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   Chapter 157 The More, The Better

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His ambiguous tone made her flush, but she had to pretend not to know anything. "Well, Mr. Fang. This is an extra reward. The more, the better!" Glancing at her with a meaningful look, Jay responded, "Remember, don't call me Mr. Fang from now on. You have to call me my name, Jay, okay?"

"Jay..." Doris called sweetly and gently.

After being dressed up, she became more elegant than before, wearing a blue lace dress and a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She even did her hair and wore light makeup.

She was as beautiful as the lotus in the water and as gentle as the willow. Even the crutch at her hand became lovely.

Putting down the fashion magazine in his hand, Jay kept glancing at Doris and said, "Not bad!"

He said in a calm voice, but his heart was full of satisfaction and joy.

Before he met Doris, he didn't know what kind of women he liked.

No matter how much he rejected her, it was undeniable that because of her appearance, the profile of women that he wanted were getting clearer and clearer!

When Doris came to the Fang family's house last time, she didn't take a good look at it.

This time, she had a good look at it.

It was a retro villa, showing its owner's low profile and majesty.

Doris was a little nervous.

"Are you cold?" Detecting something went wrong with her, Jay asked.

"No, I'm just nervous!"

"Don't be afraid. I'm here!" Whispered Jay.

'Don't be afraid. I'm here!'

His words made her burst into tears!

"You..." A sharp sound came from the porch. Doris looked up hastily. There was a noble lady standing on the porch.

It was Jennie, Jay's mother.

In fact, the person Doris wanted to see the most was Sarah. So she asked, "Jay, where is your sister, Sarah?"

"She went abroad with Stoney the other day. She won't be back soon." Then, Jay glanced at Doris and asked, "Do you miss her?"

"Humph!" Doris snorted.

If Sarah was here, she would never allow Winnie t

eet as usual, but when she saw Eric's face had darkened, she continued, "Of course, I also worships your son very much. He is young, talented and handsome, and is also the dream lover of many girls. It's not bad to marry him!"

What a hypocritical woman she was! Everyone knew that Jay was a famous playboy in this city!

After hearing what Doris said, Jennie almost fainted with anger. When did his excellent son become so interested in a woman?

However, Jay was not surprised at her words. After all, Doris came here just to pretend to be his girlfriend. That's why she said she also liked him.

"Ah, Doris, our family... Alas! " Jennie gave her a disdainful look and leaned forward. "I don't think you are a good match. You'd better stay away from my son."

"Okay, aunt!" Doris withdrew her hand from Jay's arm and moved.

"Haha..." Mr. Landon burst into laughter. Everyone looked at him, puzzled.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Eric asked.

Mr. Landon didn't reply. He caressed his beard and asked, "Jay, do you really like Doris?"

"Of course, or why would I bring her here to meet you?" Jay didn't expect that his grandfather who wanted him to marry a daughter of a rich family would suddenly change his mind, so he answered without hesitation.

"In that case, you get married tomorrow."

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