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   Chapter 7 I Think You Will Fall In Love With Her

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6607

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At this time, Nancy's phone rang.

Her face changed and answered the phone.

"Nancy, I heard from Doris that you were back. Great. I asked her for your address, and I'll pick you up to work." It was a man's happy voice.

His name was Ethan Ye. He had been Nancy's schoolmate from primary school to college. He was the director of the orthopedics department of the municipal hospital, and worked with Nancy.

Nancy knew that she owed him a favor that she would never pay in return for the rest of her life.

Without Caspar Yue, if she hadn't had a baby, she might fall in love with Ethan Ye. However, there was no 'if' in the world.

"Ethan, I know you are busy, you don't have to pick me up. I can take a taxi." Nancy refused.

"I'm on the same way. Get ready and I'll be there in five minutes." Then, Ethan Ye hung up the phone.

"Boyfriend?" Charles asked lazily, wiping his hands with a tissue.

But there seemed to be some jealousy in his tone.

"No, he isn't." Nancy answered honestly.

"You are my mommy. You can't have a boyfriend." Said Bobby, raising his head.

Nancy was speechless. This kid just would not let go of her, would he?

"Eat quickly. Your mommy has to go to work." Charles deliberately emphasized "mommy".

"I'm full." Bobby said as he put aside the bowl.

"Well, let's go downstairs together. I'm really on time to work." Taking a look at the time, Nancy said. She couldn't be late because it was her first day to work.

They went downstairs together.

Since Nancy got the call from Ethan Ye, Charles had an unhappy face.

Nancy didn't dare to speak, but Bobby snickered with his big eyes blinking.

His daddy looked cool when he was jealous!

"Hi, Nancy, I'm here."

As Nancy went downstairs, she saw Ethan Ye sitting in a white BMW greeting her. She hadn't seen him for a few years, and he had already become a mature man from an inexperienced teenager.

"Yeah. It's nice to see you." Nancy greeted her politely.

"Come on, get on the car." Ethan Ye got out of the car and opened the door for Nancy.

In fact, Nancy wished to be ignored by Charles and his little boy.

But Charles kept trying to embarrass her and said loudly, "Bobby, say goodbye to Mommy."

"Mommy, goodbye. I'll come back to see you again sometime," shouted Bobby.

Nancy felt embarrassed. She laughed awkwardly and said, "Goodbye."

With a successful smile, Charles opened the car door for Bobby.

Without looking at Nancy again, he opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

"Dad, mom is sought after. That man must like her. Are you just standing by and doing nothing?" Bobby turned around to look at Nancy.

"Ha, she's sought after? I don't think so." Boris snorted. He didn't care about her attitude at all. At this moment, he still believed that he and this woman were just fated to be together last night. As for other things, they seemed not to happen.

"I think you will fall in love with her,"

Charles tapped the steering wheel from time to time and murmured, "Do I like her? Maybe a little. But just a little."

"Nancy, those two people..." Ethan Ye couldn't help asking while driving.

"Oh, I don't know them very well. I picked the kid up with Doris yesterday. Didn't she tell you about it

?" It was hard to explain. After all, they went downstairs with her early in the morning. It was easy to misunderstand.

It seemed better to talk about Doris.

"Oh, that's the boy. Doris told me about it. So, that man is the father of the boy." As expected, Ethan's tone became much more cheerful.

"Yes, he came here this morning." Nancy said.

Then they changed the topic. They talked about Nancy's study abroad in the past few years and things about medical.

When the car arrived at the hospital, leaders of the hospital had already been waiting at the gate.

Before Nancy got out of the car, they clapped their hands. The president said, "It's our honor to have you, Dr. Nancy. From now on, you are the backbone of our pediatric department as well as our hospital. Excellent pediatricians are rare!"

Nancy was a little embarrassed. She got out of the car gracefully. "You're so sweet, Mr. Hobart."

"Ethan, I heard that you were Nancy's classmate. You don't need to go to the ward today. I'll have someone else to do that. You and I are having a walk with Nancy in the hospital." Hobart looked at Ethan Ye.

"Yes, Mr. Hobart. It's my pleasure." As Ethan Ye spoke, he made a gesture of invitation like a gentleman and continued, "Please, Dr. Nancy."

"Thank you." Nancy said with a smile.

"Come on, everyone, let's take a walk. You can ask Dr. Nancy about the international professional news. You interns, especially, should learn from her." President Hobart said.

So they gathered around and asked some professional questions.

Nancy was a candid woman. She told everything she knew.

When they arrived at the corridor of the pediatric department, a man and a woman with a child in her arms ran towards them in a hurry.

"Come on, doctor. My child swallowed a glass ball, which stuck in his throat. Can you help her?" The woman cried and asked.

"How long has it been?" As a pediatrician, Nancy asked.

"It's been ten minutes..."

When they looked at each other, they froze at the same time.

"Fannie Ning?"


"You're... back? Why are you back?" Caspar's words sounded ridiculous.

How ridiculous! Why couldn't she come back?

He, her ex-boyfriend, was here, and she couldn't come back?

Nancy didn't answer. After five years, she was no longer the helpless little girl! But when she saw the kid's face had turned blue, she quickly reached out her hand and said, "Hand her to me."

"It's my baby. I won't give her to you." Fannie tried to run away with the child. She was afraid of Nancy. Five years ago, it was her who took away the baby girl. Although Nancy didn't know it, she was afraid that Nancy would kill her when she knew.

Now, what if Nancy took the opportunity to hurt her child?

"I know she is your child. But this is the life-saving hospital. I won't let anything happen to any patient in here because of the doctors' negligence!"

When she was finished, a crowd of doctors behind her applauded.

Nancy ignored Fannie. She put the baby on her lap and did some professional actions.

After a few seconds, a glass ball fell out of her mouth and clattered to the ground.

"It's time to put the oxygen mask on the kid. She's okay. She'll be fine soon." Nancy then handed the kid to a nurse.

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