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   Chapter 21 Bobby Asking Nancy To Stay

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Nancy examined the clothes that she was wearing. She felt that her clothes were too provocative and were inappropriate clothing for visiting a child.

"If you want me to go with you to see Bobby, I think I should change my clothes first."

"No need, as long as you're with me." A slight hint of surprise flashed in Charles' eyes, and he did everything not to show it. "You can use my coat to wrap yourself."

"Oh, then... ...fine." She reflexively pulled her own coat tighter around her and started to tidy up her hair. She hurriedly took out a make-up remover and proceeded to remove the make-up on her face as Charles watched her from the corner of his eyes.

"Yes, you look nicer like that," Charles commented after he stared at her for a long time. He kept his hands on the steering wheel and his eyes at her as the car cruised steadily.

Charles really liked how she looked without make-up: pure and simple, real and unsophisticated.

He had seen so many women fawn over him. Thus, when he saw the sincerity and the graciousness of Nancy, he was surprised and impressed immediately.

"Yes, I agree with you," Nancy said with a smile of self-mockery.

But instead of returning her smile, Charles' face became grim instead. He wanted to ask her something, but ultimately decided against it and said nothing.

It was about that night. Why did she go to that bar alone?

His intuition had long told him that Nancy was a woman with many deep life stories. He wanted to know them all, but didn't dare ask her about it. He decided that caution was the best approach.

They soon arrived at the villa.

And as soon as they got out of the car, they were greeted by the ruckus coming from the living room of the villa.

"Bobby, come out, I beg you. Come out, please!" Angelina said in a pleading voice. She sounded helpless and was almost at the end of her wits.

She was obviously powerless to do anything to stop Bobby.

"No! I will not! If Mommy doesn't come here, I will sleep here tonight!" Bobby said. His young voice was filled with a stern demanding tone.

"But my boy, how and where did you get a mother?"

Charles and Nancy glanced at each other briefly then hurriedly went in. The situation immediately felt urgent to them.

Bobby's tiny body was curled up like a ball inside the fireplace like a poor cornered little animal.

He grasped the door of the fireplace tightly with his two small hands as he looked at Angelina defiantly.

"What's wrong, Bobby?" Charles asked as his eyes were filled with concern for his son. Although he was used to situations like this, he always felt uneasy with his son's outrageous behavior. And he never came up with a permanent solution to address it.

"Well, I don't know what's going on. Our baby seemed to be extremely mad and then demanded to see his mommy. But... ...this thing," Angelina said helplessly in a distressed look as she turned to Charles and Nancy who just entered the living room. "Who is she?" Angelina immediately added when she saw that Charles did not enter the villa alone.

She had never met Nancy before. Angelina asked her personal servant, Sophie, to arrange the deal with regarding the baby with Nancy in the past. Even though she was at the hospital when Nancy gave birth, Angelica never actually saw her.

"Well, she is..."

But before Charles could finish his words, a loud scream interrupted him and filled the room. "She is my Mommy!" Bobby shouted out in excitement.

Angelina's face immediately darkened. "Nonsense!" she said under her breath.

But Nancy was not appropriately dressed. After getting tortured by Marcus for some time, her clothes were stained and filthy and she looked like a drowned cat.

"A pleasure to meet you, Aunt," Nancy greeted Angelina timidly and in an embarrassed tone of voice.

Angelina stared at Nancy in contempt from head to foot. She then turned to Charles and asked in a voice full of reproach, "Charles, please explain."

"Mother, this is not the time to worry who she is. The most important thing right now is to get Bobby to come out from the fireplace!" Charles took a step forward and turned to his son. "Bobby, come out of the

re, right now!" he said.

"I will come out, Daddy, but Grandma must promise me that she will never allow Dorothy to come back here!" Bobby demanded with curled lips and raised eyebrows.

It was then that Charles fully understood what caused his son to lose his temper earlier.


Charles had almost completely forgotten about that woman. Why did Bobby mention her name all of a sudden?

"Mom, what is going on here?" Charles asked coldly as he turned to Angelina.

Angelina coughed gently to cover up her embarrassment. She knew perfectly how her son felt about Dorothy. "I called Dorothy earlier. Charles, you are not getting any younger. You can't be left all by yourself without a woman to take care of you!" Angelina explained with a tone of concern.

"Grandma, don't talk nonsense. Mommy can take care of Daddy!" Bobby replied as his face turned red because of anxiety. He hurriedly turned to Nancy with a hopeful look. "Mommy, you can take care of Daddy, right?"

Nancy's face immediately turned red in embarrassment.

She could easily tell that Charles' mother was disgusted with her.

Why did Bobby keep calling her "mommy" in front of his grandmother? Nancy wondered if Bobby wanted to embarrass her on purpose in front of his grandmother.

Nancy walked towards the fireplace and then opened the door.

"Bobby, come out of there first. Let's have a talk!" Nancy gently ruffled the hair on his head.

"Grandma?" Bobby said as he turned to Angelica stubbornly.

Angelica immediately looked at the clock on the wall. Bobby has been in there for a long time. She suddenly felt worried that something bad might happen to Bobby, so she decided that it was best to agree with his demands.

"All right, my baby. I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I will never let her come back. Okay?" Angelina said softly to Bobby.

"That's very kind of you, Grandma!" Bobby curled his lips and blew a kiss to his grandmother. He then kissed Nancy's face suddenly. "Mommy, you have to stay here."

"That's a good boy, come out now. You will get sick if you stay in there for a long time." Nancy didn't address Bobby's request. She didn't want to stay there and deal with Angelina and her disdain for her.

Additionally, rumors about her and Charles had already started to spread. If she stayed there, the rumors would only get worse.

"Charles, she... she can't stay here. If Dorothy finds out..." Angelina whispered to Charles in a worried voice.

Charles turned to his mother with a scornful look. "Don't you think we should be more concerned with Bobby now instead of other people?" he asked calmly although a tone of irritation could be heard from his voice.

"It's... this is..." Angelina was at a loss for words and was unable to speak even further.

In her heart, Bobby was very important to her, and she did not want anything bad to happen to her grandson.

"Stay here! It is already very late," Charles said to Nancy as he walked towards Bobby and Nancy.

"Daddy is the best! Mommy, stay!" Bobby's eyes sparkled like stars. They were filled with happiness.

And Nancy admitted to herself that it was already very late.

"Well, I will stay then," Nancy said to Bobby with a smile. Her voice was as tender as daffodils.

"Wow! Did you hear that, Grandma? Daddy! Mommy will be staying!" Bobby felt so excited after Nancy confirmed that she would be staying that he hurried to get out of the fireplace. Unfortunately, in his rush to get out, he hit his head on the tight walls of the fireplace. "Ouch!" he cried out.

He covered his head with his hands and frowned.

"Be careful. Let Mommy have a look at it," Nancy said immediately. She was extremely worried as she held her hand out to Bobby.

But she suddenly realized that she had said something wrong. Her face suddenly turned red with the realization. "I was wrong... It should be Aunt...Aunt..."

"No! It's Mommy! As long as Mommy is here, I don't feel any pain at all!" Bobby declared happily with his big doe-like eyes.

Angelina snorted and left immediately.

"Mr. Fu, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" Nancy said as she squeezed her hands together and stared down on the floor.

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