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   Chapter 5 Who's Going To Get Married

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"Charles, I don't think there are human traffickers as beautiful as her," Jay said in a whisper. His eyes had never left Nancy's face since he came in.

He had never seen anyone so beautiful and graceful before.

Jay was completely stunned that he couldn't even move from where he was when he saw the woman!

"Are you kidding me? You have stayed with those stupid women for far too long, Jay. Have you ever seen any one of those bad guys with the words 'bad guy' written clearly on their faces?" Charles waved his hand dismissively despite what Jay said. "You can take the people back and tell my mom that Bobby has been found and is safe. I'll bring him home later."

"OK. Got it!" Jay shrugged as he stole a glance at Nancy. There was an unmistakable smile on his face. "Let's go, hurry up! You're getting the way! You don't know anything and you can't do anything."

Jay ranted for no reason. He was apparently upset when he realized that Charles would stay. Jay was worried that if Charles and Nancy developed something between them, then he would have no chance anymore.

Alas! Jay felt so demoralized.

Bobby smiled like he was the happiest person in the world. He gave Charles a kiss on the cheek with a smile. "Mommy looks so beautiful, doesn't she?" he asked in his childish voice.

"No. Don't call her Mommy ever again. Do you hear me?" Hearing Bobby say the word "mommy" got on Charles' nerves. The little guy understood the relationship between a mother and a father, and yet he chose to call her so and in an intimate way too.

"Mommy said that I could call her Mommy if no one else is around. And you're my daddy, not an outsider, so, that means I can call her Mommy," Bobby explained with a childish grin.

"Defending yourself, huh?" Charles asked sarcastically. "Humph! Of course!"

"Sir, he is just a kid. He will let go of it after a while. It's late now. He should go to bed." Nancy prepared Bobby's bed and accompanied him there.

"I want Mommy to sleep with me," Bobby demanded as he wrapped his small arms around Nancy's neck.

Charles frowned. He was displeased with the situation. It was the first time that he had seen Bobby become so demanding of something and dependent on someone. He grew up as very independent since he was a child. He was always distant to his nanny, grandmother, and even to his father.

He was acting totally foolish at that moment with Nancy.

Nancy took a brief glance at Charles, and she immediately felt anxious because of his aura that exerted an invisible force that made her feel pressured even if he simply stood there.

"She can sleep with you, but you have to promise to go home with me tomorrow morning," Charles told Bobby in a compromising tone as he specified the condition for allowing what he wanted.

Bobby held up his head by supporting his chin with his chubby fingers as he pondered his father's condition for a while. "I will go home with you, but you have to sleep with me tonight too," he said.

"Well, just let your daddy accompany you to sleep, and I will be sleeping on the sofa," Nancy said in an agreeable tone of voice.

"No. I want both Daddy and Mommy to sleep next to me tonight," Bobby explained. His voice suddenly became serious as his childish smile faded away.

Nancy felt like her brain was melting. 'Did God send this little guy to give me a hard time?' she wondered.

It was the evening of her first day back, and she had to sleep with a strange man.

She could bear to sleep with the little guy. That would not be a problem for her, but she didn't know what to do with the big one.

"Bobby. I don't think it's a good idea," she said in a soft voice as she turned to Bobby. She felt so nervous that cold sweat started to flow down her back.

Instead of answering Nancy's question, Bobby turned to his father instead. "It's okay, isn't it, Daddy?" he asked Charles with a slight tilt of his head.

He remembered what Jay told him before that many

girls liked his daddy. And that was why he kept an eye on him and forbade him from seeing girls.

He felt that he had to look out for his daddy for his mommy.

"Well, not very good, but not bad either," Charles said uneasily.

It was an unexpected response from Charles because he did not refuse Bobby's request. He took off his coat, lay down in bed and started to get comfortable. "Can we sleep now?" he asked.

He'd been restless since Bobby disappeared, and now that Bobby was back, his body had started to feel how badly he needed to have some rest.

"Yes. Mommy, let's go to sleep, now," Bobby said with a charming smile as he turned to her.

Nancy checked her watch. It was already two o'clock. She knew she just couldn't keep worrying about the situation.

She bit her lips as she nodded without saying anything.

"Yes! Great! I have both Daddy and Mommy now!" Bobby exclaimed in excitement. To avoid being embarrassed, Nancy remembered to turn off the light before she lay down with them.

Bobby held Nancy's hand in one hand and Charles' in the other.

But as soon as she was in bed, she immediately regretted her decision to turn off the light. The atmosphere in the bedroom immediately became more embarrassing in the dark.

Bobby quickly fell asleep between them.

The two adults, on the other hand, felt so fired up that they found it hard to breathe and sleep.

It became quickly obvious to Charles that he overestimated his willpower. He thought that he would immediately fall asleep as soon as he lay down. But the tension that built up in the room kept him wide awake.

Nancy's calculated breathing made him more and more roused.

The night from five years ago flashed in his mind over and over again.

The urge was like an unharnessed beast that threatened to break free and lash out at any time.

And with Bobby talking in his sleep, the situation became even more difficult to bear. "Daddy...Mommy..." he whispered in his sleep.

It seemed that Bobby wanted to make sure that they would become a couple.

Nancy closed her eyes.

"I think this is a good time to do something, isn't it?" Charles said as he turned his head towards Nancy's direction in the dark.

Five years ago, he also remembered seeing a girl in the dark.

And he felt the same way now.

"N-no...I-I don't think so, sir." She felt so nervous to speak a complete sentence.

A wicked smile crossed Charles' face. 'This silly woman is kind of cute,' he thought.

He flirted with her casually, but she took it seriously.

Nancy immediately realized that she made a mistake. She decided not to speak again and force herself to sleep.

There was only one wish in her mind at that time. She wished that the dawn would arrive very soon.

She eventually fell asleep without her realizing it. And it was a restful, uninterrupted sleep. The aroma of food being cooked woke her up the next day.

She immediately got out of bed when she noticed that she was the only one left in the room. She then hurried to the kitchen and discovered two men—a little man and a big one—were busy making breakfast.

"No, Daddy, that is salt。"

"Daddy, don't put too much...ooh...too salty... Pooh, pooh, pooh!

Daddy, you're already an adult, but you still can't even cook. You won't be able to get a woman. You're so silly!"

Charles struggled with the fried eggs while Bobby instructed him on what to do calmly and casually.

"Do you really believe that I can't get a woman? You should never underestimate your father, little man!" The boiling oil burned Charles' hand. He instantly placed his finger into his mouth and sucked on it.

Bobby shook his head helplessly. "I must like the woman that you are going to marry. You should know that, Daddy."

"Kid, who's going to get married, you or me?" Charles argued.

"You. But you can't marry a woman that I don't like," Bobby demanded. "I like Nancy. I want her to be my mother, so you have to agree."

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