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   Chapter 501 Cooking For Her Husband

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"Let me help you. You must be tired after a whole day's work. Go to bed."

In the kitchen, Yolande grabbed the kitchen knife from Austin's hand and began to cut the dishes carefully.

Austin frowned and smiled. He had just come back from the business trip and was indeed a little tired. But when he saw the woman's bright eyes blinking and smiling at him, his tiredness was swept away.

"You are so considerate." Austin protected her from behind, but Yolande was not affected by the sudden movement of a pair of hands on her waist. She just smiled and continued to cut the vegetables expertly.

While cooking in the kitchen, Austin sneaked in and protected her from behind. Yolande was used to the sweet atmosphere in the kitchen.

Mona seemed to get used to it. As long as Austin entered the kitchen, she would do something else and wouldn't disturb the couple.

All of a sudden, Yolande stopped chopping and looked up into Austin's big black and white eyes. "Aren't you tired? Let's sleep for a while. The dinner will be ready soon. "

Austin was too clingy to her. They had only been apart for a week. When he came, he would hold her in his arms and wouldn't let her go. She was helpless. At the same time, she felt a sweet burden on her heart. Yolande wanted to send Austin away and cook by herself.

"…… I'm not sleepy. Let me hold you for a while. " Austin put his head against hers. Happiness was written all over his handsome face.

"Go to sleep even if you are not sleepy." Yolande coaxed Austin like coaxing a child.

"Let's sleep together tonight. We will be on a business trip abroad for a week. The most we can think about is to come back and have a good sleep with you." A gust of passion came to Yolande's ear. The man's voice was ambiguous. When he said the two words "sleep", he deliberately lowered his voice.

The woman's face suddenly turned red, and her elbow pressed against the man's hard chest. "You are so bad!"

This man Austin had flirted with his wife since he came back from a business trip. Even she could

He gently held up the woman's head and said, "don't move. Dry your hair."


"My hair is wet." Yolande said with a smile.

"Don't make a fuss. It's easy to catch a cold."

"I'm fine." Yolande was not convinced.

The man shook his head helplessly. He really didn't want to lower himself to the same level as her.

After drying Yolande's hair, Austin went upstairs and went back to his study. When he was reading, his phone rang. He looked at the screen and answered the phone.

"Mom, what's up?"

Jane frowned. Her son had always been indifferent and never acted like a spoiled child with his mother. Now he got married and started his own business, and his character had never changed.

"You brat, you marry a woman and forget me."

"…… Mom, don't you have my father? Yolande and I will visit you when we are free. " Austin said.

Austin's parents lived in the United States all year round. Not long ago, when Niles and Yolande got married, they specially came from the United States to attend their formal wedding. Because when he agreed to get married before, Austin started a grand wedding that attracted the attention of the whole city. He didn't think too much and he just wanted to give his favorite woman a beautiful wedding. Even if It was a ceremony.

He formally married Yolande and held another wedding, which was a real one.

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