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   Chapter 42 What About The Child

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"No, I can't take it. As a doctor, it's my duty to save patients. Besides, this is a profession that I love with all my heart. What you're doing is an insult to my career!" Nancy refused sternly.

She really didn't like that Zoe Ma, the patient's mother, was trying to give her a red envelope. Of course, doctors who were greedy for money did exist, but they were rare. She didn't want her whole profession to be degraded by those few black sheep.

"Dr. Nancy, not only are you a great doctor, but you are a good person as well!" Zoe Ma said, praising her.

Not wanting to waste any more time on this conversation, Nancy just gave her a nod of acknowledgment and turned her attention to the girl's legs. She suspected that the girl had a hemorrhage, and she soon confirmed her guess with an X-ray scan.

The girl's legs were indeed seriously injured. Her last operation had been unsuccessful, causing the back corner of her tibial plateau to lean forward. That was the main reason she couldn't walk easily.

"Prepare for the surgery," Nancy said. It was a complicated surgery, but Nancy was confident that it would be a success.

Over the last few days, Nancy and Jessie had conducted all surgeries together, and this was no exception.

As the main surgeon for this surgery, Nancy finished her part soon. Considering the young age of the girl, she chose to give the girl a titanium alloy implant. Since the girl would grow quickly, it would be possible for the implant to be removed in about three or four months.

The completion of the surgery was usually done by the assistants. Besides, as the director of the pediatric department, Jessie would be able to do it easily, so Nancy just left it to her.

After that, she immediately started preparing for her next surgery.

When she finished the second surgery and walked out of the operating room, her path was unexpectedly blocked by Zoe Ma, who began yelling hysterically, "Great doctor? You're the worst! You promised that the surgery would be a success, but now her condition is even more serious than before. I'm going to sue you, you bitch!"

Before Nancy could reply, a nurse ran over and explained, "Dr. Nancy's surgery was very successful. There was an accident after she left!"

"What happened?" Nancy asked anxiously.

Zoe Ma grabbed Nanc

o turn down his request, but since Jay was her creditor, she had no choice but to do as he said. She heated a towel and made him a warm compress.

"Help me apply it," Jay whined. Doris shot him a glare, but then she closed her eyes and kept the warm compress on his crotch.

A minute later, Jay shouted,

"It's getting cold!"

So, Doris heated up the towel again.

In fact, she did this over and over again until dawn, when she was so sleepy that she couldn't even keep her eyes open. In the end, she lowered her head and fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

Jay raised his amorous eyes and let them slide over Doris' body.

He knew that it hadn't been an easy night for her. Although she was hot-tempered, she had been very patient last night. And there was a certain streak of wildness in her that none of the gorgeous women he usually surrounded himself with had.

For some reason, this aroused a deep desire in him.

After a while of devouring her with his eyes, he finally covered her with a blanket and went to sleep feeling satisfied.

Doris, however, didn't sleep well. Her body ached all over. When she opened her eyes, she saw Jay sleeping soundly.

As she stood up and stretched, she muttered, "You jerk! I must have owed you in my previous life. That's why I have to pay you back in this one! It's my bad luck that I had to meet you."

Then, she glanced at the clock in his room. It was almost noon.

Fortunately, she was on afternoon duty today,

so she would still be able to make it to the hospital on time.

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