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   Chapter 25 The Vulgar Woman

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Although he disliked this woman, he was not eager to show it. Thus, he chuckled and said, "Your words remind me that I should let Nancy see how her sister hooked up with me behind her back."

Then he took out his phone.

Fannie snatched the phone from his hand. She kissed on it calmly and said, "Mr. Charles, please don't do this. My sister likes taking things too seriously. If you let her see us together, she will get angry. She will quarrel with me every time she gets angry. I'm so afraid."

"Yeah, I like the way Nancy gets angry." Shrugging, he said.

"Mr. Charles, I'm more... I'm more attractive than my sister. " She looked at him with seductive eyes, gently scratching his neck with her finger.

"It's far. There is a world of difference. " He took away her hands and said, "Go away!".

"Is there any difference between me and my sister?" Her biggest weakness was her self-confidence and so arrogant. She even ignored the disdain look from his eyes.

In no mood to continue the game with this vulgar woman, Charles pushed away Fannie abruptly.

It happened so fast that she fell on the ground.

"Fannie, if Nancy is as pure as white cloud, and you are as dirty as excrement!" Grim faced, he took out a handkerchief, gently wiped his fingers, and then threw it on Fannie forcefully.

Any woman with a clear mind would leave in shame.

But Fannie really had no self-awareness at all. Maybe in her heart, she was much more beautiful and superior than Nancy, so men should prefer her more.

"Mr. Charles, are you kidding? I believe my sister is as dirty as excrement. She is such an ordinary woman. How can she be compared with me? " Fannie went on.

"Nancy's sister?" he snorted. "Fannie? As far as I know, you've been married to Caspar for four years. And you have a child. Does he know that you come out to look for me?

"Of course. My husband is very glad to let me look for you." This stupid woman, Fannie, still hoped that Charles would do something to her.

This reminded her of how she took Caspar away from Nancy. At this moment, she played the same trick again, trying to take Charles away from her again.

Even though Charles was just playing with a woman, the woman must be her, not Nancy.

Nancy was an ordinary woman, and how could she deserve a man as excellent as Charles.

Look! That is difference between her and Nancy.

Maybe out of jealousy.

"Good!" He nodded.

"I knew you would fall in love with me."

"Yes, I do. Go to the room and clean it up. Wait for me there." He pulled off his tie and said.

Fannie was surprised. She smiled and said, "Mr. Charles, please be quick."

"Okay." He nodded.

In high heels, Fannie walked into the lounge room.

With a dismissive sneer, Charles walked out of the office.

"Hiram." He shouted.

Hiram was his bodyguard and had been waiting in one side's office. At this moment, when he heard the call of his boss, he hurried out and greeted, "Mr. Charles!"

"Take some people to my lounge, throw away her clothes, wrap her with a blanket, and throw her out onto the street."

"Yes." He replied in respect.

Hiram thought, 'What a paranoid woman! How dare she come to my boss's office and do such thing to him like that?


When he entered the lounge, he saw Fannie closed her eyes and lost in wild imaginations.

She thought that after today, she could fawn on him in his arms and asked him to do anything.

First, he had to keep him away from Nancy.

The second, of course, was to let him invest in the company of the Ning family.

Third, let him give her money.

But how much money should she ask?

He was such a rich man. She should ask much more money!

A hundred million?

Too little, maybe a billion?

"Cut the clothes into pieces and throw them away. And then get her out of here now." Hiram's cruel voice interrupted Fannie's imagination.

She opened her eyes and saw the fierce looking men. She was scared.

"What are you doing? I'm waiting for Mr. Charles, your CEO. If you dare to do anything to me, he won't let you off! " Fannie held the quilt tightly with both hands.

"Bah, bitch, how dare you deserve to call our CEO's name?" He spat on Fannie's face.

"What do you mean? You..." At this moment, Fannie finally realized that she was cheated by Charles.

"I mean, you will be got out of here now." Hiram waved his hand and said, "Hurry up. Don't let this woman dirty Mr. Charles's bed."

"Yes." Several men in black rushed up and wrapped her with a quilt.

"Let go of me! Don't throw my clothes away! I'm leaving! I'm leaving now!" Fannie screamed.

"Yes, you must leave, but you don't have to go in person. We'll help you." He then gestured these men to lift her up.

No matter how capable she was, she was no more than a woman. She was no match for the strength of a few men.

She was carried out by the men like a pig to be slaughtered.

"Charles, I tell you. You are fascinated by that cunning woman and can't see the truth of her. She gave birth to a baby. Haha... She is not a perfect woman anymore and you are cheated by her but you still protect her. Hahaha..."

Fannie gritted her teeth and laughed wildly.

How could she not get mad? She was spoiled by Jill and Clark since she was a child, but Charles treated her so brutally today. She even wanted to kill Nancy immediately to relieve her hatred.

"Slap her in the face. Slap her as long as she opened her mouth. Until she shut up!" Charles ordered coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Charles." Hiram replied.

Hiram kept slapping her all the time. There was only the sound of slap left.

At first, Fannie was stubborn and kept talking. But when she felt more and more pain in her mouth and it was so swollen that she didn't feel anything, she howled.

With a gloomy face, Charles walked into the office, while Fannie's words were still echoing in his ears.

"Nancy has a child..."

With a more grim face, he didn't want to read the documents anymore.

He took out his phone for several times and wanted to call Nancy. However, he did not dial out.

Therefore, all the people of the group saw that their boss was smiling in the morning, but in the afternoon, his face turned very cold, as if he would go to kill.

"Our CEO's face has changed so fast."

"Oh, it was just an accident this morning. Coldness is our boss's most normal expression."

"Yes. I miss Mr. Charles in the morning so much. At that time, he is so warm and nice."

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