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   Chapter 32 Hang In There

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6269

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The tingling sensation was gone, replaced by a piercing pain.

"Girl, be gentle. It hurts!"

"Girl, are you born so rude? No man dares to marry you if you behave like this."

The moment Jay finished his words, his arm was pinched by a hard fingernails.

"Ouch!" Shouted Jay in pain.

"I'm helping you put on your clothes, boy. No matter how painful it is, you have to bear it!"

"I... I don't need your help. Please?" He almost pleaded.

"No, I almost done it!" Doris grabbed the sleeve and pulled it in the opposite direction.

Feeling out of breath, Jay was about to suffocate.

'Yes, she did it on purpose.' It was obvious that this woman was very vindictive. Huh, she was not an easy woman.

"I was wrong. Please forgive me, miss!" As the master of Fang clan, he was arrogant and domineering, powerful and bossy. It never occurred to him that he would be give in to a woman.

This was simply a great humiliation in his life!

Feeling that the game should come to an end, Doris finally softened her move and got Jay's head out of the clothes.

Jay opened his eyes. Dazed, he saw the girl smiling at him evilly.

"All right, all right. You win. I can't afford to play with you anymore."

"Don't insult me. I'm just helping you put on your clothes," Doris said, clapping her hands.

This was her move. She almost tortured him to death, but she acted like she had done him a big favor.

Jay felt that he had walked through the most dark place. Now that he had a narrow escape from the evil woman, he decided not to provoke her anymore.

He raised his hands and said, "All right, all right. Get out. I need to change my pants."

"If you don't mind, I can help you!" Doris raised her eyebrows, grinning wickedly.

"No, no, no. I can do it myself." Jay refused her at once. He was a little frustrated because of the fight just now. If she hel

t such weird woman like her.

Sometimes, she was malicious, and sometimes, she was invincible. But now... How narcissistic she was!

"What are you laughing at?" However, Doris didn't realize how funny her words were.

"Do you want to attract others' attention?" A sharp light flashed in the eyes of Jay.

Doris nodded, "Yes."

Her greatest dream in her life was to be an actress, a famous one. Therefore, she had tried very hard to attract people's attention from a young age. When she was in the senior three, she told her teacher that she wanted to enter the film academy. The teacher's words of earnest and sincerity shattered her dream.

The teacher said, "Doris, you are a very beautiful girl. But the profession of acting is not suitable to everyone, like, people who do not know how to hype, people who do not have any social relations, and people who couldn't bear to suffer a loss..."

What the teacher said was directed against her. At that time, Doris was so angry that she almost cried out.

The teacher sighed and said, "I'm your teacher. If I don't know your merits and demerits and let you apply for a wrong job, I'm sorry for my career. Doris, study hard, be a good person and find a good job. That's your whole life."

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