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   Chapter 35 Let Me Go

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6150

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The smile on Jay's face grew wider as he moved his eyes away from her. Then he said, "I'm not interested in you. You can rest assured."

"Oh That's great! " Doris heaved a sigh of relief. As long as she didn't do that, she could do anything for him.

Did anything for him... 'Doris, how proud you are! You are going to belittle yourself for this meal, ' she thought bitterly.

They continued to move forward. Suddenly, Jay stopped.

Following his sight, Doris saw the half open door of the room and a woman standing beside Charles.

With a gloomy face, Charles seemed a little depressed, but he moved a lot.

At this moment, he was completely different from the former handsome man.

"Charles? Why is he here? " Doris asked in confusion.

Without saying anything, Jay kicked the door open and rushed in.

"Charles, what are you doing?" Then Jay walked to him, and held his arms.

"Jay, you..." Charles smiled but looked a little weak. It seemed that he had drunk a lot.

This was not the usual way of Charles. He was very disciplined and had only drunk for few times over the years.

"Get out!" Jay growled to that woman.

The woman walked away in fear.

With bloodshot eyes, Charles yelled, "Jay!"

"Charles, who did you meet today? Where's the assistant and the bodyguard? "

"Today I came here by myself without any social engagements! " After Charles just finished his words, he snored.

"It seems that he has got alcohol poisoning." Even though Doris was a female doctor in the andrology department, she still knew much about medical knowledge. However, when she saw Charles, his eyes and cheeks were red, it was obvious that he had got alcohol poisoning.

"What should we do?" Jay had never been in such a state, it was natural for him to be nervous.

In addition to social engagements, if Charles wan

thout saying anything, he slowly approached her.

"I'll get you injection. You're drunk and need to sober." Nancy wanted to turn around and leave.

With his scalding hands, he grasped her arm and pulled her into his arms.

"Nancy, don't go!" His hoarse voice came out from his throat with boundless pain.

"Charles, don't act recklessly. I..."

Before she could finish, she was kissed by him.

This earthshaking love affair could not be refused and controlled by Nancy.

She was forced to accept it at first, but gradually lost herself in his kiss, and she began to accept it.

She was like a boat floating on the sea, which was about to be turned over by one wave after another.

For a moment, she decided to let her go, sinking. She would die in a happy instant.

"Nancy, Nancy..." Charles repeated her name.

His voice was so bleak, as if it had passed thousands of years of longing.

He breathed harder and harder as he loosened his grip on her arm.

"Charles!" She shouted nervously.

He had already drunk so much, and now he just passed out because of the stimulation.

She helped him to the bed and asked the nurse to give an injection to him.

Then, she offered a box of glucose to him.

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