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   Chapter 11 Mommy Is The Best

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"I'm a woman and I haven't married yet. I have an affair with you out of no reason. What do you think?" Nancy was so anxious that she was about to cry.

"There are many women out there who want to have an affair with me. Don't you feel lucky to have the chance?"

'Ha, ha, I've never seen a narcissistic man like you.'

She was pissed.

"Mr. Charles, you can go to girls who like to have affairs with you. Bobby, don't get in the way of your daddy's happy marriage, leave the hospital now!" Nancy said angrily.

"Mommy, are you jealous?"

"I... Honey..." With her hands on her hips, Nancy said angrily, "I'm angry. See? I'm not jealous at all."

"Well, Mommy is angry now, and the consequence will be serious. Daddy, how will you solve it?" With a cold face, Bobby asked, "How about finding out who spread the rumors and deleting those rubbish articles?"

"Well, Daddy think your suggestion sounds good!"

Yes. He thought it was funny when Nancy was angry. But if her son was angry, he would be serious about the issue.

So, he immediately called Jay and asked him to investigate it.

Jay let out a long sigh. He felt that since Charles and Bobby met, he had got into trouble.

However, it wasn't hard to investigate it. After all, he had lots of friends.

Ten minutes later, he got the news.

"Charles, the person who uploaded the video is Jessie Wang, the director of the municipal hospital. Tell me what to do. I'll do it right away!"

"No, I'll do it myself." Charles hung up.

People he hated most in his life was the one who turned black into white. There were so much work for Jessie, but she spent time posting articles on the Internet?

Charles gave Hobart a call.

Later, a howl of Jessie was heard.

"I have been working as the director of the pediatric department for ten years. How could you take my position? I have been working hard. You are so cruel!"

"Jessie, don't blame me. You should focus on your job, you know. Alas! Why do you post these articles on the Internet?" Hobart shook his head in agony. "I know you don't like Nancy, but you really misunderstood her. I had offered her the post of the director of the Second Department, but she refused and said modestly that she wanted to learn from you for some time. But I never expected you... What the hell did you do?"

"Ahahah... It's all my fault, Hobart. I'm going to Dr. Nancy and apologize to her. I will be responsible for my words. Okay?" Jessie choked with sobs.

"I'm too ashamed to plead for you. You solve it yourself." Hobart left with a sigh of disappointment.

"Doctor Nancy, I'm sorry..." Jessie walked in and begged Nancy, "I'm sorry. Please don't do that to me. Please!"

Nancy had a fatal flaw, that was, she was too kind.

The last thing she would like to see was others crying. "Jessie, it's great if you know your fault. It's okay."

Jessie wiped her tears. "Doctor Nancy, do you mean that you have forgiven me? So, you won't take my position as director, will you?"

Nancy smiled bitterly. She handed a tissue to Jessie and said, "Jessie, my dream is to save people and heal the wounded, letting more patients recover. As for the position, I have never thought about

it, and I don't care about it."

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Jessie said gratefully.

"Go to work. We're colleagues. Don't get distracted by these trifles. We should face the big problems in the treatment together." Nancy sincerely said.

"Yes, you are right, Dr. Nancy!" Jessie glanced at Charles cautiously, only to see his stern and expressionless face, which was scary.

Jessie drew back his neck and hurried away.

"Well, Mommy, I hate those petty people most. Shouldn't we punish her?" Bobby sighed like an adult.

"We should be lenient with the wrongdoer." Nancy rubbed Bobby's head and said.

"In her eyes, your kindness and magnanimity are shit, and in my opinion, they are..." Charles wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Nancy glared at him.

"Daddy, don't talk nonsense. Mommy isn't out of her mind!" Bobby exclaimed hurriedly.

A wicked smile broke across Charles's face.

Nancy was annoyed.

Well, since she met the father and the son, her IQ seemed to have been affected.

Nancy smiled tenderly, "Bobby, you've recovered from your cold, and I think you should go to the kindergarten. It's autumn now, and there's a sign of flu. Even though the hospital is well sterilized, many of the bacteria can't be killed. It's not good for you to suffer from infection here. Go home with Daddy, okay?"

"But I don't want to leave Mommy. What should I do?" Bobby pouted and lowered his head, playing his fingers.

Nancy didn't want to leave him, but she was clear that she didn't have a future with them.

She had to work and live a normal life, and keep a distance from the father and the son.

However, what she didn't know was that it was just her wish.

The father and the son didn't think the same way.

Bobby's thought was simple. He had a hard time finding a woman he liked, and of course he would make her his mother.

In Charles's mind, he finally found a woman Bobby liked, and he would never let go of her. Moreover, she was so simple and silly that even a nanny couldn't be as considerate as her. It was rare to meet such a woman.

As for the future... 'That's what will happen in the future. Just let nature take its course.'

At least for now he had no aversion to this woman, or in other words, he felt that this woman was quite interesting.

However, Nancy was a doctor and he had to listen to her. He didn't want his son to be infected with any bacteria.

"Let's leave now!" Charles pulled Bobby from the bed.

"All right, I'm leaving the hospital." Bobby nodded and said, "Daddy, don't forget what you've said. When I miss Mommy, you will take me here."

"OK." Charles looked at Nancy, suggesting her show Bobby her attitude.

Nancy had to do that, whether she wanted to or not. So she nodded, "You can come, Bobby."

"Mommy, let's make pinky swear." Bobby stretched out his little finger, tilted his head and seriously looked at Nancy.

Every time Nancy saw him like this, she would always feel heartbroken. She bent down and gently hooked his little finger. "Let's swear, we won't change what we said."

"Mommy is the best... Love you..." Bobby approached Nancy and kissed on her face for several times.

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