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   Chapter 26 She Is Not Your Mother

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6541

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Charles gave a cold glance.

They were so frightened that they shrank their necks and stopped talking.

He had planned to go to the hospital to pick up Nancy, and then they could go to the kindergarten to pick up Bobby. However, his good mood was completely ruined by what Fannie said.

"Daddy, are you okay?" Bobby noticed that Charles's expression had changed and whispered.

Charles didn't say anything.

"Where's Mommy?" Bobby asked again.

"Bobby, she is not your mother." Charles said coldly.

It was like a big blow to Bobby. What was wrong with his father? His daddy had promised that he would call Nancy Mommy, but why did he change his mind so soon?

"She's my mom, you're a bad daddy. Humph!" Hearing Charles's words, Bobby felt pity for himself. He turned around and didn't look at Charles.

With a gloomy face, Charles didn't say anything.

'What happened? Daddy's face is so bad!'

So, Bobby took Charles's phone and opened the wechat.

When she saw the familiar profile photo of Nancy, she grinned unconsciously.

"Mommy, are you there?"

Nancy just got off work, and she had three consecutive operations this day. She was exhausted.

She took off the sterile clothes and walked out of the operation room. Then she went to her office and sat down, taking out her cellphone and starting it up.

She turned off her phone when she had the surgery.

When the phone was on, a wechat message popped up.

As soon as she saw "Mommy", she knew that it was Bobby.

Nancy replied, "Yes."

"Mommy, daddy seems to be angry. Do you know what happened?"

Nancy was surprised, and thought Charles seemed to be very happy this morning. 'What happened today? Did something happen to the company? Or something else?'

"Bobby, I don't know."

"Mommy, I think Daddy just miss you too much. What do you think?"

Nancy smiled helplessly. "I don't think so."

However, Charles had said he would come to pick her up after work. She didn't know why he hadn't come.

A sense of loss came over her.

"Bobby, give me the phone!" Lost in various fancies and conjectures, Charles suddenly found Bobby's fingers texting on his mobile phone. What else could this little guy do besides looking for Nancy?

"Daddy, I want to ask Mommy about your anger..." Before Bobby could finish his sentence, the mobile phone was grabbed by Charles. He said, "Don't call her Mommy again!"

He said it again! Bobby hated it.

He covered his ears with his hands and yelled, "No! I don't want to hear it..."

After a while, when there was no message from Bobby any more, Nancy exited the wechat.

"Are you available tonight?" Clare came over and said softly.

Nancy shook her head, "You want to treat me?"

She was really hungry now. Thinking that Charles might not be able to come to her, she felt free.

"Sure, it's my treat as long as you enjoy it. Tell me, what do you want to eat?" Clare stretched out his body, put his hands on the desk in front of Nancy, and looked at her gently with his big eyes.

"Anything is fine." Said Nancy.

Clare sighed helplessly, "You always say that. I have been scared of you saying that since I was a child." ...

"Okay, you make the decision. I will eat whatever you choose." Nancy replied,

since she was never fussy about food.

"Well, pretty girl, let's have barbecue. I know you like the smell of smoking." Clare said with a tender smile.

Nancy stood up, "It's so nice for you to remember."

"Humph! I've been your brother for so many years. I know you, all right? Let's go." Then Clare waved the car keys and went out.

Nancy followed him.

Although it was the early autumn of summer, there were still many people having barbecue at the beach.

Clare found a relatively quiet place to sit down, and ordered prawns, spicy meat skewers, chicken wings, cartilage and so on.

"You ordered too much. What if we can't eat them up?" When they were at school, Clare often invited Nancy to have a barbecue. At that time, Nancy was so obsessed with barbecue that she ate a lot every time.

"We can pack the rest." Clare said.

The words were same as many years ago.

However, they were no longer the innocent young couple.

Nancy and Clare looked at each other and smiled.

However, the atmosphere in the Fu family was a bit awkward.

"Daddy, it's time for dinner." Bobby was very sad and depressed. Without mommy, there seemed to be a lot missing and his heart was empty.

But daddy looked very angry. Did he quarrel with Mommy?

Bobby was really worried.

But he had to ask daddy to eat. So Bobby knocked on the study door.

'Yes, daddy was strange today. He locked himself in the study after they got home. What is he doing there?'

Bobby was curious. He thought his daddy must have quarreled with mommy.

What was Charles doing? His eyes were red. He googled Nancy's name and tried to search for her information. However, there wasn't much information about her on the Internet.

He could only get things like, she was the eldest daughter of the Ning clan, the medical school she was in, and the award she had taken in a school artistic evening party.

It could be seen that Nancy was also an active girl when she was in college.

Charles turned off the computer in disappointment.

Then he heard the anxious voice of Bobby.

Charles couldn't get it. He had always been an indifferent person, but he was on the verge of breaking out when he heard that Nancy had given birth.

He then made a call to Jay.

"Charles, what's up?" Jay was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, watching TV and eating sunflower seeds. Rarely, he didn't hang out tonight because he was a little tired of it.

Yes, tired.

Massaging the spot between the eyebrows, Charles said leisurely, "Check the information about Nancy."

"It's just a piece of cake..." Jay wanted to say, "Could you ask your men to investigate it? It's just a trifle. You ask me to do it because you don't want me to relax, do you?"

"I don't think it's a piece of cake. You can have a try." As he spoke, he sent the information he had got to Jay.

Somehow, the closer he approached Nancy, the more he felt that she was mysterious.

Charles hated this kind of feeling very much.

"Okay, I'll do it right now." Having no choice, Jay put down the remote control, picked up the phone and gave orders to his man.

He thought it was an easy thing, but two hours later, all the information he got was the same as the one that Charles had found.

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