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   Chapter 22 She Is Not A Casual Girl

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In Charles's impression, Nancy was a stubborn and independent girl. Now, she was so charming that he felt curious.

Her expression softened unconsciously and the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned. "Nothing. You can just take yourself as Bobby's mommy."


What's the meaning of this?

How could he be so causal like that?

Nancy was in a daze by his words.

"Mommy, let's take a bath together." Holding Nancy's hand, Bobby went upstairs. Suddenly, he remembered something and turned around. He asked earnestly, "Daddy, would you like to take a bath with us?"

Bobby never allowed any servant to give him a bath, so before today, he was bathed by his father every night.

As time passed by, Charles and Bobby had no scruple about taking a bath together. Most of the time, they would lie in the bathtub and play with each other for a while.

Perhaps it was because Bobby felt that he had been snubbed his father that he turned around and asked.

"Yes..." Charles looked nervously at Nancy, thinking that his son had created a good opportunity for him to get close to this woman, but... It must be his wishful thinking.

She was not pedantic, but not a casual girl.

Nancy panicked. "Well... Bobby, if you want me to bathe you, your daddy can't bathe with us. Do you understand? "

Bobby raised his head and looked innocent with his big watery eyes. "Mommy, why?"

"Because Because your daddy is a man and I am a woman... " For the first time, she felt she was unable to make an explanation. It was not easy to explain the "intimate behavior" to a five-year-old kid, "Men and women cannot bathe together."

"Mommy, am I not a man?" Bobby was even more confused.

Nancy was a little crazy. "Bobby, of course you are a man, but you are a child, and I You call me Mommy. You know, as a mommy, I can shower the baby, right? "

Ah Why did she feel more confused?

A low laughter came to her ears. When she turned her head, she saw that Charles touched her chin with a meaningful smile in her eyes.

"I, I..." Nancy felt she was speechless.

"You don't have to explain. I'm glad that you can accept that Bobby call you Mommy!" With a wider smile, he whistled loudly, and walked directly towards them.

Hearing his words, Nancy almost wanted to die.

"I'm mommy's little baby. I'm mommy's baby... " Bobby totally ignored the conversation between the two adults. The word "baby" made him feel so strange but nice.

"Okay, Bobby is good baby. Let's go to take a bath." Nancy looked at the cute Bobby and said softly.

"Okay. Mommy, can you bathe me every day?

Mommy, I'm telling you that I like you very much and my daddy also likes you very much. So you can just live here from now on and don't go back, okay?"

"No, Bobby, I have a family. If you like to be with me, you can come to my home to find me.

What's more, you are too young to understand many things between adults. Marriage is too far away for you. I just want to tell you that I can't live here casually. "

Leaning against the wine cabinet, Charles listened to the conversation between her and his son and gradually narrowed his eyes.

Marriage He seemed to have never thought about it.

He poured himself a glass of wine, but his mind was dragged far away by the sounds of Nancy and Bobby.

He had to face the woman who had suddenly broken into his life seriously. She gave him an unprecedented shock, and for the first time he felt the importance of a woman.

He Should he ask her to stay?

He raised his head and drank the wine in one gulp, and the cool liquor instantly filled his chest. The voice and appearance of Dorothy suddenly intruded into his mind.

Massaging his aching temples, he thought, 'Dorothy... Had he loved her?'

But now he wasn't sure if he still loved her, just like he wasn't sure if he liked Nancy. The reason why he accepted Nancy was that his son needed a mother, or that he really needed a woman!

How could he be so indecisive in love affairs as a decisive and confident businessman.

Nancy had finished bathing for Bobby. She wrapped his soft body with a big bath towel and took his little hand to the children's room.

The main hue was gray blue, and the desk was filled with all kinds of aerospace models.

"Your room is so special!" Nancy praised him. A boy should be strong and special like this.

"Of course! Mommy, I'm a little man!" Bobby climbed into his own bed, sat on it and lifted his arm.

"Yes, I agree with you." Facing such a soft life, she was melting in the heart. She took the hair dryer and couldn't help kissing him on his head, and then dried his hair.

"Mommy, let's go to play a spacecraft model. I love this two. There are two of us. The one who loses will have a funny story." When he was very young, he had already begun to make the game rules.

Like his father.

Nancy nodded with appreciation. "Okay."

Charles didn't know how much red wine he had drunk and walked out of the study until he couldn't feel the taste of the red wine.

He saw that the door of Bobby's room was not closed and the light was still on.

When he opened the door, he saw that Bobby had been lying on the bed with a satisfied smile on his soft lips.

On the other side, Nancy was sitting on a small chair and a model beside the bed. Obviously she was asleep too.

Nancy really looked like his mother.

As soon as he stepped into the room, Charles spontaneously touched his fingers. He bowed his head and kissed Bobby on his forehead. Then he turned around and looked at Nancy who was very delicate and nice, he could not help but kiss on her hair.

Her sweet fragrance made him in a daze. When he wanted to kiss her again, Nancy slowly opened her eyes.

"Mr. Charles..." Nancy rubbed her sleepy eyes. She remembered that just now when she saw Bobby was sleepy, she sang a children's song for him. She didn't know when she fell asleep.

"Um... I'm fine. " "You must be tired. Go and take a shower. You should go to bed early." said Charles, standing up.

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