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   Chapter 500 Have Nothing

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Sunny covered her red face with her hands and felt extremely aggrieved.

"You hit me?"

"I don't want to hit you, but look at what you have done to everyone?" The policeman shouted in a dignified voice.

The middle-aged woman in the canteen had gone to change her clothes. Because of Sunny's insult, she shouted for resignation.

In order to support her family and cook well, she found a job in the prison canteen.

Being insulted by Sunny, she couldn't continue to work.

Sunny was grounded for ten days and sent to her on time. For the rest of the time, Sunny was locked in a small room with only one bed.

Sunny went crazy in the room. She hit her head against the wall, pulled her hair and shouted.

"Let me out. Why do you lock me here?"

"Help! Is there anyone else I want to go out?"

"I don't want to stay here. Please let me out."

Sunny shouted, but no one paid attention to her. She slid down the wall in despair, covering her face and crying.

It seemed that she didn't want to die in such a cold place like prison.

Ten days later, Sunny went out of the confinement. After going out of the confinement, Sunny was also in a trance. Her eyes were dull. She often giggled and talked to herself. Everyone called her crazy.

"Where am I? "

"Why am I here?" Sunny looked at an old woman who was forty years old and wore the same uniform.

The woman frowned and was confused. He had locked her up for ten days and made her crazy? She was so fragile that she couldn't afford to be confined for ten days?

"She is crazy." One of them shouted.

"If she doesn't go crazy, we will go crazy!" A young girl of more than 20 years old said.

Stunned, [苏雨晴] turned around and giggled at them What are you talking about? "

"We are talking about you!"

"……" Sunny blinked her big eyes, pretending not to understand.

"You don't understand? I'd like to see if you are really crazy or not! "

The woman said with a sly smile.

In the past six months, Sunny had scolded her a lot! Sunny was in the back of the line for ba

s such a loser. She has been reduced to such a poor situation. No one can remember her."

"I don't know how many bad things she has done before. Now it's her turn to be punished."

"Well, that's right. Since she was put into prison, everyone has been looking at her and now she is crazy. She is really Claire."

"But Claire?" The policewoman put her phone into her pocket and sneered. "You deserve it!"

"Miss. Yolande, she is Austin's woman now. She is rich."

Since Mark knew the director of the police station, and they had been friends for many years, and the Lin Family had always been famous and superior status, no one knew about it. When the policewomen mentioned Austin, their eyes lit up with admiration.

"Mr. Austin, I haven't even seen him with my own eyes. I don't know if I can see him again in my life." The policewoman said with admiration.

"Dream on. He is married."

"No way!"

Standing behind the two policewomen and listening to the conversation between the two policewomen, Sunny left in silence with dull eyes. After returning to her room, Sunny locked the door and lay on the bed like a zombie.

In the past two days, it rained every day. The rain poured in through the cracks of the window, and the floor of the window was wet.

There was something dirty on the ceiling. Sunny stared at it blankly, not knowing what it was.

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