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   Chapter 156 A Gentle Breeze

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6049

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She closed her eyes with fear. However, to her surprise, she did not fall on the ground, but into the man's broad chest.

"Jay?" Winnie Wang didn't expect that Jay would show up here. She thought that he had gone to work. That was why she dared to fight Doris.

"Doris provoked me!" Winnie blamed on Doris.

"I only believe what I saw, Winnie." Jay looked quite calm, but the sharpness in his eyes frightened Winnie Wang.

"Jay. I guess you are just mess around with her. You are not serious, are you? She..."

Jay interrupted her coldly with a hint of banter in his voice, "Well, you are right. I'm just messing around with her!"

Then he lowered his head and gave Doris a look.

Doris looked at him with resentment. 'Damn it. You bastard, how dare you say that?

"Mr. Jay, what did you say just now? Is it beneath your dignity?"

"Dignity? Does it matter?" With a smile, Jay kissed on Doris' cheek. "You're funny and I enjoy mess around with you!"

As clever as she was, she could see that Jay was using her.

He use her to drive Winnie away because he didn't want that woman to stay here.

Of course, she didn't like the presence of Winnie, so they had the same purpose. She couldn't unmask Jay and she had to cooperate with him.

This was also called the binding of benefits!

"Wow, I haven't found that Mr. Jay is so fond of playing. What a coincidence, I also like playing!" Doris winked at Jay, seductive and charming.

It was out of Jay's expectations. He was touched and stared at Doris meaningfully.

It was the first time that he had looked at her so carefully since he knew her. She was indeed very beautiful. She had a delicate oval face, shaped eyebrows and a sweet small mouth, looking lovely and pure. As for her charm, it was special that no other women

o the conversation and was fully aware that she was used by Jay as an excuse.

"Are you saying I am the woman you fell in love with, Jay?" Asked Doris jokingly.

"You are not the woman I love. But now it is you who is acting with me. You are good at acting. Change your clothes and go with me!" Then, he took off his bathrobe and threw it aside.

Doris lowered her head immediately and answered, "I don't need to change. You don't love me anyway and you don't mind what I wear, do you?"

Jay took a set of underwear out of the wardrobe and put it on in front of Doris.

His natural movements and expressions were so charming!

"I don't care what you wear. I just don't want my parents to think that I have a bad taste in choosing girlfriend. Let's go. I'll take you to buy some clothes!"

In face of the big offer, Doris whispered, "You don't have to buy me clothes. It's so extravagant!"

"Consider it as my payment for hiring you to act for me..."

"Oh, I forgot that. You said that I am good at acting. Since that, your payment seems to be a little low."

"What? Huh!" With a scornful smile, Jay looked at somewhere on Doris and said, "If you've done well, you'll get extra reward."

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