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   Chapter 3 Children's Pajamas

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"I don't think so." Charles Fu finally spoke, shaking his head.

The moment he found out of Bobby's disappearance, he had sent all his men and servants out to find the boy.

He even called the police to avoid the kidnappers from escaping, if there were any. The police had searched the entire city, but the little boy was so clever that he made sure that he left no tracks behind.

"Then do you think it's your uncle? Or Joseph? I mean, Bobby is a thorn to their plans," Angelina Huang said, her voice already trembling with worry.

Something flashed in Charles Fu's eyes.

He also thought that Joseph Fu might have something to do with all of this.

Six years ago, Frederic Fu, Charles Fu's grandfather had organized a family meeting on his 80th birthday, regarding who'd manage the firm.

"I'm old and dying, yet neither Charles nor Joseph is prepared to get married," Frederic Fu had said with a frown on his long face. "I honestly don't care. However, I want a great grandson to lock in our company's future. So the one who could give me a baby boy first can have 70% of my shares,"

he said it calmly. However, his words sent the entire family into a pandemonium. The one who'd get the shares would be the next inheritor of the TS Group, which was all they needed to know to get themselves racing.

The thought of even owning the company was so crucial that everyone was running to find Charles or Joseph a wife.

After the announcement, Hardy Fu and Derrick Fu raced around different cities to find a suitable girl for each of their sons.

The next day, Joseph got married to Daisy Yu, a rising pop star.

However, even then, Charles still didn't do anything.

"Joseph is already married. His wife could get pregnant within a month," Angelina said anxiously.

However, her son still hadn't utter a word.

"You're close with Dorothy right? How about we give her a call?" Angelina remembered herself saying kindly, despite her son's indifference.

After pondering over it for a while, Charles nodded. "Give it a try."

"You got it." Angelina then gave Dorothy Zhuang a call,

only to be rejected outright.

Dorothy Zhuang could only laugh at the call. "Angelina, I can't afford to be pregnant at this point in time, but I am willing to marry–"

Before Dorothy Zhuang could finish her words, Angelina hung up angrily. She stared at the phone with so much distaste that if looks could kill, the phone would've erupted in flames. "Dorothy had gone too far," she snapped. "She only wants to marry you but wouldn't deliver on the other end. What should we do?"

There was no response, which only made her all the more frustrated.

"Are you really going to sit there and do nothing as Joseph takes the shares?" Angelina shouted at his back as he was on his way back to his room.

He finally stopped, turning around just a bit so that she could see the ferocity in his face. "You can go look for a girl, and I'll have a baby with her," he said snidely. "I don't think you need me to tell you how to do it right?"

Angelina snorted. "You got it."

She liked this idea better, since that meant her son wouldn't be attached to anyone in the first place. She called up Sophie and asked her to find someone.

When Sophie took a girl home, nine months later, they were greeted with Bobby.

Everything happened so secretly that even Joseph didn't know what was happening till Charles handed the baby to Frederic Fu as proof and later on gained seventy percent of the shares upfront.

Daisy Yu was still five months pregnant at the time.

In a fit of anger, Joseph kicked Daisy on the stomach, causing her miscarriage. Ever since then, she couldn't get pregnant anymore.

Although that was all in the past, it was something that couldn't be forgotten.

No one really knew what Joseph was capable of.

"Charles, I'll go to your Uncle's home and ask him now. If he did anything to Bobby, I would get him back here," Angelina said, wiping the tears from her cheeks. She'd do anything to get her grandson home.

However, before she'd go, Charles's phone rang.

Seeing as it was his good friend Jay Fang, he quickly answered. "Any news?"

"One of my men saw Bobby this morning at the airport, so I've sent more people to continue the search. Do you think he could get on the plane by himself?" he said nervously.

Charles frowned. "He didn't bring an ID with him, so I don't think so."

"What if he boarded with someone else?" Angelina wailed even louder. "If he were abducted," she sobbed out. "I'd rather die than know about this."

"But my men said he was there alone, so I'll be keeping tabs on this," Jay added.

"Got it. Keep searching. I'm on my way."

Charles quickly hung up and grabbed his own car keys. He tilted his head. "Mom, just stay at home. I'll tell you if I got any news. I don't think this has anything to do with Joseph."

Angelina slumped on the sofa, weeping. "Bring my grandson back, please."

Nancy had taken Bobby out to have dinner. After that, she visited her mother. It was already ten in the evening when she returned back to her apartment.

The whole time, Bobby had been trailing behind like an obedient little dog.

Once she finished bathing him, Nancy opened her suitcase and pulled out a cute pajama for him to wear.

Bobby eyed them, taking it from her grasp. "Why do you have clothes for kids, Auntie?"

Nancy laughed. "I love children's wear, so I usually buy them if they look good."

The truth was, she'd buy clothes every year in memory of her young boy. She'd missed him so much that she'd cry, with those clothes wrapped around her fingertips. Sometimes, she had to force herself to put them away, in hopes that she could forget him.

"Auntie, you like kids, don't you?" Bobby tilted his head.

"Of course, especially those as clever and obedient as you." Nancy poked him on the nose.

Something flashed in his eyes. In reality, he was pretty naughty back at home. He'd destroy any toys that were in his path, making his Dad buy him new ones to replace them. He never really did stop that.

However, he wasn't going to say it, not to her. What if she'd abandon him if he did?

Bobby waddled towards her, kissing her softly on the cheek. "Auntie," he said brightly.

"Can I call you Mommy?"

Mommy, mommy...

The words sent a pang to her heart.

If only...her eyes welled up with tears.

"Bobby, I think your real Mommy will be unhappy if you call me Mommy,"

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