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   Chapter 47 A Secret Joy

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"Don't bother with it. If you really liked it, we can come back tomorrow." Charles knew nothing about packing unfinished food because he never did it before. But it didn't mean that he liked wasting food.

If he treated the woman he loved to a meal, he'd feel uncomfortable if he still had to pack unfinished food.

"But that's worth 30,000," Nancy said feeling sorry for the unfinished food.

"Well, it's just 30,000. Let's go," Charles said gently with a smile as he held her hand.

"You really are a child from a rich family so you've never developed the proper concept of valuing money. If you have experienced being poor, you'd understand what I mean and you wouldn't say that," Nancy explained with a hint of self-pity.

Her eyes suddenly looked sad as if she remembered a painful time in her life. If he only knew that she was in so much despair before. When she badly needed money to get treatment, but no help was in sight. If only he experienced the same thing as she did, would he still be willing to spend thirty thousand for a meal?

"So, you've experienced being poor before? Tell me about it, then," Charles said gently. He truly wanted to know more about her, but he also didn't want to make her feel pressured to reveal her past to him.

And when he saw a bitter smile on her lips, he felt like it was what he expected to see.

"Well, let bygones be bygones."

But her words immediately quashed his curiosity, and he felt uncomfortable about it.

He decided to let it pass and thought for a while. He then turned to Nancy with a meaningful look in his eyes. "Nancy, I know your mother is in the sanatorium. Since we have nothing to do this afternoon, we can go and visit her together this afternoon instead. What do you think?"

Since she got back, she'd become so busy with work and her children patients that she rarely had the time to visit her mother. "I'd like that. Thank you," she replied gently to Charles as she nodded.

"It's nothing," Charles replied back with a smile.

They drove out and eventually arrived at the sanatorium.

It was an old and poorly-maintained sanatorium. The paint was chipping off the walls and dried up vines were scattered here and there.

"This place... ...doesn't look too good," Charles commented as he looked around the sanatorium grounds and the building.

"You're right. I'm planning to move mom to a better sanatorium. I haven't set anything up yet but Doris and I are already looking for one."

The true reason why Clark and Jill chose tha

to get married yet."

Charles immediately understood that her mother was worried that he would bully Nancy because he was rich.

Nonetheless, he did not completely like Nancy's explanation.

He decided to step forward and politely bowed to Nancy's mother. "Aunt, I like your daughter very much, and I want to further develop my relationship with her. I want to eventually have her as my woman. I promise you that I will love her all my life..."

But before he could finish his words, he was immediately interrupted by Nancy, "Wait! I haven't agreed to be your woman yet!"

'All his life? That's too long!

Nobody knows what would happen in the future!' Nancy thought as she pondered the words that Charles said to her mother.

A feeling of anxiety overcame Nancy. She was worried whether Charles would accept everything about her, including her past.

It was something that she was not sure about.

"It doesn't matter whether you agree or not. The most important thing is that I'm sure with what I want, and I want to be with you!" Charles announced haughtily. His countenance was filled with determination.

"Ahhh!" Jade exclaimed anxiously.

"Auntie, from now on, I'll take care of you and Nancy. You don't have to worry about anything anymore!" Charles declared firmly.

Jade turned to her daughter with eyes filled with questions and worries.

As a mother, she had no other hope but for her daughter to be taken care of by a good man.

Nancy, on the other hand, hoped that her mother would stop worrying about her.

"Mom, even if we are just friends, I don't think Charles will ever bully me. Don't worry," Nancy said gently to comfort her worried mother.

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