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   Chapter 46 Bobby's Request

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6691

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Nancy sat still, feeling helpless. When had Bobby learned such tricks from his scheming father?

But no, he was Charles' flesh and blood; he had probably been born with that same scheming mind!

"Of course Daddy won't lie to you, and neither will your mommy. Well, your mommy has finally raised her head," Charles said cheerfully.

How could he not be happy after finding out how well his son knew him?

Nancy was speechless. It was true that she had raised her head, but did Charles not notice her resentful eyes?

As if reading her mind, he instructed, "Close your eyes!" Then, he gently ran his hand over her eyes.

Overwhelmed by his tender touch and pleasant smell, Nancy closed her eyes as if she was under a spell.

A moment later, she felt his cool lips press against her forehead.

"Okay, Daddy, next is the nose!"

"Got it!"





Every time Charles kissed her, she felt a new wave of goosebumps spread across her body.

'Dear Bobby, please end it quickly!' she prayed in her heart,

biting her lips and nervously pressing her eyes shut. If Bobby kept going like this, there was a chance that her relationship with Charles would cross a line that there was no coming back from.

"Okay, the last place to kiss is her mouth," Bobby ordered.

With a charming smile on his face, Charles gently lifted Nancy's chin with his fingertips.

"Bobby, what are you talking about?" At this moment, there was an incredulous voice coming from the other end of the line.

"Grandma, I'm teaching Daddy how to conquer Mommy," he said calmly.

"You're just a kid, Bobby. How can you teach your Daddy about women?" Angelina said with a laugh. It was only then that Bobby's words fully registered in her mind. "Mommy? Since when do you have a mommy? Are you talking about the woman who came last time? The one named Nancy? No, no way! That woman doesn't come from a good background. She can't even be compared with the daughter of the Zhuang fam

annie really have done such a cruel thing to her?

"Nancy, you can't be kind to everyone you meet. Not everyone in the world is worthy of your trust and care, understand?" Then, he snapped his fingers for a waiter to come over.

He didn't want to explain too much about the issue because he didn't want her to get upset over trivial things.

As a man, he had to shield the woman he loved from such negativity.

Besides, it was a piece of cake for him to solve these problems on his own. He had just wanted to avoid discussing the details on the phone while he was in public.

"Pay the bill!" Charles took out his black card and waved at a waiter.

"Yes, Mr. Fu! The total is thirty thousand," said the waiter.

Nancy gasped in surprise as soon as she heard the number. "Why does it cost so much?"

Although she was a reputable doctor with a good salary, she had never spent thirty thousand on just one meal before!

The waiter smiled politely. "Ma'am, our hotel uses only the best ingredients. Many of them are imported actually."

"I see," Nancy said calmly, though on the inside, she still couldn't bring herself to accept how expensive the food was. Moreover, her heart ached at the sight of all the leftovers on the table. "Please help me pack the rest of the food," she added.

"Sure," the waiter said briskly.

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