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   Chapter 18 Don't Play Hard To Get, Girl

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Nancy comforted herself inside for a while. Then she rubbed her face, squeezed out a charming smile, raised her hand, and knocked at the door.

"Come in..." It was a male's relaxing voice.

Nancy walked in.

Two men in the room widened their eyes. "You... Are you in the wrong room?"

Nancy knew that the man who spoke was Marcus. She had already searched for his photo online.

Nancy smiled, "Mr. Yan, I am coming for you. I have long admired you. I happened to meet you here, so I plucked up the courage to come to you. I hope you don't mind."

Nancy said carefully.

"Really?" Marcus smiled like a fox and looked at Nancy up and down.

Nancy, 5.5 feet, looked more attractive in a tight lace skirt.

Marcus narrowed his eyes with a playful smile.

However, the man sitting next to him changed his face. "We don't need you here. You can leave now!"

Marcus raised his hand and said, "Don't do that. Since she is my fan, you can't ask her to leave. It would be better to have a drink with her, right?"

"What... Fine." The man mumbled unwillingly.

Nancy had studied psychology when she was in University, so she could tell from their behavior that they must have a complicated relationship.

But Marcus seemed to be a little interested in her since he asked her to stay.

What did it mean?

It only meant that he was a scumbag who was bisexual!

That's why her wife became a shrew. The unhappy marriage led to her mental disorder.

Nancy smiled and went over. She squatted down, took up the bottle and poured wine into the goblets of the two men.

Then she poured herself some wine.

"Come on, gentlemen, it's really nice to meet you. May I propose a toast to you?" Nancy raised her goblet calmly.

"Girl, your skin is so white and tender. I like it, ha ha." Marcus made no secret of his scum nature, and focused his eyes on Nancy.

The man beside him had already bitten his lips angrily. Apparently, he was jealous.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Yan. I'm not as smooth as a kid anymore." Nancy dared not stay long, so she changed the subject to the kid. "I heard you have a daughter and she's very cute..."

Marcus waved his hand impatiently and said, "Forget about her. She is just a toy Flora brought home to kill her loneliness."

A toy?

How could such a cute child be only a toy in the Yan family?

It was too cruel!

"You seem to care a lot about the kid. What? You want to be her mother?" The other man raised his eyebrows and said jealously.

This man's voice was very sharp, as if he were a eunuch from the ancient feudal society.

He looked at her as if he was going to skin her alive.

Nancy poured another glass of wine for Marcus. "I'm just asking. Please don't mind. Come on, let's drink."

Nancy leaned over, put her hand on Marcus's arm and looked at him seductively.

She wanted to get him drunk as soon as possible so that she could ask him something. The eunuch was there, and she believed that Marcus wouldn't do anything to her.

But eunuch caught her hand. He gritted his teeth and said, "Woman, what do you want from Mr. Yan?"

Nancy gasped in pain and said in a cutesy voice

, "Mr. Yan, I'm just a girl. I don't want anything from you. I just admire you!"

"Well, I love your admiration. Get out, Paul!" Marcus pushed another man with great strength. The man couldn't help but take a step back and let go of Nancy.

"Actually, I just want to drink with Mr. Yan. Don't get me wrong, sir. You don't need to leave." Nancy knew that she would be safe as long as the man was there.

"Mr. Yan..." That man, who was called "Paul", was reluctant to leave. He looked at Marcus, feeling wronged.

Obviously, Marcus got impatient. He said coldly, "Didn't you hear me? I asked you to leave. I'm not in the mood to play with you tonight. And I like women, too. Don't you know that?"

"I know, I know... Then tomorrow night..." The man became less aggressive. He gave a plaintive look to Marcus and stood up to leave.

There were only two of them in the room, which made the atmosphere weird.

Nancy was a little nervous. She quickly picked up the bottle and poured wine for Marcus. "Mr. Yan, I have heard you a lot. It's lucky for me to see you today. You are so nice and handsome. I'd like to propose another toast to you!"

Marcus's eyes looked directly at Nancy and were like flames that were going to burn her.

"Mr. Yan, to be honest, I have seen your daughter. She is really a lovely girl and I like her very much. In fact, I come to you because I hope you and your wife can allow me to see her..."

Nancy finally blurted out her purpose.

Marcus gave a slight sniff, "Why did you mention that disappointing girl? This is a good time for us. Dear, you want to toast me, don't you? It would be boring to drink in a goblet, but with your mouth... I like it. Ha, ha!"

As he spoke, he had already grabbed Nancy's arm.

"Mr. Yan, please behave yourself!" Nancy was afraid and pulled her arm hard.

"Don't you adore me? Now I will give you the opportunity to admire me. Don't be pretentious. What I hate most is the woman who is playing hard to get. I don't have that patience. Come on!" His hands were more unbridled as he directly grabbed Nancy's clothes.

Obviously, it didn't go as Nancy had planned. She was panicked.

"Marcus, stop it! I'm going to call for help!" Nancy shouted in panic.

"I came to me. Now you tell me you want to call help? Even if you shout, do you think the people here dare to meddle in my business?" At this time, Marcus had shown his true colors. He was like a beast with bared fangs, wanting to swallow Nancy at once.

"Somebody, help!" Nancy fiercely threw her goblet to Marcus.

But it was a pity that Marcus blocked it with his arm. The red wine flew down on Nancy's body.

Nancy seized the chance to stand up and run away. Naturally, Marcus wouldn't let her go. He ravenously pounced her on the ground.

'Damn it! I haven't got to know more about Nadia's background. Now I am going to pay for it!'

"Let me go, let me go, you bastard!" Nancy shouted.

"You bitch! Since you call me bastard, why should I let you go? Ha ha!" He dragged Nancy to the sofa.

"Help, help..."

At this critical moment, the door of the room was opened with a "bang" and Jay appeared at the door.

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