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   Chapter 17 Daddy Had To Conquer Mommy

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Charles and Nancy quickly took off their blindfolds and saw a woman walking out of the crowd.

Still scolding Nadia, the woman grabbed her tightly and pinched her butt.

But instead of crying out in pain, Nadia bit her lip and remained silent.

"Hey, what are you doing? We were just playing together. How can you do that to a child?" Nancy said angrily.

The woman turned to her and raised her eyebrows. "I'm just teaching my daughter a lesson. It's none of your business. Who the hell are you? Get lost!"

"You..." In her frustration, Nancy didn't know what to say.

"Ma'am, child abuse is an offense punishable by law. Don't you know that?" Charles interjected coldly.

The woman jerked around to give him a piece of her mind, but when she saw his face, her expression changed completely. A seductive smile appeared on her face as she said, "Oh, Mr. Fu! You must be very busy these days, right? So you don't need to worry about my family affairs. This girl is too naughty. If I don't teach her a lesson now, she will make big trouble when she grows up!"

Then, she turned to Nadia and pinched her arm. "Aren't you too young to be flirting with handsome men? You will really cause big trouble when you're older, won't you?"

"What... What are you talking about? You're not even speaking like a mother!" Nancy said, unable to control her temper any longer.

However, Charles grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "She is not your child. You can't do anything about it!"

The woman just smirked in response, and then left with Nadia.

As they walked away, Nadia turned her head and gave Nancy one last glance.

When their eyes met, Nancy felt her heart ache.

Ever since she had given birth, she could not bear to see any child suffer.

"Poor kid. How can such a mother exist?"

"Yes, I have seen them several times. This child is always being hit by her mother."

"Isn't she Marcus Yan's wife, Flora Feng? She is always like that. She always swears like a sailor at home. I wonder how the Feng family had such an impolite daughter!"

'Marcus Yan, Yan family, Flora Feng...' Nancy recited, imprinting these names on her mind.

After Nadia left, Nancy became quite absent-minded.

She didn't even know how she managed to finish the last parent-child activity. All she could remember was that in the nose-touching segment, Charles' lips had touched her forehead, her eyes, and even her ears before finally finding her nose.

However, she had been so preoccupied that her heart hadn't fluttered at all.

Charles, on the other hand, had been thrilled at the boundless opportunities to kiss Nancy's face. And what were the chances of him accurately kissing her face, anyway?

Maybe it was due to their difference in height that he had gotten it right.

As for Bobby, he had a great time owing to the company of both parents for the first time in his life.

After the event was over, the three of them dined out.

Then, Charles dropped Nancy home.

"Mommy, remember to miss me!" Bobby called out as he reluctantly waved goodbye to Nancy.

"I think you forgot something, Bobby," Charles reminded him calmly.

Bobby was so smart that he immediately understood what his father was implying. "Mommy, don't forget to miss me and Daddy!" he shouted again.

Nancy shot Charles a glare,

but he merely grinned at her in response.

Then, she turned to Bobby and said, "I will miss you, Bobby. You have to be a good boy, all right?"

"I will, Mommy. Eat well." Bobby stood still, looking as if he was about to burst into tears.

"Boys shouldn't be too emotional. Let's

go." Charles opened the door and ushered Bobby into the car.

Staring at Nancy through the window, Bobby said, "A boy shouldn't be emotional when he's with another boy. But if he's emotional when he's with a girl, then the girl will feel touched."

Charles cast a glance at Bobby in disbelief. 'How does this little guy know how a woman's mind works at such a young age?' he wondered.

It certainly seemed as if Bobby knew more than he did!

"You brat, conquering a woman is my business. What you need to do now is to conquer your studies. Do you understand?"

Turning his little head around, Bobby said seriously, "I'm not interested in conquering any women. I'm interested in Daddy conquering Mommy."

"Well, I can have a try!" Charles agreed happily.

Meanwhile, Nancy entered her house and sank into the sofa in the living room.

Without Charles and Bobby around,

her heart suddenly felt empty.

Her memory of giving birth suddenly flashed in her mind.

Her babies...

And then all of a sudden, she thought of Nadia's face and her big watery eyes.

Frowning, Nancy took out her phone and typed "Marcus Yan" on a search engine.

The next instant, a slew of news and gossip articles about him popped up.

However, there was one particular article that stood out to her. According to that article, Marcus' wife hadn't gotten pregnant even six years after their marriage, so it was widely rumored that Marcus had interest in men only.

As Nancy skimmed through this article, her fingers tightened around her phone.

Could Nadia have been adopted by them?

Charles' words sounded in Nancy's head. "Nancy, she really looks like you!"

Could it be?

The baby girl that had been taken away from her...

could it be Nadia?

Not daring to delay, Nancy called Doris at once.

Doris had just come out of the shower when she saw Nancy calling her on the phone. She quickly answered and said with mock disdain, "You're a bitch who values boyfriend more than friends. You've been out with Charles the whole day and you're only thinking of me now, aren't you?"

"Doris, I'm not in the mood to joke with you. I have a favor to ask you."

"Oh... What is it?"

Doris was a little taken aback. In her eyes, Charles could handle any problem.

Why was Nancy asking her for help instead?

"I want you to help me inquire about the whereabouts of Marcus Yan, the president of the Yan Group."

"Nancy, that Marcus Yan... He is far worse than Charles. You can't be so greedy and reckless," Doris chided.

"It's not what you think. I have something to tell him," Nancy replied seriously. Since Doris didn't know that she had given birth before, she couldn't explain any further.

"Well, all right. I'll try," Doris said with a sigh.

"Thank you!"


Ten minutes later,

Nancy received a message from Doris saying that Marcus would be in Room No. 2 of Shades Bar the next evening.

As she read the message, she made a resolute decision.

She would go to Marcus Yan in person and ask him if Nadia was adopted.

Now, looking for her daughter became Nancy's priority.

The next evening, Nancy dressed herself up carefully, wearing a sexy low-neck black dress and high heels. Paired with her long curly hair, she looked fashionable and enchanting.

She had to dress this way, otherwise, she wouldn't even be able to get close to a playboy like Marcus Yan.

Once she was ready, she took a cab to Shades Bar.

Inside, there was loud music and a crowd of people.

Ignoring them, Nancy walked along the long corridor at the side and arrived at Room No. 2.

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