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   Chapter 12 a woman with story

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It touched Charles's heart and he twirled his fingers habitually..

He wasn't sure about his affection to this woman, but he had to admit that he liked the warm moment between Nancy and Bobby.

So he got Nancy's phone number and wechat number.

After Charles and his son left, Nancy let out a sigh of relief.

"You must be very tired these days." Clare said, walking over. He had been standing by the window until he saw Charles drive his car away.

Nancy turned to him, shrugged and smiled. "Yeah. What's wrong with you?"

Clare's hair was a bit messy, and there was stubble around his mouth, making him look quite depressed.

As far as Nancy remembered, he was a clean and refreshing man.

Clare smiled bitterly, "I saw the rumors on the Internet. I don't think they are true."

Nancy looked at Clare and smiled, "Clare, we have known each other for so many years. You know what you mean to me, don't you?"

"A buddy who fought for you?"

"How could you remember that! That's right. I take you as my brother, so you should find me a sister-in-law as soon as possible. " Rarely, Nancy acted like a spoiled child.

But in her heart, she felt sad.

"Are you trying to tell me that the rumors on the Internet are true?"

Nancy waved her hand. She didn't clarify it or make an explanation. She even let Clare misunderstand her.

"Those are rumors. Whether they are true or not, they have nothing to do with us."

Nancy knew that Clare liked her, but she also knew that she and Clare would not be together in the future. Clare was a neat freak in love. He absolutely couldn't tolerate her to have children.

So, why did she give him hope?

Just be friends, a lifetime friend!

"Okay!" Clare made his hair and said, "Hobart asked me to help you with the medical records. Shall we start now?"

"It's my request. I need to get familiar with the special cases and difficult cases here." "I didn't expect that the Dean would find me a helper, and it's you, such a competent helper," joked Nancy.

"Don't make fun of me. I guess the reason why the dean asked me here is because we know each other."

"Well, let's get started." Nancy said happily and walked to the case room.

Clare followed her and thought of the rumors on the Internet.

Charles... Bobby...

What on earth had happened in the year when Nancy disappeared?

Did Bobby have anything to do with her?

But as he knew, Nancy was definitely not a dissolute girl.

The doubts made Clare restless, and he had trouble sleeping or eating.

The file folders in the archive was covered with a layer of dust. Obviously, it had not been taken care of for many years.

Nancy dusted them gently and a cloud of dust rose.

Clare carried down the folders kept high for her.

Nancy found a stack of old newspapers and sat on them to start viewing the files.

When she met special cases, she took a picture of them with her phone.

"Although many cases have passed the retention period, they are rare experiences for us." Nancy rubbed her neck and said.

"Nancy, do you know what I appreciate most about you?" Clare asked as he browsed through them.

"You appreciate me? That's strange." Nancy said indifferently.

In elementary school, Clare was the one who said she was the most "stupid".

It had made her feel inferior. She

almost thought she was more stupid than others.

"You study hard, you are seriously about your work, and you are obsessed with problems... I appreciate you. You are surprised, are you?" Clare said and laughed.

"Well, as the saying goes, 'a slow sparrow should make an early start'! If I don't try hard, I'll be the ugly duck who could only dream to fly in the sky." Nancy laughed at herself.

"But there are still many men who like silly women in the world!" Clare said as he wiped the dust on a medical record.

Maybe because a dust got into his eyes, his eyes were suddenly sore. He squinted and almost shed tears.

"How can your opinion be representative of others? But, Clare, I warn you, you can love anyone except me." She warned seriously.

Clare smiled helplessly, "Give me a reason."

Nancy was stunned. Reason?

There were various kinds of reasons, right?

When she was in the freshman year, she ignored his pursuit and insisted on dating with Caspar. He got drunk and had a car accident, which caused a fracture in his leg.

When she was in her third year in the University, she had a baby with another man without telling him.

Then she went abroad. Still, he hadn't been informed of anything afterwards...

She should be the woman with stories.

It was not easy for a woman with a story to fall in love again.

"I told you long ago that I treat you as my brother. I don't love you," Nancy said grimly.

"Well... Well, little girl, you still don't love me!" Clare didn't go on, but changed the subject, "These don't look like pediatric cases. Oh, they are obstetric cases. How could they be in the pediatric archives?"

"Maybe someone made a mistake." Nancy walked over and picked up one file.

"Nancy..." When she saw the name, her first thought was that the patient might have the same name as her.

But when she looked at the date... Her eyes slowly opened wide.

Her face became as pale as a ghost. If Clare hadn't been here, she would have screamed.

Nancy: This is a pigeon pair. Poor uterus contraction and vessel didn't close, causing postpartum hemorrhage.

Did it refer to her?

It must be her!

Did she give birth to boy and girl twins?

But why didn't anyone tell her?

'Did they take both the two kids away?'

But she remembered clearly that the owner said it was two million for a boy and five hundred thousand for a girl. It meant that they wanted a baby boy instead of a baby girl.

Would they sell the baby girl?

Why didn't they leave the baby to her?

She could take care of her.

Nancy didn't know whether she was happy or sad now, but she felt her heart was torn apart... Ceaselessly...

"Nancy, what's wrong with you?" Clare found Nancy standing there and her body was trembling.

Nancy hurried to put away the file, "I'm fine. A woman gave birth, I'm nervous to see that. Tidy up. We should leave."

"Okay." Clare gave her a suspicious look, "Women would have the suffer. You're a doctor. What's so worried about?"

"You are not a woman, how could you understand?" She felt like being stabbed again and again. Only those who had given birth could understand the piercing pain.

"Well, I don't understand. Let's go." Seeing that Nancy didn't look well, Clare didn't ask any more. He held her and walked out of the archives room.

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