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   Chapter 4 Are You Going To Let Us Sleep Or Not

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"But aunt Nancy, I don't have a mommy. All children have Mommy except me..." Bobby's voice became lower and lower. In the end, he pouted unhappily and looked at Nancy.

He really didn't like the feeling without Mommy!

For this, he didn't like kindergarten.

Nancy's heart ached. She forced a smile and said, "So you have to promise me to call me Mommy only when there's no one around, okay?"

"Okay, aunt, Mommy, Mommy, aunt..." Happily, Bobby spoke incoherently, "I have a mom now. Mommy... I'll sleep with mommy tonight. I'll tell stories to you and I'll protect you. I'm a real man."

Nancy picked him up, "You're so young. I should tell you stories, right?"

"Okay..." Bobby put his arms around Nancy's neck.

This night, Bobby slept soundly in Nancy's arms.

However, Nancy was complex. She looked at Bobby's fair little face and thought of the child she had given birth to, wondering whose home he was now.

Would there be a mom like her holding him in her arms?

She really wanted to know his whereabouts, but she had signed a secret agreement at that time, which said she could not ask who the host was, or find the whereabouts of the child in the future.

When she was lost in her thought, an earth shaking knock suddenly came from outside.

"Open the door! Now!"

"Bobby, are you there?"

Nancy jumped off the bed and ran out.

She opened the door in a daze.

A group of people gathered at the door. The moment she opened the door, two men stepped in.

"Jay, tie this woman up."

The man who took the lead was no other than Charles. He had hurried to the airport to meetJay after he got the news about Bobby. They checked the surveillance video to look for where Bobby was.

To their surprise, he disguised himself as a dirty, little homeless boy, who had been held back from the searchers.

Sure enough, this little guy was sly.

When they found that Bobby had been taken away by two women, they were worried, because they didn't know whether the two women were good people or bad ones.

It was already midnight when they finally found him.

"What are you doing?" Nancy was in a panic. She wondered why so many people came since she just came back.

Charles had rushed to the bedroom.

Bobby was awakened by the noise. He had just sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Bobby, how are you?" Charles asked nervously.

Unexpectedly, the moment Bobby saw Charles, he pulled up the quilt and got in, saying, "I don't want daddy. I don't see daddy..."

"Silly girl, this woman can bring you here, and sell you somewhere else. Come out now and come back home with me."

"No, she's my mom, the best mom in the world. I finally found her, and I won't go home with you." Bobby said in a childish voice.

After hearing what he said, Charles became angry. This little boy fond any woman who came close to him. Why did he call this woman Mommy after being with her for such a short time.

What a scheming woman she was!

With these thoughts in his mind, he suddenly lifted the quilt and took out Bobby.

"Bobby, listen to me. This is not your place to live. Do you understand? G

randma is waiting for you at home. Come back with Daddy!" Charles said impatiently.

But his self-righteous authority did not work at all.

Lying in his arms, Bobby kicked and hit him, while crying, he shouted, "Mommy, I don't want to go. Whoo-hoo... Mommy, help!"

Hearing his shout, Charles's face darkened.

Nicole's heart sank. At this moment, she already understood the purpose of these people.

This little guy had a family.

"I'm not a human trafficker. I picked him up near the airport. Please let me go!" She was a bad tempered girl. Besides, she was vexed when she heard Bobby crying.

"Wow, miss, you are so good at picking up kids! I've only heard of people picking up wallets, and this is the first time I've heard of someone picking up a child. You're such a talent on picking up people. Why don't you choose someone bigger, like me? If you pick me up, you might earn some interest. And when you pick up a little kid, you would get yourself into trouble. Understand?" Jay looked at Nancy. She was so delicate that it would be great if she could take him home and spend the night with him.

Nancy glanced at Jay and snorted.

Teasing with a man was the last thing she would like to do.

"Sir, please calm the kid down. I will explain the whole thing to you. All right?" Nancy said with sincerity while trying to make her voice softer.

Charles' eyes finally fell on Nancy's face.

His eyebrows twitched, this woman... She was quite similar to the woman he had dreamed of.

Was it a coincidence or something else?

"Let her go!" Charles ordered in a low voice.

"Got it." After snickering, Jay released Nancy's arm.

"Mommy..." Sobbed Bobby.

"Don't scream. Do you hear me?" Charles patted Bobby on his butt.

He didn't even know how the woman who gave birth to Bobby looked like. He didn't expect that Bobby would call a strange woman mom so smoothly. It was really strange!

"Sir, he's just a kid. Don't take it seriously." Nancy rubbed her aching arm and walked over.

She raised her hand to stroke Bobby's little head and said, "Don't cry, Bobby. You're a man. You're the bravest and the strongest, right? You've told me that you can protect me, haven't you?"

Bobby blinked his eyes shrewdly. Of course he was the bravest and strongest man.

However, in face of his intimidating daddy, crying was his most effective weapon.

He wiped his tears with his fat hands. "I won't cry as long as daddy doesn't take me away."

"Make a deal with daddy, huh? You've grown up, haven't you?" Charles was about to take Bobby away.

Tears welled up in Bobby's eyes.

"So noisy! What's wrong with you couple? You have a fight in the middle of the night? People are sleeping here, you know?"

"Hey, go far away with your crying baby!"

Neighbors complained.

Nancy blushed with embarrassment. She said softly, "Sir, I'm sorry for bringing Bobby here without your permission. I swear I'm not a bad person. My name is Nancy. I just came back from abroad today. I'm the doctor of municipal hospital. " Then she took out her ID card and said, "You can have a look at my ID card..."

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