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   Chapter 19 Get Away From This Woman

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"Let her go!" Jay roared in outrage.

Marcus, who was on the verge of breaking out, shouted back without even raising his head, "Who do you think you are? How dare you discipline me?"

With a grim face, Jay snorted in anger. Marcus’ repulsion further infuriated him. He took a few steps forward before kicking hard on Marcus’ shoulder.

"Oh my God... You…" Marcus screamed like a wild pig and finally let go of Nancy.

"Jay…" Nancy cried with joy. There wasn’t a better timing for Jay to show up.

How did he manage to get here in the first place?

He was someone who was reluctant to be left alone. Every night, he hung out with girls in nightclubs and bars.

He drank too much today and was in need of a restroom.

As soon as he walked out of the restroom, he saw a man coming out of the No. 2 Room. The man was walking through the corridor, muttering to himself, "Is that woman Nancy? The one who played with Nadia? Yes, it’s her. I remember seeing her on TV. Marcus, you bastard! You abandoned me for that bitch! I hate you! I hate you!"

Jay’s face changed in confusion. Nancy?

Is she the same woman whom he met with Bobby?

Why would she be here?

In the next second, Jay heard a loud yell for help from the same No.2 Room.

The voice sounded familiar. It was Nancy's voice, clear and gentle. How could Jay not recognize it?

With no second thoughts, he kicked the door open and rushed in right at the moment of desperation.

"Jay?" Marcus finally saw the interloper who came in. His face turned pale out of shock. "Jay, do you know this woman?" he asked.

Jay was a playboy in the city, a well-known face both in the government and the gangs. And the most important thing was that he was a close confidante of Charles. Charles was undoubtedly one of the most influential men in the city, and was clearly someone who Marcus couldn't afford to offend.

But, before Marcus could finish, he was grabbed by his collar and pushed aside by Jay.

"Listen, Marcus! I warn you. Stay away from this woman from now on, or I’ll break your legs!"

"Mister Fang, I think there is a misunderstanding here. It was this woman who said that she adored me and took initiative in approaching me. I didn’t have any improper desire for her. It was she…" Marcus hurried to defend himself.

"Damn it! How dare you say that?" The next second, Jay pulled out his cell phone and dialed Charles’ number. "Charles, I am here at the Shades Bar. I saw Nancy being bullied by Marcus here. What should I do?"

"I’ll be there in ten minutes," Charles replied immediately. Earlier, while sitting in the study, Charles was sulking.

In the afternoon, he went to the kindergarten to pick up Bobby. While returning, Bobby looked quite unhappy.

"What’s wrong?" Charles asked.

"Daddy, I miss Mommy so much."

"Oh, just that? I’ll take you to her. Now cheer up." In fact, Charles also missed Nancy. Now that Bobby had requested to see her, he readily took advantage of it.

"Daddy, you are so nice to me! I love you so much." Bobby grinned with excitement. "We’ll ask Mommy to cook dinner for us, is it okay?"

"Sounds great." Pleasantly agreeing to his wish, Charles took Bobby for a heavy purchase at the grocery store.

However, when they reached the apartment where Nancy lived, no one answered the door.

Charles was unhappy, but he tried to hide his sadness.

Bobby was so worried that he began badgering Charles, "Daddy, call Mommy! Call her now! Give me your phone. I’m calling Mommy!"

He quickly took out Charles’ mobile phone and called Nancy, but only to hear the service tone saying that her phone was switched off.

"Where would Mommy go?" asked Bobby, pouting his lips melancholy.

Throwing the groceries away, Charles turned around and walked downstairs.

"Daddy, do you think Mommy is gone for a date with that man?" Bobby rem

inded Charles in a serious tone, and gave him a sad look.

Charles began to ground his teeth.

"Daddy, I think Mommy is deliberately hiding from us. Would it be that she dislikes us and doesn’t want us anymore?"

"Stop talking, Bobby! Don’t trouble yourself with unnecessary thoughts," Charles said icily.

Bobby slyly spat out his tongue. 'Daddy is jealous, again.

But Mommy, I don’t want you to go for a date.’

After waiting for some time, Charles took Bobby back to home.

"Is my boy back?" Seeing her grandson, Angelina greeted with a smile.

With hands within his pockets, Charles directly went upstairs, ignoring Angelina.

Bobby just followed behind like a small tail.

"What happened?" Angelina asked Bobby, as she saw both the father and son being long faced.

"Shh… grandma, my Dad is injured." Bobby whispered.

"Injured? Where?" Angelina asked anxiously.

Bobby pointed at the pit of his heart and said, "Right here."

"Nonsense!" Angelina grumbled.

"Grandma, I’m telling you the truth. My Dad is hurt in love!" Although Bobby’s voice was soft, he sounded pretty serious.

Angelina was shocked. She knew that her son behaved a little strangely recently. He often lost his mind and seemed quite different. Had he been dating a girl?

But that Dorothy...

At this time, Charles was sitting in the study, with his hands clasped behind his head. His eyes were closed but his mind was immersed in thoughts about Nancy.

He opened his eyes after a while, his mind still deep in thoughts.

Upset, he poured himself a goblet of wine. He drank it in a single gulp. Soon, he began drinking more and more, and stopped only when the entire bottle was poured out.

"Damn it!"

A sudden sense of decadence that he had never experienced made him more upset and restless.

At that time, Jay called him and informed the news about Nancy. Hearing it, Charles left the study so hastily that the chair fell down.

However, without even trying to place it upright, Charles rushed downstairs.

"Where is your Daddy going now?" asked Angelina.

Hearing it, Bobby couldn’t help but shake his head. "Well, it’s really hard to tell, considering that the man is in love," he said in an innocent tone.

"Really? Who is your Daddy in love with?" Angelina wanted Charles to marry a lady from a rich and powerful family. She even considered that if a girl from an ordinary family wished to marry her son, that would only remain her insatiable dream!

Bobby suddenly realized that he shouldn’t reveal it out. He put his little chubby hand over his mouth and said in a muffled voice, "Grandma, I guessed it, I guessed it…"

Hearing the car being driven away from the courtyard, Angelina was lost in thought.

The time it took to usually cover the distance was twenty minutes, but Charles took just ten minutes.

Upon reaching there, he rushed into the room. When he saw the disheveled look of Nancy, his heart suddenly sank. He flew into a fit of rage. He raised his fist and hit hard on Marcus' arm.

With a click, Marcus’ arm was broken.

"Mister Fu... Sorry. I know it was my mistake." Marcus screeched and sat directly on the ground.

"Never mind. He didn’t hurt me." The moment Nancy saw Charles, she felt like crying and almost burst into tears.

Charles took off his coat and covered Nancy with it hurriedly. "My silly girl, how could he treat you like this? He should pay for this."

Moved by Charles’ care for her, Nancy said respectfully, "Mister Fu, thank you for coming."

"You, don’t show off your love here. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to be here any longer. Let me handle this scum, Charles." A feeling of jealousy arose in Jay’s heart when he saw the interaction between Nancy and Charles.

"Well, okay." "Let’s go then." Charles put his arm around Nancy’s shoulders and walked out of the room.

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