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   Chapter 498 Being Late

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A woman's wail came from the luxurious villa's bedroom. With her hair disheveled, Yolande sat up from the bed and clawed her hair in chagrin. "Did the alarm ring? I got up late again!"

She quickly lifted the quilt and rushed to the bathroom. She turned on the tap and began to brush her teeth.

Austin had been on a business trip abroad for a few days, and he wouldn't be back until a few days later. Since Austin wasn't there, Yolande habitually fell asleep again. When the alarm clock rang, she drowsily pressed the close button and went back to sleep. She suddenly opened her eyes and the sun was high. It was not weekend and Yolande was late for work.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Yolande changed into a decent uniform and hurried downstairs in her eight centimeter high heels.

"Mrs. Yolande, get up. Breakfast is ready." Mona shouted.

"No, thanks. Mona, I'm late. I have to go back to the company now." Yolande grabbed the car key and rushed to the door.

Mona frowned. Since Mr. Austin was not on a business trip, his wife didn't have breakfast and went to work directly. If Mr. Austin knew it, he would feel sorry for her. Before Yolande opened the door and stepped out, Mona quickly took a few steamed stuffed buns and gave them to her. "Mrs. Yolande, they are on the way."

Stunned, Yolande turned around and looked at the steaming steamed bun in the plastic bag. When she was about to refuse, she met Mona's concerned eyes. She said nothing and took the steamed bun from Mona's hand.

"Okay, Mona. I'm leaving now."

"Go ahead." Mona waved her hand. When Yolande heard that, Mona closed the door.

Yolande asked the driver to drive and sat in the back seat to enjoy the scenery along the way. After eating the steaming steamed stuffed bun, they just arrived at the building.

The driver stopped the car and said, "Mrs. Yolande, here we are."

Yolande opened the door and got out of the black car. "You can go back first," she said to the driver and rushed upstairs.

She had a deal

uickly, "I'm going to have dinner. What's wrong with your contract?"

"Guess." Yolande sent a naughty expression.

"Well, it seems that you are in a good mood. It must be good news."

"Yes, the contract has been signed."

"Honey, am I awesome? Please praise me."

"My wife hasn't shown her great potential yet. She is very powerful. Honey, I'm your little fan."

She blushed and felt a little embarrassed.

On the other side of the earth, the man walked to the canteen for dinner while looking down at his mobile phone. A bright smile appeared on his handsome face. A picture appeared in his mind. A woman was smiling happily, and her bright eyes flashed.

Sunny had been in prison for half a year, but she didn't behave herself at all. As a result, several prisoners looked at her with disgust.

"What a lunatic!"

"You You are the madmen. " She pounced on him and grabbed him·

Several policemen hurried forward to pull away the tussling women and said, "enough!"

The police had no choice but to arrange a room for Sunny. "Behave yourself." This woman was so irritable that she cursed him directly.

"Why do you pay attention to me?"

"Do you know who I am?"

"Sunny, I only know that you are now a prisoner who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for betrayal."

"Hahaha..." The room was filled with creepy laughter.

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