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   Chapter 23 Remember Your Identity

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"Yes, Mr. Fu," Nancy said as she stood up. She then ran her fingers through her messy hair.

She felt as if something fell on her hair just now.

She walked quietly out of the bedroom and immediately saw Angelina standing just outside the door. She looked as if she was waiting for Nancy to come out.

"Aunt... Angelina," Nancy greeted her, half hesitating and half embarrassed.

"So, you are Nancy? I am a little familiar with your name. But it doesn't matter. You need to always remember your place here! Don't overthink it. Bobby is just a kid, so never take whatever he says too seriously!" Angelina's voice was soft, but her words were unmistakably a warning to her.

"Don't worry, Aunt. I'm not interested in Mr. Fu. I stay here just for Bobby," Nancy clarified. Nancy was not willing to show even the slightest weakness. And it was the truth that she had no other intention towards Charles.

Charles was like a king that everyone looked up to.

He was too dazzling for her. She felt that if she kept too close to him, she would only get burned.

And she was already hurt once, and that was more than enough for her.

"That's good, then." Angelina involuntarily raised her voice. "The guestroom is ready. It's on the first floor. It's in the same room with the maid."

"Mom, Bobby is already asleep. Why are you shouting here?" Charles asked as he came out of the room. "Nancy, you will sleep in my room. I will sleep in the guest room next to yours," Charles specified. He closed the door gently behind him after he came out.

"What? Charles!" Angelina exclaimed as she stared at her son in disbelief. Charles was a neat freak from a very early age. He never touched any woman except for that one time. And yet that evening, he was willing to let a strange woman sleep in his room.

'Is this really my son, Charles?' Angelica wondered to herself.

"I don't like repeating myself," Charles said in an authoritative voice. He did not allow anyone to refuse him.

"Mr. Fu... you really don't need to do that," Nancy said. She didn't want to cause any trouble in Charles' life.

"What? Didn't you hear me clearly?" Sleep in my room or sleep in my mother's room. Take your pick," Charles pointed out in a cold voice.

"Charles! You let her sleep in your room, and you... It's unreasonable!" Angelina complained. But she knew her son too well. No one could change his mind once he decided on something.

But her bedroom was also Hardy's room. Although he was abroad to accompany his father, it was not a place where anyone could just go to sleep.

Angelina felt helpless with the situation and decided to leave in anger.

Nancy could do nothing else so she decided to silently go to the bathroom to take a shower and freshen up.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

'Who could it be?' Nancy wondered to herself.

She suspected that it must be Charles, but she was taking a shower. So, she wondered why he suddenly decided to come and knock on the shower room door.

'Does he...' she wondered.

She suddenly bit her lips nervously with the thought.

"I brought your pajamas," Charles said calmly from outside the door. His voice sounded emotionless.

Nancy felt relieved and sighed in relief. She decided that she was probably thinking too much.

"Thank you," Nancy said as she opened the door. She then took the pajamas from Charles. He wore a gray cotton shirt.

He turned and left without warning as soon as Nancy took the pajamas from him.

Nancy slept soundly and restfully that evening.

Meanwhile, the Ning family found themselves in a mess.

Fannie held a photo in her hand as she stamped her foot on the floor in anger.

"See this, Dad? It's your good daughter. Nancy has been seducing Charles ever since she got back. She is seducing him on purpose to destroy the Ning family! And all that our family can have now depends on me and Caspar. And it will all be destroyed by

that little bitch!"

Fannie said in anger. She then smashed the photo on the ground.

"Nancy... she didn't do that..." Clark stuttered in reply.

"What do you mean she didn't? She's constantly in touch with Charles lately, and the evidence is clear! How can you take her side on this?" Jill would naturally take the side of her daughter. She was afraid that Nancy had gotten too close to Charles. She was afraid of the details of that car accident that year being exposed. If Charles found out about that car accident, it would all be over for them.

"What can I do, then?" But Clark's ambition had long been gone. Everything was now under Fannie and Jill's control.

"Father, I am asking you. What should we do, now? What can we do if Charles suddenly wants to purchase our company? Will our family end up on the street?" Fannie complained, obviously disturbed by the possibility.

"Don't worry about it, Fannie. I think Charles is just playing with her. Don't take it so seriously. Nancy has a child, you know!" Jill said to comfort Fannie although she herself was not too sure if her idea was right.

Caspar got back just in time to hear some of their conversation.

He overheard Jill's words and immediately felt nervous. Nancy was no longer the same girl that she was from five years ago. She was like a flower that bloomed after all those years. Caspar thought that if he could go back in time and make his choice once more, his choice would be clear.

But he consoled himself with the thought that Nancy was disliked by the Ning family. If he chose to marry her, he would not become as rich as he was now.

So, Caspar straightened himself as he consoled himself with that thought. "Mom is right. Charles is just playing with her," he replied in disgust.

"But I have a bad feeling about it," Fannie said in a foreboding tone of voice as she slowly sat on the sofa to calm herself down.

She has a bad feeling from it all.

She had always suspected that Nancy's return was borne from an evil intent against them.

She felt that she had to do something about it. She could not just sit idly by and wait for oblivion.

Meanwhile, at the Fu family. "Mommy! It's time for breakfast!"

Nancy was washing when Bobby came in. His clear, lively voice sounded very nice to Nancy.

"Sure, Bobby," Nancy replied while she tied her hair into a ponytail.

She suddenly remembered that if she walked out of the room in a men's gray shirt and Angelina saw her, she would look down on her once more.

"You look like you're in a daze. Is it any fun?" Charles said as he entered the room with two packages in his hands. He noticed that she stared at his shirt with a frown, and he smiled playfully at her.

His big gray shirt on Nancy made her look frail, thin and unattractive overall.

However, the more he stared at her, the more she looked beautiful to him.

"Mr. Fu, I'm wondering where the dress that I wore yesterday could be?" The dress that she wore the night before was sexy but looked more appropriate than the gray shirt.

"I threw that away," Charles replied.

"Oh no! I have to go to work today. What if I don't have clothes to wear to work?" Nancy said anxiously.

"You can go to work naked then," Charles said. He immediately raised his eyebrows and looked so surprised.

"Charles Fu!" The alienation that she accumulated towards Charles was immediately shattered by his frivolous idea. He was so serious to her the evening before and yet he was suddenly so silly that morning.

She had heard stories that he was naturally cold to girls and was very abstinent.

But rumors were almost never a reliable source of information.

"Daddy, don't make Mommy angry. If Mommy is angry, so am I!" Bobby immediately thought that his Daddy provoked his Mommy because Nancy exclaimed Charles' full name. He then wondered why his Daddy would even provoke his Mommy when his Daddy didn't even know how to coax a girl properly.

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