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   Chapter 9 I Need Her Now

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"It's working time. Director Jessie, please focus on your work." Nancy said and walked toward the pediatric department.

She checked the condition of the kid carefully. The injury was not serious and the surgery was not complicated.

Just when she entered the operating room, Charles arrived at the hospital with Bobby in his arms.

"Where is Nancy?" He asked anxiously with a gloomy face.

"Sir... Dr. Nancy is in the middle of a surgery. Can I help you?"

When Jessie Wang found that it was Charles, she was so excited that she almost forgot that she was Nancy's assistant.

"My son caught a cold and wanted Dr. Nancy for help." Charles frowned and said anxiously.

"Patient comes first. Dr. Nancy can't come out now. Mr. Charles, please let me take care of your kid." Said Jessie Wang in a flattering manner.

"Okay." Seeing the kid was about to fall into a coma, Charles didn't delay and left him to her.

Jessie Wang gave Bobby oxygen and a drip.

"I want my mommy, I want my Mommy..." Bobby murmured, half in a coma.

"When will she come out?" Charles asked.

"Dr. Nancy is quite popular in our hospital now. There are many patients waiting for her. She is very busy." Jessie Wang said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"When will the operation end?" Charles was a cold person, but he was patient and rarely lost his temper, especially to strangers. But at this moment, he was irritated by what Jessie Wang said. He grabbed her by the collar and shouted.

"An hour, an hour..." Jessie Wang was so terrified that her body was trembling. She dared not to speak anymore.

Charles loosened her and paced back and forth in anxiety.

His mind was in a mess. He could not tell what magic Nancy had. Now not only Bobby liked her, he seemed to have an inexplicable dependence on her.

During the dinner party last night, all he thought about was her.

Even in his dream, he had sex with her.

What the hell!

When Nancy walked out the operating room, Charles went up to her with a cold face.

"I need to talk to you." His voice was cold, as if Nancy owed him a lot.

Nancy's face also turned cold. She was serious about her work.

"Sir, I'm working. Please don't disturb me."

"Don't call me sir. I'm Charles." Seeing her indifference to him, Charles felt a little angry and said nothing sweet.

"Okay, Mr. Charles. It's my working time now. Please leave here!" Nancy continued to ask him to leave.

"My name's Charles. Don't call me Mr. anymore. Do you hear me?" He grabbed her arm and said grimly.

She didn't know what he was going to do. Did he come to tell her his name?

"Charles, please let go of me now, okay?" If he insisted her to call his name, then she just obeyed his wishes.

"Good. I'm your patient's family now. My child is sick. Could you please check on him?" Charles dragged Nancy to the ward.

"You mean... Bobby?" Nancy was surprised. "He was fine when he left yesterday. How could he catch a cold in just one day and one night?"

"It's because of you. He wanted to see you. Are you happy now?" Charles directed all his anger at her.

Yes, Bobby got sick because of her. Who else should he go to?

"He got himself sick becau

se he wanted to see me?" Nancy was so distressed that she hurried to Bobby's bedside and then rolled his eyelids. "He'll be fine. Get me the bupleurum and stop using the antipyretics tomorrow."

"Doctor Nancy, this is my patient." Jessie Wang came in unhappily.

She didn't get it. She had been working as a pediatrician for decades, how could she be inferior to Nancy who was a few years younger than her?

If Nancy took her patient, she would be so suffocating as a director.

"Get out. I need her now. So does my child." Charles said coldly.

Jessie Wang gave Nancy a furious look and turned and walked out.

"I am going to hand over my boy to you. You have to make sure he will recover as soon as possible."

"Don't worry. As a doctor, I will treat the patients equally and do my best!"


With pain and depression, Charles roared in a low voice.

What? Nancy looked up at Charles in confusion.

How did such a powerful man become so sensitive today?

"He is not only your patient. He is a kid who takes you as his mommy!" Charles's voice was not loud, but it was powerful.


She almost forgot that.

Taking a deep breath, she answered, "I see, Mr. Charles."

As she spoke, she injected bupleurum into Bobby.

Then, she took a towel, wet it and put it on Bobby's forehead.

Charles sat on the sofa, watching Nancy busy doing things.

He just looked at her and felt calm.

He watched her wipe Bobby's sweat, fed Bobby water, ...

Different from him, she did everything calmly. When he saw Bobby sick, he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan and didn't know what to do.

"It's just an ordinary cold. When his fever goes down, he'll be all right tomorrow." When Nancy saw Charles's worried look, she comforted him with a smile.

"You can't work until he recovers!" Said Charles arrogantly.

Only when she was there could he feel at ease.

"Charles, I heard that you are the CEO of the TS Group. You are a man, so you should take the responsibility, shouldn't you? Kids catch a cold." Nancy was busy. Even if this little guy called her Mommy, she couldn't delay her work because of him. "Look after Bobby. I'm going to work."

After saying that, she wiped her hands and wanted to leave.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I won't allow you to leave! " Charles stood up and stopped in front of Nancy.

Well, Nancy admitted that she liked handsome men since she was a child. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been deceived by Caspar who had a good appearance.

However, from the lesson she had learnt, she concluded that the more handsome a man was, the more unreliable he was.

"Charles, how can you be so unreasonable? I just returned from abroad. I can't earn any salary if I don't work. Will you pay me a compensation?"

"No problem!" Without hesitation, Charles agreed.

"You are so unreasonable!" Nancy was angry. As long as she was in the hospital, she was a doctor. No matter who the person was, he could only be her patient here.

Yes, she liked Bobby, but she wouldn't delay her work.

"Well, you want to leave? How is that possible?" Charles just grabbed her arms.

His cool palms grabbed her so tight that her arms ached.

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