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   Chapter 119 Happy Expression

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6260

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The manager told the assistant to take out the dresses ordered by Charles. "Please try them on. If there is anywhere uncomfortable, please tell us!"

"Okay." Nancy sounded relaxed but with a heavy heart.

She took them to try on one by one.

No matter which dress she wore, it brought cheers and applause from the shop assistants.

"It's so beautiful, even more beautiful than a fairy!"

"Yes, I haven't seen such a beautiful and elegant lady!"

"I don't think Mr. Fu will fall in love with any woman. Do you think so?" The manager laughed.

Sitting on the sofa, Charles crossed his legs with a satisfied expression.

Yes, Nancy was beautiful.

He knew it!

But to his surprise, she looked so refined and spotless in the dress.

She was as beautiful as a dream.

"Mr. Fu, are you satisfied?" The manager said with a smug smile.

"Well, this is your reward." Said Charles, taking out a card from his pocket.

The manager smiled and took it over, "Thank you, Mr. Fu."

"Give me the kids' evening dresses. I'll take them with me." Ordered Charles.

"Got it!" The manager asked one worker to package them and handed them to the hands of Charles.

"Let's go." With the packages in his hand, Charles held Nancy's arm.

"Wow, a perfect match!"

"Yes, a perfect match!"

People complimented, but Nancy smiled bitterly.

"In my thought, you are strong and won't compromise easily. From now on, don't try to escape, let alone run away from me. You are mine, and I am yours!" After getting on the car, Charles looked at Nancy. He eyes were like fire, trying to ignite her passion for the future.

"Really? Charles?" Nancy asked.

"If you like, we can work together, all right?" Charles looked at her firmly.

Nancy nodded, "Okay, but what about the photos?"

Then she took a deep breath.

"I don't care, not at all!" C

to gossip!" Jay said excitedly.

"Of course!" Charles didn't oppose.

Then, Jay uploaded the video.

Although everything was in Charles' mind, he felt much more relieved.

The video was circulated online within two minutes and a craze for comments rose.

People once scolded Nancy and Ethan turned to attack the people who set them up.

As expected, gossip was a fearful thing!

Looking at the video, Dorothy was trembling.

'How could the two men betray Hale?

What should I do?''

Hale was the housekeeper who had watched her grow up. Besides her parents, Hale was one who cared her most.

He had been treating her as his own daughter!

Did Charles suspect her? If he did, why didn't he call her?

Dorothy panicked.

While he was thinking about all these things, his phone rang all of a sudden.

"Who is it?" Dorothy's face changed dramatically.

She calmed herself down and looked at the number. It was Charles.

Then, Dorothy took a few deep breaths, and then answered the phone with a smile, "Charles, what's up?"

"You sound surprised?" A cold voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Yeah. I have been waiting for your call these days, but I'm always disappointed!" Said Dorothy sadly.

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