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   Chapter 24 Daddy, Don't Peek

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"Bobby, your mommy is not angry. I was just teasing her. Hum, look, I bought new clothes for your mommy. " "Have a try," said he softly while he opened the package and took out the clothes inside

After saying that, he looked at the red face of Nancy.

A stream of warmth flowed through her eyes. Although she was panicked, she said in a stiff voice, "Thank you."

Shrugging his shoulders, he smiled.

"Daddy, let me help you to cover your eyes and let mommy change her clothes." Bobby was afraid that his daddy might quarrel with his mommy. Since mommy was about to change her clothes, he thought that he shouldn't let his daddy see her doing that!

Because Daddy was a man, not a baby.

Bobby was the cute baby.

"Bobby, don't bother. We can close our eyes, one, two, three..." Said Charles.

"Daddy has a good idea. Don't peek at it, daddy." Look, he was only a child after all, and he was fooled by Charles again.

"Em. You are not allowed to peek. I will cover your eyes, while you can cover daddy's eyes. " Charles lowered his head and said in a joyful voice.

"Okay, daddy." Hearing his words, Bobby really stretched out his hand to cover his daddy's eyes.

And his eyes were covered tightly by a pair of big hands of Charles.

Watching them, Nancy was speechless and walked into the bathroom with her clothes.

Although the bathroom was made of frosted glass, her figures were all in view.

A smile broke across Charles's face. What a stupid woman! He had seen everything that should be seen.

If he wanted to see her, how could she escape?

Nancy, something might happen between us.

After breakfast, Charles sent Bobby to the kindergarten and then sent Nancy to the hospital.

To avoid suspicion, she let him park his car a kilometer away from the hospital.

When she just got out of the car, she heard him saying lazily, "Nancy, I'll pick you up after work."

"No, thanks, Mr. Charles." Nancy said in a polite and distant tone.

"Bobby needs you." "I will pay you salary when you are with Bobby. I know you can earn a lot in the hospital, but no one will dislike money, right?"

Nancy sighed and nodded. "Yes, let me think about it."

On the one hand, she really needed money for her mother's medical expenses and nursing expense every month. On the other hand, she really wanted to accompany with Bobby.

Without saying anything, he turned his car and left.

No matter what the reason was, he did not want Nancy to leave for the time being.

He drove to the company. He thought it was as usual, but the employees looked at him strangely.

"What's wrong with me?" When he walked into his office, he sat on the rotating chair and looked up at his secretary who brought him coffee.

Viola had been working as his secretary for Charles for two years, but she never dared to look into his eyes.

She was afraid that his eyes, deep as the sea, were like a huge whirlpool that could easily suck people in.

However, there was no way out. When she looked into the eyes of Charles, her heart beat fast and she blushed. "Mr. Charles, I think you are more handsome today than before. Well, they... They say you laugh today! "


What?" When he heard this, he rubbed his face and understood that why everyone looked at him strangely. Just because of his smiling?

Viola took a deep breath and plucked up her courage to say, "Mr. Charles, you have no idea that you used to be cold and unapproachable. We are afraid of you very much, but today you are handsome and warm. They... They say your smile is as beautiful as the flowers all over the world are blooming. "

Leaning against the back of the chair, he squinted and said, "Are you kidding me?"

Viola was so obsessed with him that she almost went mad. She shook her head and said, "Mr. Charles, it's not exaggerated. You look pretty when you smile."

After saying that, she stared straight at him.

She almost drooled.

"Okay, I get it. You can go now," said Charles with a smile.

"Okay, Mr. Charles!" Viola bowed deeply and left happily.

He rubbed his face with a stiff expression.

He seldom smiled before. Was he pretty when he smiled?

With this doubt, he took out his phone, turned on the camera, and began to try laughing at himself.

In the end, he drew a conclusion that the way he laughed made him look strange.

Dejected, he turned off the camera and leaned back in his chair, fixing his eyes on the ceiling and forcing a smile.

"Excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

"No, I don't."

"Our CEO doesn't want to see any guest if you don't have an appointment. Please go out."

"Let me in. Your CEO will see me! Let me tell you, I'm Nancy's sister. You know who Nancy is, don't you? She is your CEO's girlfriend now! "

There was a noise coming from outside.

In an instant, the smile on his face disappeared and was replaced by his cold face.

Soon, the door of his office was pushed open, and a somewhat beautiful woman came in.

Viola followed this woman inside and said gingerly, "Mr. Charles, I'm sorry. I couldn't stop her..."

He raised his hand and asked Viola to go out first.

Viola had to leave.

"Who are you?" Charles said indifferently, looking at her.

"Mr. Charles, nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you, so I've long wanted to meet you. And, Nancy is my sister. Alas, Nancy was so careless. After she knew a person like you, she didn't mention you to our family. If I hadn't seen the relationship between you and my sister through the mobile phone, we would still be kept in the dark. " Said Fannie, feeling wronged.

"Now you know it. What do you mean? " He had heard something about the Ning family from before. Now that Nancy didn't tell him, he wouldn't ask her much more.

But her sister's attitude today seemed to be a little different.

"Mr. Charles, our family is lower than the Fu family. Please take care of us for my sister's sake." At this moment, Fannie had already walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

Hearing that, he dodged aside to avoid her. Then, Fannie sat on him immediately.

"Mr. Charles, don't let my sister see us like this!" She said in a sweet voice.

He had seen all kinds of women since he had been engaged in business for so long.

It seemed that she was throwing herself at him.

Haha, what did this woman think who he was?

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