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   Chapter 146 A Secret Affair

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 8961

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Although she was more than desperate than before, Dorothy clearly knew that Charles wouldn't choose her.

No matter how upset and jealous she was, she could do nothing but accept it.

"Do you still want to refuse my proposal?" teasingly asked Joseph after raising her chin.

Biting her lips, Dorothy gripped her hands tightly and said nothing.

As her silence filled the room, Joseph took that chance to touch her body before wrapping her in his arms. "You're such a beautiful woman! Why waste your precious youth chasing after my brother. You know he doesn't love you. Why don't you turn to me instead?"

"No way!" Dorothy pretended to struggle. She shoved off his arms in an attempt to break free from his embrace.

"I know you want me, woman! Stop pretending you don't!" But unyielding as he was, Joseph didn't let her go and instead pushed her to the bed.

"Joseph, don't forget that you are married!"

"Ha-ha! I don't care! I can have an affair with you! Besides, you've got nothing to lose. Charles wouldn't even care. So what are you afraid of?" His voice was filled with so much perversion, and his eyes burned with extreme lust. Then, slowly, he went on top of her and began caressing her soft skin.

Judging by his smooth movements and play with words, Dorothy knew Joseph was used to flirting with women. So instead of helplessly struggling, she just gave up and let loose.

"What if Charles agrees to be my boyfriend one day?" Dorothy asked, looking straight into his eyes to challenge him.

"Honey, this is not the first time we'll do this. There is no need to take it seriously. Besides, Charles will never be with you, so stop dreaming."

Charles had absolutely no ideas about these affairs between Joseph and Dorothy.

And even if he was suspicious at one point, he didn't have enough interest to delve deeper into it. After all, it didn't concern him at all.

He just didn't understand why his family insisted on bringing her to his house when they all knew he didn't like her.

Meanwhile, as the two were busy getting rid of the steam in their body, Charles had arrived at the hospital. As soon as he stepped foot inside, all heads turned on him, causing a crowd of nurses to flock and create a commotion.

"Why is Mr. Fu here?" the nurses asked. Their faces flushed and lips curled up into a wide smile.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him since he broke off his engagement with Dr. Nancy!"

"Mr. Fu, did you read the news a few days ago? Dr. Nancy was reported to having a new boyfriend named Jerome." The nurse, who thought that she was a little pretty, walked towards him while twisting her waist. Then, flashing a charming smile,


"! Of course not, Mr. Fu. I'm sorry. I'll leave you two alone! I have to get back to work." And with that, Jessie scrambled to leave in a hurry, almost tripping on her feet as she walked out as fast as she could.

"Charles, you came here just to make me the topic of their conversations. Well, now that you've done it, are you delighted?" Nancy glared at the man who towered before her. She wanted him to see how displeased she was at the moment.

"You don't have to work. I can support you!" he retorted with utmost arrogance. Then, he dragged her hand and walked towards the elevator.

"Sounds tempting, but you know I'm not like that! I need to work to secure my future and prove myself. I'm not like any woman who'd be satisfied spending her days doing household chores while waiting for her husband to come home. If you need someone like that, then I'm not the one for you!" Although she had a lot of things in her head, Nancy seemed to be always lost whenever she was with this man.

She already had her life set, but the moment she met this man and got involved with him, her days went on a rollercoaster ride.

Suddenly, it was all a mess!

Even if she owed him in her previous life, Nancy thought that all the pain and stress he caused her were enough as payback.

She was lost in these thoughts when Charles aggressively pulled her in the elevator. His grip was so tight that Nancy felt it leaving a red mark on her wrist.

"I'm calling President Hobart to ask for a leave," Nancy suddenly informed while taking out her phone.

"Of course!" Although Charles owned this hospital, he respected her choice. He knew that she was a woman of principle and with bottom lines.

And Charles knew better than to go against her once she had made up her mind.

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