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   Chapter 503 Want To Have A Grandson

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Austin stood at the door of the kitchen and opened it. Wearing a blue suit, he looked valiant and heroic.

The man looked at the woman who was busy in the kitchen and had a complicated feeling in his heart.

Before meeting her, Austin had never thought of marrying anyone.

After meeting Yolande, he didn't dare to think too much about it. He didn't have much left in his life. Why She was going to get married.

By chance, he seemed to realize that all the good things happened to him, just like a dream. He had been married to the woman he had loved for many years and recovered from his illness.

He remembered a saying, "time is quiet and good. It's not too late.".

Austin looked at the woman who was washing vegetables carefully with his affectionate eyes. A knowing smile appeared on his handsome face.

'silly girl, you are the woman who will spend the rest of your life with me. In my eyes, you are the best. In fact, Yolande is indeed very excellent. '.

"Mom, you are here."

Austin opened the door and stood at the door, wearing a long white dress and dark curly hair.

"Okay," said Jane.

He looked at his son up and down for three seconds. After his son got married, he looked better and more handsome than before. His son, who had always been silent, seemed to become fond of laughing.

Jane was overjoyed. It was all her daughter-in-law's contribution!

"I was stuck in a traffic jam. I'm late." Jane walked into the living room and looked around the luxurious and unique villa.

The decoration was simple and elegant, and it looked good on the whole. "Mom, you are here," said Yolande with a little embarrassment

"Well, look at my son and daughter-in-law."

"Mom, take a seat. What would you like to drink?"

Jane sat down elegantly like a daughter of an ancient family.

At the same time, Yolande thought of whether she could stand or not. She felt depressed.

"Any beverage will be ok." Said Jane.

Mona brought some fruits, and Yolande made her a cup of honey water. "Mom, honey water can relieve summer heat."

"My daughter-in-law is very considerate

early age that he would marry a woman he loved very much in the future, and take care of his wife like a father takes care of his mother.

Austin slightly turned his head and glanced at the smiling woman, with a doting smile on his face.

"At that time, your father had founded his own company and had a great reputation."

"He was specially invited by the principal to give a lecture in our school. Later..." Speaking of this, Jane suddenly stopped, with a girlish shyness in her eyes.

"Mom, go on." Yolande was so excited that she didn't realize that she was so intimate with Jane.

Jane was stunned. She liked her daughter-in-law more and more. Austin, who was reading the news, was also stunned. He didn't expect that Yolande would be so intimate with his mother in such a short time.

Well, this woman was so easy to get along with. She was getting more and more lovely.

Jane held Yolande's hand and said with a smile, "your father ran to ask for my phone number later." Jane smiled again.

"Daddy is so cute." Said Yolande.

The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became cheerful. The two women chatted happily. Austin read the newspaper quietly. He liked the happy atmosphere at home very much.

Taking a look at her son, Jane said, "Austin, don't forget to cheer me up. I'll have a grandson next year. Your father and I have plenty of time to take care of your grandson. "

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