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   Chapter 502 Visiting Mother-in-law

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After hanging up the phone talking to Jane, Austin went downstairs after reading some financial management books in the study.

Yolande had turned off the TV. He curled up on the sofa and browsed through the project materials with his laptop. He replied to several customers' e-mails and created a new document to write down their requirements carefully.

"So serious?" Austin raised his eyebrows and smiled.

She raised her head and glanced at the gentle man. "Of course. You should take your work seriously."

"Okay." sitting next to Yolande, Austin turned around and looked at Yolande, who was typing on the computer.

"My mother called and invited us to visit tomorrow."

Yolande stopped typing and closed the computer. With a serious look at Austin, Yolande asked, "what should I do?" It was the first time for Jane to come to her home. As the daughter-in-law of the Lin Family, she was nervous to see her mother-in-law Jane who was noble, elegant and extraordinary.

Yolande was worried that Jane didn't like her daughter-in-law.

In the past, she didn't have much contact with Jane, so she had a good impression of her elegance and kindness.

"What does your mother like?"

"Oh, no, mom What does she like? " Realizing what she called him, Yolande immediately changed her address.

Seeing the flustered look on the woman's face, Austin's heart skipped a beat. He leaned over to put his arm around her shoulder and rubbed her nose dotingly. "You're so nervous. You're now the legitimate daughter-in-law of the Lin Family. My parents like you, too."

Hearing Austin's comfort, Yolande was slightly relieved.

So far, she had met Austin's parents two times since they got married. Although Mark was old, she was gentle and humble, looking like a very inclusive old woman at a glance. Jane was a graceful girl. She spoke in a gentle and kind tone, and there was a touch of tenderness and tranquility in her eyes. As soon as they met, she held Yolande's hand and told her the interesting stories of Austin's childhood.

"Yolande, don't be restrained

dark eyes. "Mr. Austin..."

All of a sudden, Yolande felt a chill on her back. She turned her head abruptly and saw Austin standing behind her, looking at her with a distressed face. Hearing that, Yolande's heart sank. Judging from the expression on his face, Austin guessed that he had heard the conversation between her and Mona.

She didn't want to put pressure on Austin, so she never said these words to Austin.

Mona took a look at the young couple and left silently.


The next words were blocked in the man's soft lips. He kissed her very gently. In a daze, Yolande had forgotten what to say.

After kissing her for a long time, Austin stopped and stroked her soft hair.

The man carefully held the woman's head in his hands and stared at her big black and white eyes. Her pink lips were even more pink. Yolande blinked and said, "you Don't think too much. "

"What?" Austin raised his eyebrows.

"I need some time to get used to it," she said.

"Well, anyway, Yolande, you are awesome."


After half a year's hard work, Yolande had also made some progress in her career. She gradually became confident in herself.

Yolande was helping Mona with cooking in the kitchen. Mona made several dishes that were Jane's favorite. "These are all your favorite."

Yolande nodded thoughtfully and asked Mona to teach her the specific method.

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