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   Chapter 17 Daddy Had To Conquer Mommy

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They quickly took off their blindfolds and saw a woman walking out of the crowd.

While scolding Nadia, she grabbed her tightly and pinched on her butt.

Nadia bit her lips and remained silent.

"Hey, what are you doing? We just played together. How could you do that to a child?" Nancy couldn't stand it and said angrily.

The woman raised her eyebrows and said, "I'm teaching my daughter a lesson. It's none of your business. "Who the hell are you? Go to hell!"

"You..." Nancy was exasperated.

"Madam, abusing child should be sentenced. Don't you know that?" With a cold face, Charles said.

"Alas!" The woman put on a seductive smile and said, "Oh, Mr. Charles, you must be very busy these days, aren't you? So you don't need to worry about my family affairs. This kid is so naughty. If I don't teach her now, she will make big trouble when she grow up!"

Then she pinched Nadia in the arm and continued, "You are too young to date handsome guys. You will do something big when you're older, will you?"

"What... What are you talking about? Are you her mother?" She couldn't hold her temper any longer, and stepped forward, wanting to argue with the woman.

Charles grabbed her in the arm and said, "She is not your child. You can't do anything about it!"

The woman smirked and left with Nadia.

Nadia turned to look at Nancy while walking.

Nancy felt her heart ached.

She could not bear to see any child suffer from any grievances after she gave birth.

"Alas, poor kid, how come she have such a mother?"

"Yes, I have seen it several times. This child was always hit by her mother."

"Isn't she Marcus Yan's wife, Flora Feng? She is always like that. She always swear like a shrew at home. I wonder how the Feng family have such an impolite girl?"

"Marcus Yan, Yan family, Flora Feng..." Nancy imprinted their names on her mind.

Since Nadia left, Nancy was quite absent-minded.

She didn't know how she managed to finish the last parent-child activity. She only remembered that in the nose-touching segment, Charles touched her for several times, his lips touched her forehead, eyes, nose, and even ears.

However, she had been thinking about Nadia, felt no throbbing.

So, only Charles was thrilled. Although he was blindfolded, he accurately kissed on Nancy's face. He couldn't tell if it was intentional or coincidental.

Or the difference in height?

Bobby had a good time this day, immersing in the company of his parents.

They had dinner outside.

Then, Charles sent Nancy back.

"Mommy, remember to miss me!" Bobby waved his hands at Nancy reluctantly.

"Hey, Bobby, you seem to forget something." Charles reminded him calmly.

Bobby was so smart that he immediately understood his father's meaning. He shouted again, "Mommy, don't forget to miss me and Daddy!"

Nancy looked at Charles with hatred.

A wicked grin appeared on Charles's face.

"I will miss you, Bobby. You have to be good, all right?" Nancy ignored Charles and said to Bobby.

"OK, I will be good, so will Mommy. Eat well." Bobby stood still, his big eyes were about to burst into tears.

"Boys shouldn't be too emotional. Let's go." Charles opened the door and got Bobby in the car.

Looking at Nanc

y through the window, Bobby said, "No. The boy can't be emotional when he is with another boy, but with a girl, his sensibility would touch her."

Charles cast a glance at Bobby in disbelief. He thought, 'how could this little guy learn to guess women's mind at such a young age?'

Well, it seemed that he knew more than him, the daddy!

"You brat, conquering a woman is my business. What you need to do now is to conquer your study. Do you understand?"

Turning his little head around, Bobby said seriously, "I'm not interested in conquering any woman. I'm interested in Daddy conquering Mommy."

"Well, I can have a try!"

Nancy returned home.

She opened the door and sat on the sofa.

Without Charles and Bobby, her heart was suddenly empty.

The case about her giving birth came to her mind.

Baby, baby...

Then, it was Nadia's face.

And her big watery and pitiful eyes.

Nancy took out her phone, and searched Marcus Yan on it. Then all kinds of gossip about him came out.

The most arresting one was that Marcus's wife hadn't been pregnant for six years since she married him, so the public had guessed that Marcus Yan had a sexual orientation problem.

Nancy tightened her fingers on the phone.

Was Nadia brought up by the Yan family?

Charles's words sounded in Nancy's ear, "Nancy, she really looks like you!"

Could it be that...

A bold idea came to her mind.

Could Nadia be the baby girl taken away by Fannie?

Not daring to delay, Nancy called Doris at once.

Right then, after taking a shower, Doris saw that it was Nancy who was calling. She snorted with disdain and said, "You are such a bitch who values boyfriend more than friends. You've been dating with Charles for a whole day and now you just think of me, don't you?"

"Doris, I'm not in the mood to joke with you. I have something to tell you."

"Oh... What is it?"

In Doris's eyes, Charles was the one who could handle everything well.

Nancy was asking her for help. Seriously?

"I want you to help me inquire about the whereabouts of Marcus Yan, the president of the Yan Group..."

"Nancy, that Marcus Yan... He is far worse than Charles. You can't be so greedy and reckless." said Doris surprisedly.

"It's not like what you think. I have something to tell him." Doris didn't know that Nancy had babies, so Nancy couldn't explain it to her.

"Well, all right, I'll have a try," Doris sighed.

"Thank you!"


In less than ten minutes, Doris sent Nancy a message.

It was said that Marcus would have a date in No. 2 Room of Shades the next evening.

The next evening, the next evening...

Nancy wanted to go to Marcus Yan and ask him if he got Nadia from Fannie.

In addition to work, looking for daughter became the primary task for Nancy.

The next evening, Nancy dressed herself up carefully, wearing a sexy black low necked lace skirt and black high heels with long curly hair, making her look fashionable and enchanting.

Yes, she was right. She couldn't even get close to a playboy like Marcus Yan without dressing herself up.

Nancy took a taxi to the bar Shades.

Inside the bar, there was a noise of people.

Nancy went through a long corridor and arrived at No.2 Room.

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