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   Chapter 29 A Game

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It was uncomfortable to live in other people's house.

Especially live with such a domineering Charles.

"Here is my home. Do you understand?" Nancy said while tidying the quilt for Bobby.

"But you are my mommy now. We are a family. Why can't Mommy live with me?" The kid could live with his daddy and mommy.

Why couldn't mommy live with him?

"Bobby, you are too young to understand many things. When you are a little older, you will understand them." Nancy smiled, but felt bitter in her heart.

Bobby blinked his big eyes and said, "Mommy, can't you only marry Daddy so that we three can live together?"

Nancy was shocked. She waved her hand and said, "Bobby, don't say that to your father. Got it?"

She didn't want to make things worse at all. Angelina already had a lot of prejudice against her, and she didn't want to deepen her bad impression.

"But I want mommy and daddy to get married..." Said Bobby, unwilling to accept the fact.

"Ahem, honey, let's play a game. Come on, let's slap our hands." It was impossible for her to continue this sensitive topic with Bobby, so she changed the topic quickly.

"Okay, Mommy, you take one, I take one..."

The loneliness and impatience in a single room made her miss her child so much, just like countless ants biting.

But it was this little boy who had driven away all her loneliness.

It was happiness and joy instead.

Time always passed quickly.

The night was soon over and the early morning came.

Afraid that Charles would come, Nancy got up earlier than before.

She fried three eggs, baked bread and heated milk.

Then she made a fruit salad and a steak for Bobby.

After a while, Charles didn't come. So, she took out the children's clothes she had bought before and put them on for Bobby, and had breakfast with him.

Then she drove him to the kindergarten.

What she didn't know was that Charles had been driving behind them.

Well, he didn't sleep well last night.

He stayed in the study alone, holding a bottle of Lafite and pouring one cup after another.

He didn't leave the study until dawn.

"Where are you going, Charles?" Asked Angelina, while looking at her son who was in a mess overnight.

"I'm looking for Bobby." Charles said casually.

"Bobby? Where did he go? " She asked anxiously. Bobby was just like her baby.

"Bobby is going to... He is with Nancy now. You don't need to worry about this, never mind... " Charles waved his hand impatiently and walked into the courtyard.

"Alas, since Nancy appeared in this family, the whole family has been disturbed. Nancy, Nancy, I think she is a coquette! " Watching his back, Angelina grumbled.

Charles was waiting her downstairs at her apartment.

Then he lit a cigarette and waited for them.

Last night, it was he who deliberately kept Bobby at her side. As long as his son was with her, Ethan would not come to see her.

He watched as she held Bobby's hand, opened the car door for him, and watched she lower her head to kiss on his forehead

It was supposed to be a warm scene, but it still couldn

't dispel his haze in his heart.

But he was unwilling to let her go.

It was pain and suffering!

After that, he watched Nancy walk Bobby to the kindergarten and watch her leave.

As if a ghost driving a car, Charles followed her car.

Until, Nancy drove the car into the parking lot of the hospital.

When the car stopped, Charles leaned against the seat and took a deep drag on his cigarette.

He took out his phone and called Jay. "Jay, I have asked you to investigate the matter of Nancy. How is the investigation going?"

Hearing this, Jay raised his head and sighed, "Charles, I have been working hard..."

To be honest, it is just that there is no way to find out.

"Well, give me a result as soon as possible." Charles couldn't wait anymore.

"Okay," Jay answered, but he was not sure whether he could find out.

After finishing, he sighed, feeling melancholy.

It occurred to him that he still needed to make a breakthrough from the people knew Nancy well.

But someone who was familiar with Nancy... Who would it be?

It was known to all in the world that Nancy and the Ning family didn't get along well with each other.

After thinking for a while, Jay decided to drive to the sanatorium to find Nancy's mother, Jade.

Jade's condition had been well controlled. She was able to communicate through eye contact, smile and speak very vaguely.

Doris happened to be on the night shift in the hospital last night, so she bought some flowers and drove her second-hand car to the sanatorium. She wanted to talk with Nancy's mother.

In the past few years, when Nancy was not in H City, Doris had come to meet her mother frequently. So, Jade was very dependent on Doris. As soon as she saw Doris, her eyes narrowed into slits happily. Then Jade would mumble joyfully.

Putting the flowers away, Doris went to get some water for Jade, washed her head and face, and cut her nails.

While Doris was humming and walking out of the room with the basin in her hands, she suddenly knocked into someone.

With a clatter, the basin of water directly flew out

The water splashed.

"You are blind..." Doris was a short tempered woman. She shouted to that person who knocked into her.

But when she looked at the man, she couldn't help laughing.

The basin flew out of her hand and hit the man's head exactly.

"Ha ha, it's not my fault. You bumped into me!" Explained Doris with a smile.

Jay had never been so "lucky". He had just looked up at the door number excitedly. The staff of the sanatorium told him that Nancy's mother was in room 8 on the second floor.

But when he came to the door of room 8, he was bumped into by a woman.

But what's wrong with the basin?

What's wrong with the water?

What made him even more unacceptable was the sight of a woman standing in front of him and laughing wildly when he took out the basin, annoyed.

"Naughty girl, look at me. Can you laugh at me? You take pleasure in my misfortune, huh? " He threw the basin to the ground, wiped the water off his face and shouted at her, gritting his teeth.

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