a choice?"

"Of course Winnie!" Jennie and Eric almost spoke with one voice.

"Well, if you agree to marry Doris, I will give you ten percent of the Fang Group's shares. And if you marry Winnie, I will give the shares to Doris!" Landon showed his trump card.

But he also made this decision all of a sudden. Strangely, when Doris got hurt for him, he seemed to have chosen her to be Jay's wife.

Somehow, he felt that Doris was the woman who could control Jay!

She was so clever and smart, not like the girls he had seen in the wealthy families, who were also hypocritical and eloquent.

Of course, Jay also yearned for the shares belonged to his grandfather, including Jennie and Eri

raight into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

Since Nancy founded the Second Pediatric Department, Charles began to take care of the kids.

Joseph called him at this moment, "Brother, have you cohabited with Nancy?"

"I am not home and you can do anything you like. Aren't you happy?" Charles said coldly.

Joseph heaved a sigh and said, "No, I feel bored after Dorothy is taken away. My brother, she just did a mistake. There is no need to lock her up. How about you release her?"

"Let her go? For what? Let her hurt Nancy again? "

"She is just jealous, isn't she? She doesn't kill or set fire! " Joseph muttered.

"That's right, Charles. I have to say something about this matter. Dorothy grew up with you, so you can't leave no room. Drew has called me several times, saying that he only has one daughter. Anyway, let her go..." Said Angelina.

With a cold face, Charles didn't say anything.

Mr. Frederic said flatly, "Charles, Dorothy hasn't caused serious consequences. Please release her."

Charles continued to keep silent.

He drove away.

His family kept asking him to release her.

But what would happen if she was released?

Let her continue to plot to hurt Nancy?

No way!

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