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   Chapter 34 Eat More

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6315

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He drank the red wine slowly. Most of the time, he watched her eating.

Those coquettish women appeared in his mind, whispering sweetly in his arms.

Cautious, and flattering.

He compared those women to all kinds of flowers, and the woman in front of him was like a weed.

Thinking of this, Jay laughed in silence.

Doris was a little embarrassed. She thought he was laughing at her manner of eating.

So she imitated the woman on TV and slowly ate.

However, her overthinking appetite made him uncomfortable. He pushed the chicken in front of Doris and said, "it's made of black chicken. You can eat more to beautify your skin."

"All right." Her elegance vanished instantly. She continued to eat.

She still kicked the table leg.

She really didn't have such a habit before. Today, she was a little flustered to face a handsome man. She didn't know what's wrong with her feet.

But it was beyond her expectation that such an unnoticeable small movement would cause her any trouble.

The waiter screamed after they paid the bill.

"Oh my God! Something happened to the table leg. Manager! Come here quickly!" The waiter asked loudly like a thunder.

The manager quickly ran in and said, "Why are you so careless? Why do you keep shouting?"

The waiter's face was pale. He pointed to the table leg with his trembling finger. "Manager, look, why there is a table leg stuck in?"

The manager also became panic when he heard that. He lowered his head and checked it.

"What's going on? Tell me, what's going on?"

Doris was completely confused. It was just a meal. What happened to the leg?

"I don't know." Doris couldn't believe her ears.

Looking at her shoes, the manager was so angry that he was about to cry. "You said you didn't know? Do you know what kind of wood this table is made of? Jin Sinan Wood... This table is our boss's favorite and he sp

and asked someone to take the paper and pen, and let Jay write and sign the paper.

When everything went well, the manager allowed them to leave.

Doris was very scared. She became fear like a child who made a mistake and followed behind Jay.

"Do you know you are wrong?"

"I I don't expect it. I don't know it costs so much money. " Doris asked carefully.

"Do you have the money?"

"No, I'm not!" Doris replied immediately.

"I have!" Actually, Jay didn't care about this table, but considering the hotel's owner's hobby of collection, what that boss wanted was not money, but collections. So if he wanted to find the same table as this old one, it was actually a little troublesome.

"Then I'll pay you back when I have money." Doris swore.

"Pay me back? What are you giving me back?" With a mocking smile, he pinned her against the wall with funny eyes.

"I... I What do you think? " It was rare for her to be obedient and submissive. She had no other choice now.

"Good. Let me tell you. You must be on call at all times, can you?" Asked Jay, touching her nose with his fingertips.

"Of course!" Did she have other choice? "Yes, I can be on call. I can cook for you and wash your clothes. I can do anything for you except sex."

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