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   Chapter 6 A Complicated Question

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'I have to agree?'

Who in the world would dare to threaten Charles so blatantly except for his own son?

Charles was speechless. His son, whom he had singlehandedly raised for four years, preferred a woman he had just met. It made him feel like an utter failure.

In the morning, he woke up to something tickling his nose. When he opened his eyes, he saw Bobby caressing his nose with a long lock of hair.

"Daddy, get up and cook," Bobby whispered.

Cook? His son was crazy!

Charles' relationship with food had always been limited to just enjoying it. As far as he was concerned, cooking was none of his business.

Just when he opened his mouth to refuse, however, Bobby said, "If you don't get up and make breakfast, I won't go home with you. Think about it."

Like father, like son. This little boy was so cunning!

He left Charles with no choice.

Worried that Bobby would run away from home again if he didn't listen to him, Charles reluctantly said, "Okay, I'll cook."

"Good Daddy," Bobby said sweetly. Then, glancing at the woman beside them, he asked, "Daddy, don't you think Mommy is beautiful?"

Nancy was sleeping soundly with her hair strewn around her pillow. Charles looked at her soft and delicate face, her long eyelashes, and her beautiful lips, which were curved up into a slight smile.

It must be a sweet dream.

This woman... She was really pretty. Her beauty was more natural and comfortable to be around. There was something about her that attracted people to her.

Seeing his father staring at Nancy like he was in a trance, Bobby smiled and gave her a gentle kiss.

"Daddy, you should believe in your son's taste. Let her be my mommy, okay?"

"How childish!" Charles said with a snort, but he felt his heart skip a beat.

Then, he quickly rose to avoid this conversation and went to the kitchen.

Still thinking of what had just happened, he smiled to himself. When he finished frying an egg, he turned around and saw Nancy standing behind him.

"Oh, you're up," he said awkwardly.

"Good morning, gentlemen," Nancy joked.

"Morning. Did you sleep well last night?" Charles asked.

"Well...yes," Nancy replied insincerely while scolding him in her heart. How could she sleep well with a strange man by her side?

It wasn't until dawn that she had finally fallen asleep.

"Mommy, try the fried egg that my daddy made. It's delicious. Try it," Bobby said, thrusting the plate in between Nancy and Charles. He didn't want the two adults to ignore him.

"Thanks, Bobby." Nancy picked up a piece of the fried egg and put it in her mouth. It was so salty that she spat it out immediately.

"Does it taste that bad?" Charles asked unhappily.

"No, it's okay. Anyway, don't trouble yourself. I'll make breakfast for you. Do you prefer Western food or Chinese food?" Nancy had almost said that she couldn't even swallow it, but she didn't want to offend a stranger.

Without saying anything, Charles picked up the plate and roughly emptied the contents into the trash can before walking out of the kitchen.

'Uh-oh! Daddy is handsome, but he has such a bad temper.

What if he scares Mommy away?' Bobby thought, shaking his head.

"Mommy, my daddy is actually a great man. He's just sad that you didn't like his cookin

g. Can you forgive him?" Bobby said softly to Nancy.

"Sweetie, it's okay. You go to your daddy. I'll finish making breakfast soon." Nancy opened the refrigerator to check what was inside. Fortunately, she had eggs, bread, beef, and some vegetables, as well as codfish.

She quickly made some porridge, two vegetable dishes, and steamed codfish.

"It's time for breakfast, you two," Nancy announced as she set the dishes on the table.

Just this simple sentence made Charles' heart skip a beat.

This was how home should feel, wasn't it?

Simple, sweet, warm...

Maybe that was why Bobby liked her. Nancy was different from the snobbish women around him who were like peacocks fanning out their feathers, always ready to have sex with him.

"Wow," Bobby exclaimed dramatically. "Mommy's cooking is so good! Isn't it, Daddy?"

"Yeah," answered Charles.

Nancy put the porridge on the table in front of Bobby and said, "Bobby, don't eat too quickly."

"Okay. Thank you, Mommy," Bobby said with a nod.

Every time Bobby called Nancy "Mommy," Charles frowned while Nancy blushed. In just a matter of minutes, Bobby finished the whole bowl.

Then, he licked his lips and said,

"Mommy, I want more." "Bobby, don't call me 'Mommy' anymore.

I still need to find a boyfriend. Hearing the word 'Mommy' makes me feel embarrassed. Do you understand?" Nancy said while filling up another bowl of porridge for the boy.

"No way!" Bobby shook his head firmly.

"What? I don't have a problem with him calling you 'Mommy.' Do you have a problem?" Charles suddenly asked, who had been eating quietly with his head down.


What did he mean?

Why were both the father and son being so unreasonable?

He was talking as if she should accept it whether she liked it or not.

Nancy smiled politely and said, "Sir, even if I don't mind it, aren't you afraid your wife will?"

"I don't have a wife," Charles replied immediately.

Nancy looked at Bobby in shock. Was this cute little boy his illegitimate child?

"Mommy, my grandma told me that I grew out of the ground. Uncle Jay said that I was a gift from a shop. And Daddy said that my mommy died. Tell me, how did I come into this world?" Bobby looked at Nancy earnestly, his eyes full of expectation.

He was a smart boy and knew that his mother had given birth to him.

However, he couldn't accept that his mother was dead like his father claimed.

How could his mommy die after giving birth to him? He would never accept it!

Feeling like she had been put on the spot, Nancy coughed.

It was a really sensitive matter, so she chose her words carefully.

"Bobby, of course your mommy brought you into this world. She must love you very much and she's probably watching you from wherever she is..."

If his mother was dead, this little boy was indeed pitiful.

As Nancy trailed off, she felt a lump in her throat.

"I don't want her to watch me. She's a bad mommy! I just want a good mommy like you." Bobby pouted and gave Nancy a kiss on the cheek.

Charles didn't say anything.

He knew that he owed Bobby too much. This kid had been brought into this world just so he could get the shares of the TS Group, but it was undeniable that he had become the apple of the eye of the whole Fu family.

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