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   Chapter 155 What Jealousy Does

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 7445

Updated: 2020-04-29 00:21

As if throwing gas into their ablaze bodies, Doris fell face flat on Jay, meeting his mouth with hers. And the moment their lips touched together, waves of electric shock surged into their core, firing up the heat they had been trying to conceal.

Anybody who would see them now would think they were a couple caught in an intimate moment.

The moist warm air and Doris' familiar sweet smell wafted into Jay's nose. Suddenly, his heart sank, and his mind swayed in a daze, obviously bewitched at the effect of this woman.

By instinct, he wrapped his hands around her neck, and twitched his lips, kissing her even harder.

"Hmm..." Doris tried to utter something, struggling to break free. However, Jay locked her tightly in an embrace, disenabling her to move at all.

Even if she tried to press her lips into a thin line, she was too weak to do so. Jay was so engaged in devouring her lips like a depraved predator.

Meanwhile, Doris seemed like a rabbit trapped in an airtight net––she couldn't breathe, and her body felt jelly with his touch. Even if she wanted to escape, there was no way out.

Jay held her tighter as if he was swaddling her with vines, ultimately suffocating Doris.

Obviously, he couldn't stop himself, especially when the softness of her skin brushed against his. Maybe it was because of his primitive desire, but he greedily sucked the life out of her mouth.

Her lips were so swollen and painful that she bit him hard when he attacked her mouth again.

The sudden pain seethed through his tongue, causing him to almost push her out the couch.

"Doris! Are you out of your mind?!" Jay growled. How dare this woman bite him in the middle of their kiss?

"You are crazy! I know you asked me to sleep here because you want to do something bad to me. And now you just revealed your true colors, huh!" Although she tried to sound mad, Doris was trying her best to conceal her nervousness and his effect on her.

Perhaps lashing out on him would work best to distract him.

However, Doris seemed to have ignored one thing.

Jay was the powerful and decisive young master of the Fang family!

Her small tricks could never go unnoticed under his presence.

Out of instinct, he ruff

ade her so vicious. But she just laughed it off awkwardly and said, "Miss Wang, you're clearly mistaken. I didn't seduce Jay; he seduced me! I didn't want to sleep here, but that guy told me to."

"Humph! Stop with your nonsense excuse! Jay is just playing with you. Even if he proposes to marry you, his mother will never agree to it. So stop dreaming, woman!"

"I have never thought of marrying him. Perhaps it's you who is wishing that to happen!"

Winnie had always been spoiled since she was a child, so she had never been cursed by anyone. But now, Doris just belittled her straight in her face, angering her more than she already was.

"Jay and I grew up together. We're practically childhood sweethearts. So you have no place in his heart! And if you want to live peacefully, I suggest you leave this place now!" Winnie threatened, rolling up her sleeves on purpose as if she was going to fight with her.

"Aren't you being too arrogant? This is not your home either, so why should I leave?" Doris, who never liked to be threatened, fought back, staring down right at Winnie with a pair of sharp eyes.

Now even more furious, Winnie lifted her foot and kicked Doris right at her injured leg.

The latter dodged the attack instinctively, but because her leg was injured, she tripped over her crutch and fell sideways.

"Ah!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. 'If this leg gets injured again, I will end up a cripple for the rest of my life,' she gravely thought.

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