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   Chapter 33 No Need To Blind Date

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But Doris ignored her teacher and left angrily.

After she went to college, she gradually understood what teachers said. She was a straight person who was easy to offend others. It would be very hard for her to become an actress.

Although she understood what the teacher was worrying about, her dream of being an actress never vanished.

"Hold my arm!" Said Jay in a low voice.

"Well..." Doris took his arm obediently.

Sure enough, her situation was different from before.

"Hello, Mr. Jay. Who is this?"

Moreover, those who greeted Jay would cast a flattering glance at her.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that he didn't know her name.

However, he wasn't satisfied with the name she called him. Anyway, he should take the opportunity to revenge.

So he said a name casually, "This is Miss Silly."

"Oh, well, how do you do, Miss Silly." The man bowed and stretched out his hand.

"Hello!" Doris stretched out her hand and shook with him.

"Hello, hello..."

Well, it was a nice feeling.

Immersed in the happiness, Doris didn't expect the result at all.

Like a proud peahen, she held the arm of Jay and walked into the room.

"Order whatever you like." Jay handed the menu to her.

'Perhaps I met a rich guy, ' she thought.

She could spend as much money as she wanted.

So she decided to order whatever dishes were expensive.

Then she looked up at the man. To her surprise, the man didn't even frown.

"Uh huh. Why did you call me Miss Silly just now?" Doris finally came up with this topic.

"What? Don't you think you are very stupid?"

"Because I call you 3-year-old baby before, you take revenge on me, right?" Doris narrowed her eyes and stared at him with a sinister look.

"You can call me 3-year-old baby, but I can't call you Miss Silly? How about I call you 2-year-old baby? " Ja

o, is Nancy dating with Clare?"

"No," replied Doris, shaking her head.

"Since they like each other, why don't they date?"

"I'm also curious. I feel that Nancy has a secret. Ah..." As soon as Doris said this, she suddenly looked at him in shock. "Wait! Why do you ask me this? What do you plan on Nancy? I tell you, if you do something that you are sorry for her, I will kill you!"

With a shrug, Jay said, "Are you still so loyal to her?"

"We are good friends. You'd better remember that."

"Okay." Jay nodded, "Nancy should be very happy to have a friend like you."

"Of course, I am happy to have a friend like her. Nancy is attentive to details. We are complementary to each other. " Doris said proudly.

Jay poured a glass of red wine for her, "Well, I can see that."

"My character Is okay? " Doris looked at him seriously.

Up to now, she still couldn't understand why some great boys in the college would avoid her.

Raising his eyebrows in embarrassment, Jay answered, "Well, not bad."

This woman was like a torturing demon. If a man wanted to like her, it needed to take a lot of courage.

All the dishes have been served.

Immediately, Doris glutted herself with food, like a foodie.

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