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   Chapter 14 A Well Planned Trick

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Fannie was so angry that her face turned purple with arrogance. She lifted her foot and kicked Nancy. "Nancy, the one who can bully me hasn't been born yet. You bitch, how dare you fight against me! Aren't you just a poor doctor? If your surname is not Ning, do you think you are qualified to talk to me here? "

Nancy smiled in anger. She suddenly loosened her grip, and Fannie stumbled and fell gracefully to the ground.

"Fannie, I think you have made a mistake. I have lived here earlier than you. So, thank your mother for being a mistress! Without your mother, you can't live here!"

"Nancy, don't make irresponsible remarks!" Jill's face flushed with shame since her plan was exposed.

"Did I say anything wrong? When I was three years old, my mother had a car accident. My parents got divorced and married you right away. You married my father with your two-year-old Fannie. Do you dare to say that Fannie is not my father's daughter? Can you swear that you and my father have been together before my parents get divorced? " Nancy spat out all the doubts she had been holding these years, and she cornered Jill step by step. "Or I can ask you, the car accident on my mother... Did you do it on purpose? "

"You..." Jill was shocked and stepped back. "Nancy, you have to prove yourself!"

Jill could never say that Fannie was not the daughter of Clark. If so, all properties of the Ning family would fall into the hands of Nancy.

Nancy sneered. Yes, it was only her doubt and her guess that she had no evidence.

But from Jill's nervous and scared expression, it must be fishy.

Nancy would get even with her bit by bit!

Nancy nodded. "I will find the evidence you want. As for the shares, I'm sorry!"

Then she turned around and walked outside.

"Clark, are you dead? How can you stand by and watch Fannie and I being bullied by that bitch? Don't you even speak for us? "

Jill shouted at Clark behind her.

Nancy continued walking forward. The anger and grievance that had been suppressed for so long seemed to crack in her heart, revealing a ray of sunlight.

Abruptly Fannie's words made Nancy shocked and angry.

"Nancy, if I had known your ugly face, I should have strangled the baby and thrown it out to feed the dogs!"

Nancy stood in a daze.

She turned around slowly and looked at her Fannie with knife in her eyes.

"Fannie, where did you take my daughter? Tell me!" She rushed back madly.

Wearing a malicious smile, Fannie gloated after she had her way. She quickly closed the gate of the villa and said, "Nancy, I won't tell you, unless you hand over your mother's stock."

The door was banged shut!

In the following days, Nancy was waken up by a dream at night.

She even didn't dare to turn on her phone for fear that she would receive Fannie's call again. What was she afraid of?

She was afraid that Fannie would say "Your child is dead".

She felt as if her heart was being twisted by someone

No one could understand the pain and despair.

In the early morning on the weekend, she had woken up, but she was lazy and didn't want to get up. She lay on the bed alone, crying.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Nancy, are you alive?"

Shouted Charles at the doorway.

She was so upset these days that she almost forgot him.

She wondered why Charles came to look for her so

early in the morning.

She wiped her tears, put on a small coat and opened the door wearing a pair of slippers.

Charles stood by the door like an iceberg wearing a black windcoat. There was no Bobby.

"Where is Bobby?" Nancy ignored Charles and looked to the corridor.

Disappointment and anger flashed through his eyes. When he spoke again, his voice turned colder. "Nancy, you still remember Bobby?"

He called her many times and sent many messages, but this woman seemed to disappear. Her phone was turned off and there was no reply from Wechat.

She sniffed and said, "Charles, if you are here to quarrel with me, then I'm sorry that I can't accompany you today. You may leave now!"

She looked very depressed with no energy. Finally, he found that there was something wrong with her today.

Where was Nancy, the girl who was always vigorous? And why was there tear stains on her face?

A strange feeling spread in his heart.

Charles pushed the door and came in.

Nancy put her hands in front of her and protected her from being hurt. She asked on alert: "Charles, what are you going to do?"

"Don't worry. I bear you no ill will!"

This man... How annoying he is!

"Then what are you doing?" She felt that she was just asking for trouble.

After he put his hands on her shoulders, he looked straight into her eyes.

His eyes... They were too deep to be fathomable!

Nancy dodged. She blushed.

"Tell me, why are you crying? Is it because you miss me? "

"Miss you? You think too much! " Nancy lowered her head and said. She was thinking about her baby, but she couldn't tell this to him.

That was her secret.

"Broke up with your boyfriend?" He suddenly asked strangely.

When did this man start to pay so much attention to her?

She thought for a moment and nodded.

Then she felt a gust of cold wind blowing towards her. She was almost dragged into the bedroom by him.

How could a gentleman be so fierce and malicious.

"Charles, are you out of your mind?" Nancy was really scared. If he did something bad to her, what would she do?

With a clank, her wardrobe was opened, and then he took all the clothes out of it and threw them to her.

"Put on your coat and follow me!"

"Where are we going?"

"The kindergarten told me that there will be an activity this weekend, which requires both his parents to take part in. For the first time, Bobby signed up several parent-child activities in high spirits. He said to the child that he had his mother and his parents would attend with them today..."

Before he could finish his words, Nancy waved her hand and refused him. "You can't let Bobby call me Mommy any more, or people will misunderstand us, which will cause a lot of trouble for me. We can't..."

"You have no choice!" Charles bent over and looked straight into her eyes without a concession.

"What do you mean?" Nancy's face darkened. She felt like she had been tricked by him.

"I want you to go to kindergarten with me and be Bobby's mother!" His voice was not loud but full of order.

"What if I say no?"

As soon as she spoke, she felt her whole body was overturned by a pair of big hands.

The next second, she was stripped off one by one.

"Stop! Charles!"

"Charles, you bastard..."

"Charles, I..."

Nancy, who never cursed, uttered a series of harsh words.

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