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   Chapter 16 Perfect Cooperation

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Hearing that, Bobby immediately curled his lips with disdain. He thought that Nadia was an ugly duckling, but he was a handsome boy. How does he look like Nadia?

"Director Zhao, I don't think so." Nancy rubbed her hands with embarrassment.

"Not really. Don't you see that Nadia's eyes and nose look like yours. And her thick eyebrows look like Mr. Charles's very much. Her little mouth and small ears look so much like Bobby's... "

Bobby became more and more annoyed with the girl.

Nancy felt embarrassed very much. What Director Zhao said was too outrageous.

Charles rubbed his chin and looked at Nadia and Nancy. What Director Zhao said was right. Nadia and Nancy really looked like each other.

Indeed, coincidence happened in this boundless universe.

Hearing that Director Zhao kept on talking, Charles had lost his patience. He took Nadia's hand and walked towards. "Let's go. Our parent-child activity is about to begin."

Nancy smiled awkwardly and said goodbye to Director Zhao.

"She's right. This girl looks like you very much." Said Charles.

"I know you are mocking me on purpose!" Nancy answered in disgust.

"If you don't believe me, then I have no choice." Charles shrugged.

"So what? You gave me a son, and now you want to give me a daughter?" Nancy said angrily.

"Is it not good to have both children?" An evil smile flashed across Charles's face.

"Now I understand. You just suffer from a hypochondria. I'm quite familiar with the psychiatrist. Do you want to see him another day? " Nancy said seriously.

"If I didn't guess wrong, hypochondria is a kind of mental disease, right? I heard that people with mental disease don't have to bear the consequences for doing bad things, so I'd better stay sane for the rest of my life. If one day I can't control myself and have sex with you, I will also be prepared... "

"Charles!" Nancy gritted her teeth with hatred.

"Nancy, let me tell you, you are too young to bicker with me!"

They were not just bickering. In fact, Charles was also a scheming man. If she insisted on fighting with him, she might not be able to defeat him.

"Mommy, daddy, come here! Get dressed!" Bobby shouted.

They walked quickly towards him.

The name of the first parent-child activity was "Comparing".

Parents and children were wearing inflatable clothes, which made them easily fall down, but not dangerous. The families were in a group. The one who arrived at the finish line first would win the prize.

Bobby quickly put on his clothes. Nadia was a little shorter than him and her clothes were a little big. And then her little head shrank.

Bobby gloated. "You're so stupid, Nadia. Hahaha..."

"Bobby, don't talk like that. You should encourage her." Nancy softly complained, "Come here, Bobby. Help Nadia put on her clothes. You are a man, so you should take good care of her. "

Nancy's gentle voice aroused Bobby's desire to protect her.

He walked to Nadia and said, "Let me help you."

"Thank you, Bobby." Nadia put her head out and said.

It didn't take long for Nancy and Charles to get dressed. They were two kids in the middle, one on the side of Nancy and the other on the side of Charles.

The referee raised the red flag and announced, "Go!".

Then ten family members tried their best to r

un forward.

With arrogance, Charles thought that it would be as easy as pie to carry out these activities as he had practiced martial arts with his strong body.

Unexpectedly, it needed a lot of cooperation and tacit understanding for the four of them to move forward.

Especially, two children walked like two penguins. They swayed each step and were unable to run at all.

"Hurry up, daddy, Mommy..." Seeing that they were the third now, Bobby anxiously shouted to them.

"Daddy, Mommy," Nadia shouted at them, gasping for air.

"Don't scream. They are my daddy and my mommy." Sweating, Bobby frowned and interrupted her angrily.

"I... It's all my fault. Uncle, Aunt... Ah... " Nadia's hair covered her eyes. What she didn't notice was that her left foot stepped on her right one and then she fell on the ground.

As he looked at her, she was shrank into the inflatable clothes and couldn't be found anymore.

"Nadia, you are such a burden!" Seeing that, Bobby hastily jumped up.

Then he also fell on the ground.

He was now rolling on the ground like a tumbler.

The crowd burst into laughter.

Nancy and Charles also burst into laughter.

The two laughed and helped the two kids get up in a hurry.

"Kids, let's continue." Nancy raised her fist and said, "Come on, cheers!"

"Come on!" "Let's go!".

"Okay, Nadia. You're holding my hand." Said Bobby, holding Nadia's hand tightly.

"Yes." Nadia nodded.

"Hi, kids. I counted the number 123. Let's run together. " Now, Charles had understood that their cooperation was the key to win.

"Okay." Nancy resolutely cooperated.

Charles counted 123. Then they shouted the order together and exerted all his strength to rush forward.

"Come on!"

"Bobby is awesome!"

"Nadia, you're the best!"

The two children's little faces were flushed. They rushed to the finish line in one breath.

"The first one is... Bobby's family!" The referee shouted.

Hearing his words, Bobby and Nadia grinned from ear to ear.

"You two are awesome!" Nancy wiped the sweat off her nose and praised them.

"Yes, you did a good job today. You deserve my praise!" After Charles took off the inflatable clothes, he helped Nancy take off.

"This family of four cooperate perfectly!" Someone gasped in admiration.

"Yeah, they must be a happy family!"

People who didn't know Charles discussed.

"Well, I think today we are great. Do you have the same feeling?" Charles said to Nancy.

Nancy uttered a snort of contempt.

But in her heart, she agreed with what Charles had said.

With the children around, they could really forget a lot of trouble.

In total, Bobby had signed up nine parent-child activities. While the four people were laughing, they played the game one by one.

The result was gradually ignored, and the four people enjoyed the process of happiness.

One by one... Finally, it came to the last one.

The last one was to touch the nose. They could cover their eyes. Then hand in hand, they would let Bobby and Nadia speak of the animal's name and ask them to hit it with their noses.

When they were about to cover their eyes with their hands, they heard a commotion among the crowd.

"Nadia, who allows you to play games with others? How could you be so casual? Are you a cat or a fox? "

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