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   Chapter 14 A Well Planned Trick

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Fannie became so angry that her face turned dark red. She stepped forward and kicked Nancy, but Nancy caught her foot before it could even reach her. "The person who will bully me has not been born yet! You bitch! You dare antagonize me?! You want to antagonize me when you're just a poor doctor! If your surname is not Ning, do you think you could even stand here?"

Nancy smiled mockingly at Fannie despite the anger that she felt. She suddenly released Fannie's foot. Fannie lost her balance and fell to the ground.

"I think you're making a mistake, Fannie. I have lived here far longer than you. Thank your mother for being a bitch and a mistress! Because without her, you can't even live in a house like this!"

"Nancy! Don't you dare make vulgar remarks about me!" Jill's face turned red with the shame that her deed was exposed.

"Why? Did I say anything inaccurate? When I was three years old, my mother had a car accident. My parents got divorced and my father married you right away. You married my father when Fannie was already two years old. Would you dare say that Fannie is not my father's daughter? Can you swear that you and my father weren't together before my parents got divorced?" The anger that Nancy felt was so great that she said everything that she had been keeping in her heart for years. Her words trapped Jill in a corner and kept her helpless. "And maybe I should ask you about my mother's car accident too. Was it really an accident? Or did you set it up on purpose?"

"You..." Jill was shocked as Nancy's words penetrated her soul. She was forced to take a step back. "You have no proof to your accusations, Nancy!"

Jill could never claim that Fannie was not the daughter of Clark. If she did this, all the assets of the Ning family would automatically go to Nancy.

Nancy sneered at Jill. It might only be an accusation that Nancy would never be able to prove with incontrovertible proof.

But Jill's nervous reaction and the look of fear in her expression made the whole situation ambiguous.

Nancy felt that she would eventually get even with her bit by bit!

Nancy nodded. "I will eventually find all the evidence you want. As for the shares, I'm sorry!"

She then turned around and walked out of the villa.

"Clark, are you dead? How could you just sit there and watch Fannie and I get bullied by that bitch? Couldn't you even speak for us?"

Jill shouted at Clark in frustration.

Nancy continued walking with her mind troubled with the recent events. The anger that she suppressed all those years burst out of her heart and she felt like a burden that had weighted her down had been taken off her shoulders.

All of a sudden, Nancy's thoughts were disturbed by the sound of Fannie's angry voice from behind.

"If I had known what you would do here today, I would've strangled your baby and thrown it out to feed the dogs!"

Fannie's words caught Nancy by surprise and stunned her.

She slowly turned around and stared at Fannie with burning anger in her eyes.

"Fannie, where did you take my daughter? Tell me, right now!" She rushed at Fannie madly.

Fannie had a malicious smile on her face when she realized that she was successful in goading Nancy. She quickly closed the gate of the villa and stayed safely on the other side. "I will never tell you, Nancy. Not unless you hand over your mother's stocks!"

The gate banged shut as Nancy rushed towards Fannie.

In the days that followed, Nancy's sleep at night was always disturbed by the same dream.

She even kept her phone turned off for fear that she might receive another call from Fannie. She was afraid of what Fannie might tell her.

She was afraid that Fannie would say to her, "Your child is dead."

She felt like her heart was gripped by an invisible hand and she could hardly breathe.

No one could possibly understand the pain and despair that she experienced.

Early in the morning of the weekend, she felt so tired and lazy when she woke up that she didn't feel like getting out of bed. She stayed on the bed alone, sobbing.

But her silent sobbing was suddenly interrupted by a sudden knock on the front door.

"Nancy! Are you there? Are you alive?"

Charles shouted as he knocked on Nancy's door with urgency.

She felt so upset the past few days that she completely

forgot about him.

She suddenly wondered why Charles came and looked for her so early in the morning.

She wiped away her tears, put on a small coat and a fluffy pair of slippers and went to the door to open it.

Charles stood by the door like a stoic iceberg that wore a thick black wind coat. Bobby was not with him.

"Where is Bobby?" Nancy asked in a feeble voice. Nancy ignored Charles and looked at both sides of the corridor for Bobby.

Disappointment and anger suddenly flashed in his eyes. When he spoke again, his voice sounded cold and angry. "So, you still remember Bobby?"

Charles called her many times and sent many messages, but she seemed to have disappeared. Her phone was turned off and she never replied to any of his WeChat messages.

She sniffed and spoke without looking at him. "Charles, if you are here to be mad at me, then I am sorry that I can't be here for you today. Please just leave me alone!"

Charles noticed that she looked depressed, weak and pitiful. He immediately concluded that there was something wrong with her that day.

'Where is the Nancy that I knew? She is always filled with energy. And why are there tear stains on her face?' Charles wondered to himself, filled with worry.

A strange sensation suddenly gripped his heart tightly.

Charles pushed the door open and went inside Nancy's house.

Nancy reflexively held her arms forward to protect herself from getting hurt. "Charles, what are you going to do to me?" she asked suddenly.

"Don't worry, Nancy. I bear you no ill will!"

'This man... He is so annoying!' Nancy thought to herself.

"Then what do you think you're doing?" Nancy asked. She then suddenly felt that she was just asking for trouble with her question.

Charles gripped her shoulders, and looked straight into her eyes.

'His eyes... ...they look so deep and unfathomable!' Nancy thought when she looked straight into Charles' eyes.

But she averted her eyes immediately, and then blushed.

"Tell me, why were you crying? Is it because you miss me?"

"Miss you? You assume too much!" Nancy said and then lowered her head. The thoughts about her daughter was the reason that she had been crying, but she could not tell him about it.

That was her most closely guarded secret.

"Did you broke up with your boyfriend?" Charles asked suddenly.

Nancy wondered why Charles seemed to be paying so much attention to her.

She thought about Charles' question for a moment and then nodded.

She felt a cold gust of wind blew at her and she realized that she had been dragged back into the bedroom by Charles.

'How could a gentleman be so fierce and malicious?' she wondered.

"Charles, are you out of your mind?" she asked almost in panic. Nancy suddenly felt so scared. If he did something bad to her, what would she do against him?

Charles opened her wardrobe after he sat her on the bed. He then took out several clothes and threw them at her.

"Put on your coat and then follow me!"

"Where are we going?" she asked puzzled.

"The kindergarten told me that there's an activity this weekend, and it requires both his parents to take part in the activity. For the first time, Bobby signed up for several parent-child activities and he was in high spirits. He even boasted to a classmate that both his parents would attend..."

But before Charles could finish his words, Nancy waved her hand and shook her head in refusal. "You can't let Bobby call me Mommy anymore, or people will misunderstand us. And this could cause a lot of trouble for me. We just can't..."

"Well, you have no choice!" Charles said as he bent over and looked straight into Nancy's eyes in grim determination.

"What do you mean?" Nancy asked with a puzzled look. Nancy's face suddenly darkened. She suddenly felt that Charles tricked her.

"I want you to go to the kindergarten school with me and be Bobby's mother!" His voice was not loud but it was undeniably commanding.

"And what if I say no?"

As soon as she finished speaking, her entire body was pushed back by a pair of big hands.

Before she could react, her clothes were removed quickly one by one.

"Stop! Charles!" Nancy screamed.

"Charles, you bastard...

Charles! I..."

Nancy never cursed, but at that moment, she uttered a series of very harsh words.

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