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   Chapter 148 Worlds Apart

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"Where are the kids?" Doris asked tossing a blueberry into her mouth.

"Hiram is picking them up," Nancy simply answered. Then, surveying her from head to foot, she asked, "Have you met your parents-in-law?"

"Yeah! I was so nervous! I finally understand how you felt when you met Charles' parents. Rich people are just too intimidating. I don't think I can ever live with them!" Doris shook her head aggressively as if recalling a nightmare that had frightened her to death.

"I agree," Nancy uttered, nodding with a smile.

"That's why I need time to think about my relationship with Jay." Doris sounded mellow as she spoke that. It was as though she was left with no choice. "Why did you..." she tried asking Nancy but paused upon realizing who was with her. Then Doris sneaked a glance at Charles and continued, "Why did you come with Charles? Where is Jerome? Do you break up with him?"

Nancy shook her head and replied with a pout, "I didn't want to come here! This man dragged me forcibly!"

"These bad men are too self-centered and never care about others' feelings! They are all too proud of their family background. Well, I have seen through them now. Their families are just like a bird's cage. Once we enter, we will be trapped for the rest of our lives! "

"You're lying. You say rich and powerful families are like birdcages, but it was your own choice to get involved with them! They never forced you to get in!" Suddenly a familiar voice rang behind them.

Both Nancy and Doris were startled to see Lucy and Dorothy standing proudly with their scrutinizing eyes.

As Doris was about to refute them, Nancy hurriedly grabbed her hand and stopped her, "Don't do that. It's not worth it."

So, instead, Doris just pierced them with her sharpest stare while her nostrils flared in anger.

"Well, what else can you do except stare at us? Your dress is not even worth a thousand! What makes you so proud to snort?" Lucy's voice was filled with such hubris and pride, obviously looking down on those two women.

"So what? My clothes may be cheap, but unlike you, my body is priceless!" Doris finally snapped. Looking at their judgmental faces hit the last straw of her patience.

"Oh my god! How can you be so rude?! No wonder you're from such a poor family background!" Lucy continued to mock, increasing her volume so that people around would hear her.

"Doris, don't say anything!" Nancy stalled, aware that Lucy was provoking her friend to stir trouble.

Meanwhile, Doris's face was blood red. Her fists were tightly grasped while her brows knitted aggressively.

She was so fuming mad that she had to bite her lips to stop herself from lashing out. This was not the right time and place to make a scene.

But even

herself, surprised at Nancy's reaction.

"It's all your fault, Doris!" Feeling so embarrassed to shout at Nancy after the latter helped her, Lucy yelled at Doris instead.

"If you say that again, I'll make sure to break all your teeth!" Doris yelled with so much angst. She tried to control herself, but she couldn't stand the prejudice anymore.

So, wearing a hostile expression, she stretched out her hand towards Lucy.

Lucy immediately shrank into Nancy's embrace and muttered in horror, "Doctor Nancy, she's so violent!"

"Woman! How can you be a doctor and act like that?" The wealthy guests, who had been spectating, began to criticize Doris. All of them eyed her with so much disdain and discrimination as though the latter was a criminal.

And the unfortunate victim of their prejudice felt her whole body burning on fire. She was mad and pitied herself at the same time.

It was excruciating to be wronged and mistreated just because of her social status.

"What did you just say? I'm violent?" Doris snorted in disbelief while pointing at herself.

Still on the ground, Lucy nodded vigorously.

Her lips almost curled into a sly smile seeing as how her plan to humiliate Doris was sailing smoothly.

At the same time, the latter had to sit speechless from all the judgments she had received. And hoping to ease her fury, Doris munched on the blueberries like there was no tomorrow.

"Look at this woman! How could she eat like that?!" But then, no matter what she said or even did, these rich people would always have something to say against her.

And ultimately, Doris realized that she and Jay belonged to different worlds. Even if they loved each other, they would never be right together.

More than that, she could never fit in with the affluent families. There was no place for her in his world.

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