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   Chapter 499 Unsatisfied With The Food

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"What are you laughing at?" The policewoman rubbed her forehead and felt a headache.

Sunny craned her neck and smiled as if she wanted to laugh. The policewoman was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Considering her good quality as a policewoman, she didn't curse.

Sitting on the floor, Sunny stared at the wet wooden floor, where ants were running around in the cracks. Sunny felt desperate. Was his lower part of his body really spent in this damned place? No, she couldn't stay here for the rest of her life, unless they shot her. Otherwise, she would keep making trouble until one day, the police couldn't bear it and let her go.

"When do you plan to let me out?"

"You want to go out?"

"Of course I do." compared with this shabby house which covered an area of more than ten square meters, Sunny really missed her luxury apartment which was more than 200 square meters.

The policewoman sneered with contempt, "everyone here wants to go out. Look who is going out."


"Unless what?" Sunny's eyes lit up.

"Unless the prisoner is mentally ill, we will send her to a psychiatric hospital."

"It's just another prison. He's insane and becomes a lunatic. Theoretically, he's more miserable than a prisoner." The policewoman twitched her lips.

Sunny lowered her eyes and looked up at the policewoman. "Please take me to a psychiatric hospital. I have caused you so much trouble here. You should throw me away."

She would rather stay in a mental hospital than be a prison all her life, watching the disgusting face of a female police officer.

"Our police won't send a normal person to a psychiatric hospital." The policewoman said sternly.

"There are so many rules."

The policewoman was irritated by her, "Sunny, behave yourself." then she left angrily.

After the female police officer left, Sunny's melancholy expression became more and more dull, Lying straight on the floor, staring at the dilapidated walls on all sides. It was cold and boring and the bedding was damp all day. Through the rectangular windows, they could see the gray sky outside.

together forever?"

"Don't be silly. You are my wife. We will be together forever."

"Sunny, I love you!"

"Dad, I want to fly a kite. When will you go with me?" Sunny, six years old, held her father's arm, her little face full of expectation.

"Good girl, Sunny. I'll take you and Yolande to fly kites with my work at hand."

"Okay, okay."

How could she end up like this? She had nothing when the man who loved her so much left her!

Because of anger, her face turned red. [雨晴] used all her strength to push away the gossiping woman. "Ah Get out! Get out! " Several women who broke out into curses were shocked by the sudden burst of Sunny.

The women looked at each other and stared blankly at Sunny. She was crazy.

Several policemen came over. One of them was short tempered, and Sunny had been in prison for half a year, which made the prison in turmoil and restless.

She couldn't stand it anymore and slapped Sunny across the face.

"Sunny, prisoners are treated equally and managed in a human way."

"You can read books, read newspapers and watch TV. That's good. We'll try our best to serve the prisoners."

"It's impossible for you to go back to the life of the rich in the past, to be free, to apply a facial mask and to have a big meal. Sunny has been pregnant for half a year. Do you have the courage to accept the reality?" The policewoman criticized harshly.

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